Lady Gaga lovers: The 10 best Little Monsters' costumes

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All photos by Tony Nelson

Artpop diva Lady Gaga just rolled into St. Paul, and she brought the Little Monsters out in droves. Her fans dressed to the nines and beyond -- handcrafting some eye-popping looks to flaunt at the concert and the pre-party. Here are just a few of our favorite outfits from the style-filled evening.

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Best use of minimal gold lamé

Hellooooo, studs. No, really, those studded, chain-filled epaulets are divine -- and let's not forget about that mask. Just the right amount of edgy to go with a whole lot of sass and perfectly coiffed hair.

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City Pages Minneapolis
City Pages Minneapolis

Just because something's been done once or twice before doesn't mean you can't do it again. :)

Jen Hanson
Jen Hanson's all been done before in previous generations; Cher, Madonna...

Kelsie Thomas
Kelsie Thomas

DeAnn Thomas-Kvidera!! How did we miss these???

Stacie Conway
Stacie Conway

Yes! I saw more than half of those costumes and stood by many of them. I feel like the amount of women in bras, g-strings, and fish-net stockings is way underrepresented though!

Scott Smith
Scott Smith

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga's music...but you've got to love that she inspires so many people to confidently let their freak flags fly. I wish more artists created this kind of inspiration.

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