Station 4 can be yours for $1.2 million

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Punk and metal venue Station 4 has been closed since last June, and now the whole building at 201 4th St. in St. Paul's Lowertown district is up for sale. Gimme Noise is no real estate blog, but a listing like this couldn't help but pique our interest.

Compared to last year's Medusa offering, this building has more amenities, and is right next to the new LRT line opening later this year -- hence a $1.2 million price tag. So it appears that the two-venue renovation plan proposed last year is no longer in the works.

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Over the past several decades, the Station 4 space was also called the Lab and Ryan's, and inspired a small but passionate following for its shows featuring loud rock and underground metal and punk.

Alan Peterson, a partner in the group that owns the building, had detailed a bar and grill and beer bar format renovation for the space last year. All told, the new facade, heating, air conditioning, and interior changes would be a reported $2 million project.  "Well, there's not much to save, I don't think," Peterson told Gimme Noise. "There's not signature stuff in there. The space wasn't something hip, it wasn't an attractive space."

Recently, the building hit the real estate market instead. Here's a note from the Station 4 Facebook page:

Well, there you go people. The building Station 4 was in is officially up for sale. I knew the so called "upgrade" that was released as an article was a load of crap.

I guess this is the finality we were looking for.

I am sure we all had a spark of hope something would work out...

On behalf of everyone who was a part of Station 4 / The Lab / Ryan's - thanks for the memories.

Maybe now I won't have to answer "what's going on with Station 4" questions every time i go out !

Peace out, y'all.

Attempts to contact Alan Peterson were not immediately returned.

The property is listed at Barker Hedges with an asking price of $1.2 million. The description:

Three Story Building on LRT. Great Site for redevelopment. Near the proposed saints stadium. Main floor was a former night club. 2nd and 3rd floors are currently music studios and 3 live in units. Building has a freight elevator.

"Former night club," indeed. Just last week, some metal still echoed from the bowels of the building, as you can see/hear below.

RIP, Station 4. Long live Station 4!

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Brad Fox
Brad Fox

I did meet my wife there...

Ben Lubeck
Ben Lubeck

Brad Fox Adam Lamoureux Aaron Markson Think we could scrape together the funds? For Old times sake?

David Stasney
David Stasney

Bring it back to whrn it was Ryans! Joe Spannbauer

Christine Brown
Christine Brown

i'm ALL about dive bars, but I've never been to a grosser bar with less ambiance or more health code violations. The building itself is basically a tear-down. It should be more like $25k.

Luke Knutson
Luke Knutson

Sure, it wasnt a high class club, so fuck your negative comments. Some of the best shows ive seen live where here. Call it a dump or not, it was a lot of fun to go to. Sad to see it go.

Steve Lo
Steve Lo

I saw my first show in the cities there. Cannibal Corpse after staying up for 24 hrs. Beat that.

Mandy Porter
Mandy Porter

Yeah Eddie Ocampo, I saw. He's delusional if he thinks he's getting that much for that building though

Tara Netzinger Wilson
Tara Netzinger Wilson

It's really sad ... So many of us will miss this place ... It's our home away from home ... My husbands band & all our friends bands have played there & MANY of our friends (including my husband) have studios up there :(

Casey Proza
Casey Proza

ick. lol. you better have 2 mil just so you can update… someone PLEASE fix those bathrooms!

Lora Thompson
Lora Thompson

I think we all knew this was gonna happen, we had our hopes but deep inside we knew it was a goner. Sad. Oh well, metal seems to be doing alright at places like Pov's 65 - aka Povlitzki's. One goes down & another will come up. This just goes to show that if you play in a band....make sure you play in more than one venue. (I've known quite a few local metal bands that strictly played Station 4 & now they're all like "What are we gonna do?")

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