The Replacements at Shaky Knees Festival, 5/10/14

Photo by Kyle Matteson

The Replacements
Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta
Saturday, May 10, 2014

After a 25-minute downpour, causing a 10-minute delay to the start of their set, the Replacements took the stage in Atlanta to rapturous cheers -- despite their crowd not being quite as large as most of the weekends other main stage headliners. 

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Photos by Kyle Matteson

A blistering "Takin' a Ride" opened the show, as it has all but one of the festivals they've played since reuniting last year for Riot Fest in Toronto. Prior to the start of their set, it was clear that there were four mic stands set up, and people were buzzing that Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong had sound-checked with them. So it wasn't a huge surprise when he joined the band (as he did the second weekend of Coachella) on on their third song of the night, "I'm in Trouble," and stuck around to play guitar (no vocals, just guitar) for the remainder of their set.

Prior to "Androgynous," Westerberg asked Billie Joe "Would you like to play on this one? Or do you have to make a phone call?" after which they both sat down on Josh Freese's drum riser to play the song. Later on, the 'Mats frontman thanked Billie Joe for "adding some life to this thing" and agreeing to do it before "Left of the Dial." Considering Armstrong's wife Adrienne is from the Twin Cities (they met at First Avenue on Green Day's very first tour), it's not a stretch to picture Armstrong sticking with the band for their first hometown headlining show in 23 years at Midway Stadium in September.

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