Tech N9ne at Myth, 5/10/14

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Adam DeGross

Tech N9ne
Myth, Maplewood
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last night, Tech N9ne brought a wildly enthusiastic all-ages crowd out to Myth Nighclub for his Independent Grind Tour. Cameras scanned the crowd, perhaps filming for a future DVD release by Strange Music, the independent record label founded by Tech N9ne and Travis O'Guin in 1999. Women flashed their breasts. Juggalos wandered through the crowd, their eyes masked by colored contact lenses and faces coated in paint.

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Adam DeGross

The evening started out early with local rapper Absent, who recently sold out the 7th Street Entry for his Welcome 2theClover album release show with Lil' Flip. The place was already quite packed, and the crowd reacted favorably to Absent's easy flow. Psych Ward Druggies took to the stage next, amidst shouts of "Woop woop!" The group's emcees were dressed primarily in orange prison jumpsuits, and their guitarist was wearing hospital scrubs.

The Psych Ward Druggies elevated the energy level in the venue with their enthusiastic performance style. Their use of live musicians rather than backing tracks was captivating and engaging. They moved easily between slower, more insightful tracks and fast-paced dance-inducing club bangers in a display of versatility. The group was formed just last year at the behest of elusive industry jack-of-all-trades figure Dr. Csalohcin. Their philosophy shares a common thread with Juggalo culture in promoting the idea that music is a means of ridding oneself of negative emotions, frustrations, trials and tribulations, and that music is the "prescription" or "medicine" that struggling souls require.

Between sets, lines formed at both doors leading out to the smoking area. Sweaty fans anxiously pushed past one another out into the rain, and echoes of "woop woop" rang through the air. "Did you have a Mom that wouldn't let you touch the volume while you were in the car?" the emcee asked. "Well, touch that volume! Turn it up!" A roar rose from the crowd, and Atlanta native rapper Jarren Benton walked onstage, joined by his DJ Flick James and drummer Alien Boy -- shirtless and adorned with a terrifying clown mask topped by a mop of synthetic orange hair.

Adam DeGross

Benton opened with the song "Justin Bieber," which features the chorus line "I got hoes on my dick so they call me Justin Bieber!" Flick spun hard hitting trap beats, and Alien Boy pounded on his drum set in support of Benton's aggressive rap flow. Between songs, Benton engaged the crowd in chants insulting his DJ. The trio were obviously having a great time on stage, laughing and joking with one another and keeping the audience involved in their performance and the energy level high.

At one point, Benton paused to look for an audience member who was familiar with his song lyrics. He plucked a girl from the floor to join him onstage. She seemed both terrified and uncontrollably excited, and continued erupting into laughter and covering her face as she rapped along with Benton to the song. By now, Alien had removed his shirt and was standing atop his drum set, violently slamming on the symbols with vigor.

The most dance-friendly song of the set was "Gimme the Loot," (no, it wasn't a Notorious B.I.G. cover, just a borrowed song title) which contained a dubstep inspired beat and throbbing bassline. "Gimme the Loot" is well-suited for radio and dance clubs, and had the audience grinding to its beat.

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