Finding love at Coachella via Craigslist ads

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Looking for love

There's something undeniably erotic about Coachella. Perhaps it's the triple-digit heat that gets you hot and heavy, or maybe seeing some of your favorite bands all in one weekend gets your juices flowing. Or, most likely, you're in your 20s so you're perpetually horny by default.

But who has the time and energy to charm that cutie in front of you during the Replacements' set enough to ensure coitus? You have three short days here, so you gotta cut to the chase. Smart festival goers who think with their head hop on over to Craigslist for their festival, er, festivities.

Here are five of the most...interesting personal ads on the site from those looking for a little festival fooling around.

5. Mom?!

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This couple looks like your parents but party like your freshman year of college. Oh, and they say they're 36, and they probably were...a decade ago.

4. Stanky-sock-tonia

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If there's one thing there's no shortage of in the desert, it's sweaty socks. Lucky for you boys, this person is willing to pay for your very own version of Stanktonia. Oh, and pictures are required, because you don't want to stick just anyone's sock in your face, amiright?

3. Don't Go Down That Road


Because nothing says safe sex like an online ad inviting you to hook up with a stranger at a place on Shady Lane.

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Lindsey Clarke
Lindsey Clarke

This post is so Minnesotan. Only a few places exist in the world of a Minnesotan - Colorado, Minnesota and California. Of course they would post about coachella a bunch of times like it's the only festival happening because it's in their small world. And only a few things exist within that world to a Minnesotan - crap beer, sex and bikes. Good god why am I here surrounded by these idiots

Pate McCobra
Pate McCobra

People are afraid to walk up to another and tell them, "You're attractive." I think it's odd

Pate McCobra
Pate McCobra

What, nobody's heard of a friggin pickup line before?


Your jealousy towards the Great State of Minnesota is amusing and laughable. Protip: No matter where you are, if you are surrounded by idiots it is because you draw them to you.. 

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