Jeremy Messersmith gets his own donut

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Original photo by Nick Vlcek; Hot Messersmith courtesy of Instagram
The chefs at Glam Doll Donuts have concocted a new fried-dough confection dedicated to Jeremy Messersmith. Pictured above in a publicity shot that's completely not faked by us, it's called the "Hot Messersmith." (Not actual size.)

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Messersmith calls himself the "pied piper of wuss rock," but this sweet treat represents his inner fire with a wasabi coconut filling. Add a honey gin glaze, and roll it in a toasted almond coconut crunch, and, wait... is that your heart murmuring for one?

Glam Doll even went so far as to post this satisfied Hot Messersmith customer (below). What are you waiting for?

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Glam Doll Donuts

2605 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Denny Bell
Denny Bell

Didn't you post this a couple of months ago?

Ryan Mach
Ryan Mach

Wait, this isn't a MN Soundscene or Tastin' Minny post?

Angela Robinson
Angela Robinson

Oh Mn, your City Pages comments emulate our intelligence well. Thank you City Pages commenters, thank you for representing us with class.

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