Ultra ravers opine on the meaning of life

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Photo by George Martinez

Those who rave presumably adhere to the values of PLUR: peace, love, unity, respect.

While attending this month's Ultra Music Festival, we wondered if the fans' philosophical perspectives were broader than those four words. And also, had they, in their PLUR-verse, uncovered answers to existence's most puzzling questions? Were they simply nihilists in tutus, Christians in neon thongs? Or were they hauling around a map to the collective unconscious in their fanny packs?

Just like Monty Python did in that 1983 masterpiece, we bravely set out to explore the meaning of life, with high hopes of scoring the recipe for the universe. Here are the musings of Ultra's deepest thinkers on matters of the afterlife, existence, and how that all relates to dance music.


The Absurdist
This raver hails all the way from Amsterdam. He arrived in a car filled with muscles to wear those cool-ass sunglasses in a roll-icking sea of strangers. We started out by asking him what he thought happened after death. "Not much. It's the same like now. It's just one vibe."

And what about being at Ultra stood out for him? The energy, the feeling of togetherness? "See all the snipers everywhere, that's fucked up, man. And they're dressed up like pigeons." And then this foreign bro cooed in street bird fashion.

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