The cult of Spooky Black: Best online fan comments

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St. Paul's mysterious do-rag wearing star Spooky Black has already amassed quite a deep-feeling fan base. The 16-year-old crooner's loyal followers range from emo kids, to "mature" ladies who leave comments like, "Haha this is great he should sit on my face."

This week, Spooky released a new acoustic track called "Interlude," and immediately sparked a wave of messages of support and jealousy on Soundcloud. For your convenience, Gimme Noise has done the heavy lifting and divided these commenters into four distinct categories. Taste their passion with us, won't you?

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To get you in the mood, here's "Interlude."

The Criers

"Interlude" features an acoustic guitar, which automatically makes it a sad song. Don't hold in the tears -- let them out. In fact, why not find the exact spot in the song that first tickled your tear ducts and leave a little comment about it? Oh wait, you and a hundred other people already did that.


Bonus counterattack:


The Critics

Spooky's harshest critics are typically R&B hopefuls who weren't able to pull off the do-rag look or sing in tune, and have therefore made it their life mission to destroy Spooky's legacy, one misspelled word at a time. His generous critics have... more interesting things to say.


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