Pizza Luce Block Party announces 2014 lineup

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

The 11th annual Pizza Lucé Block Party hits downtown Minneapolis this August after a successful run across the street from the 4th Street location last year.

This time around, there's less punk on the bill and more hip-hop. Rhymesayers signee Dem Atlas (above), GRRRL PRTY, Heiruspecs, and Carnage are among the electic day's offerings. See the full lineup and schedule below.

Pizza Lucé Block Party 2014 Lineup

12 p.m. Love Lake

1 p.m. Gin Strings

2 p.m. Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra

3 p.m. Carnage

4 p.m. Charlie Parr

5 p.m. Black Market Brass

6 p.m. Dem Atlas

7 p.m. Heiruspecs

8 p.m. Mark Mallman

9 p.m. Grrrl Party

Pizza Luce Block Party. 12 p.m., Saturday, August 9. Info.

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That five hour block before mallman sounds great.


"This time around, there's less punk on the bill and more hip-hop" 

Less punk than what?  The last time I heard a punk band at a PL Block Party was like 7 years ago (from Duluth, they were).  This year sounds like a The-Current-Approved lineup with its hip hop and hillbilly focus.  That being said, there are some interesting new bands (at least to me - Love Lake, Twinkie) on the lineup as well as the god Mallman that might salvage the day.

Ania Nadybska
Ania Nadybska

Joshua! That's amazing!!!!! Congrats! You are going to do great!

Via Rose
Via Rose

When is it Rachael Butterfield

Sara Schieve
Sara Schieve

Modern punk and hip hop, oh joy. Time to get out of the twin cities for a while.

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