18.2 reasons why Blink-182 is the greatest band of all time

12. Because they influenced Grimes

People like Grimes, right? During an episode of Amoeba Music's "What's in my bag?" the electro queen gravitated towards a Blink-182 live DVD and proclaimed, "I feel like Blink-182, like Justin Bieber, has a very bad reputation. While they do have a lot of terrible music and their image has gone totally down the drain, Travis Barker was my first love and I feel like... it was like my introduction into punk."

11. Because they admittedly wrote two of their top-selling hits in ten minutes

When Blink-182 unveiled Take Off Your Pants and Jacket to their manager, he turned to them and said, "'I think it's really cool, but I don't hear that thing. That Blink-182 good-time, summer-anthem thing," according to Mark Hoppus. In response, Hoppus drove home, sat down on the floor for ten minutes, and wrote the "cheesiest, catchiest, throwaway fucking summertime single you've ever heard!" (aka "The Rock Show") That same night, Delonge wrote "First Date" in a similar fashion. The songs became the album's first singles.

10. Because they teach youngins words like enema, urethra, and dicklips.

The first two albums I ever bought with my own money were Enema of the State and The Simpsons soundtrack. I was 10. I didn't know what an enema was. Frankly, I didn't care. All I knew was that a sexy nurse with a sexy glove and a big Parental Advisory warning were gazing at me from the album cover. It took another five years to figure out why the sexy nurse had her fingers in suggestively erect positions, but Enema coupled with Jackass reruns got me there eventually.

9. Because Tom DeLonge legitimately believes in aliens

"Aliens Exist" was no joke, you guys. Tom DeLonge collects books about UFOs, writes songs about aliens, talks about them extensively interviews, and may have been abducted by some himself. In this video, Delonge speculates on what it would be like if aliens came to earth. For further profundity, check out this in-depth Cracked.com report about why Delonge was clearly abducted by aliens.

8. Because their band name doesn't mean anything and sometimes their music doesn't mean anything and everything is meaningless.

Blink-182 was called Blink until an Irish electronica band with the same name threatened them with a lawsuit and they were forced to come up with something different. They chose 182 on a whim. It means nothing. Since then, they've come up with a number of fake meanings for 182, including the number of times Al Pacino says "fuck" in Scarface, the number of the ship Hoppus' grandfather was on in WWII, and Hoppus' ideal weight. Why must you attach meaning to everything, maaaan?

7. Because they're self-deprecating

The boys of Blink don't just admit to their mistakes -- they write songs about them and play them in front of thousands of people, effectively humanizing themselves despite their mega-stardom. "If we tried to write about politics, you'd realize that we're all a bunch of idiots," Tom DeLonge told MTV in 1998. "So we write about relationships, and just growing up through high school, that kind of stuff. That's what we relate to, because even though we're in our early twenties, we're really immature." See "Pathetic" for further proof.

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