MN State Fair 2014 posts free concert lineup

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Photo by Mary Bell / OC Weekly
Dr. Dog will play on a free stage at the 2014 State Fair
Don't have enough ducats to pay for Minnesota State Fair admission and a ticket to Fall Out Boy? The great MN get-together's got you, dawg. And they've got Dr. Dog. The Philly retro rockers with a hint of psychedelia lead the free stage entertainment this August 21 to September 1.

In all, there are more than 900 shows gracing the stages of varying sizes around the small city where the State Fair takes place. Below, we've gathered the top lineups for evenings of deep-fried root beer floats, and free music.

Minnesota State Fair 2014 Free Stage Highlights
Leinie Lodge Bandshell Tonight!
8/21-22: Blood, Sweat & Tears featuring Bo Bice
8/23-24: Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound
8/25-26: Scott Stapp - The Voice of Creed
8/27-28: Dr. Dog
8/29-30: Buckwheat Zydeco
8/31-9/1: Charlie Worsham

Bazaar After Dark at the International Bazaar Stage

8/21-22: Hitchville
8/23-24: Salsabrosa
8/25-26: Good For Gary
8/27-28: GB Leighton
8/29-30: Sonny Knight & The Lakers
8/31-9/1: The Belfast Cowboys

West End at Sunset at the new Schilling Amphitheater
8/21-22: Chastity Brown
8/23-24: White Iron Band
8/25-26: Monroe Crossing
8/27-28: Deke Dickerson with The Trashmen
8/29-30: Sturgill Simpson
8/31-9/1: Cash'd Out

See all of the State Fair free stage entertainment here.

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Jenner Moretto
Jenner Moretto

I really liked White Iron Band when they opened for Shooter Jennings at Whiskey Junction

Shawn Mahan
Shawn Mahan

Molly Slough we have to go see Dr Dog

Rich Rudin
Rich Rudin

I hate the state fair. Waaay to expensive.

Ryan Paul Plewacki
Ryan Paul Plewacki

Is Scott Stapp really going by "The Voice of Creed"? I certainly hope so.


Wow, great lineups. I'd rather watcha a four wheeler crush the skull of my only child on christmas morning.


The voice of Creed? Is the warm up act "Nails on a Chalkboard?"

Joel O'Brien
Joel O'Brien

I liked 'one'when I thought it was pearl jam

Christian Hanson
Christian Hanson

Looks like even the members of Creed don't want to hear the singer play

Mike Herman
Mike Herman

Dr. Dog at First Ave was one of the best shows I've seen all year. Can't wait! I'd pay $50 to see them!

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