Best of the Twin Cities 2014: Music categories

Emily Utne

The Best of the Twin Cities issue has arrived, packed with our picks for the best these fine cities have to offer -- from where to get the best barbecue to the best tattoo parlor to get some fresh ink.

Gimme Noise rounded up all the music winners in one spot for you to peruse in one spot. Take a look!

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Best of the Twin Cities 2014 Winners

Best Dance Club

Best Dance Night

Best Club DJ

Best Jukebox

Best Radio Station

Best Rock Club

Best Jazz Club

Best Concert Venue

Best Venue Name

Best All-Ages Venue

Best Venue to Watch Musicians Watching Other Musicians

Best Sound Team

Best Residency

Best Concert of the Past 12 Months (Local)

Best Concert of the Past 12 Months (Touring)

Best Rock Festival

Best Hip-Hop Festival

Best Outdoor Show

Best "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Performance at Target Field

Best Tweet from Prince's Official Twitter Account

Best Concert Controversy

Best Songwriter

Best Acoustic Performer

Best Jazz Artist

Best R&B Artist

Best Hip-Hop Artist

Best Vocalist (Female)

Best Vocalist (Male)

Best Live Artist

Best Band to Break Up in the Past Year

Best New Band

Best Band Name

Best Rock Band

Best Jam Band

Best Family Band

Best Reunion

Best Reissue

Best EP

Best Single

Best Album of the Past Year

Best Mix Tape

Best Local Music Compilation

Best Song About Minnesota

Best Cover Song

Best Local Record Label

Best Album Cover

Best Specialty Record Store

Best Record Store Day Location

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Chad Howard
Chad Howard

Don't forget that local hoodlums can rain bricks and other hard objects down in you from the bridges over the Greenway as a warm welcome floor those out of towners

Brock OLee
Brock OLee

I do some production at Mill City Nights, if anyone has any suggestions on how we can improve our venue I'm all ears.

Ryan Duffney
Ryan Duffney

First Ave is great( I see they were awarded best concert venue). Lately I've been digging Mill City Nights, and Skyway theatre due to the acts they have been booking!

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