Teddy Bridgewater begins Vikings career with R. Kelly soundtrack

Teddy Bridgewater screengrab via NFL Network; R. Kelly photo by Erik Hess

Baseball fans are accustomed to the walk-up music chosen by each ballplayer as they stroll confidently up to the plate. But at last night's NFL Draft, each prospect got to select the music echoing through Radio City Music Hall as they proudly took the stage.

It's an opportunity to see what type of songs each player uses to psych themselves up, and a chance to critique their music tastes -- or lack thereof. R. Kelly was new Vikings QB prospect Teddy Bridgewater's choice.

Cries from frustrated Vikings fans shook the rubble of the Metrodome following the team passing on the controversial but talented Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel with their first round pick.

That ultimately robbed Vikes fans of the pleasure of getting to hear Manziel's all-too-obvious but still cool-as-hell walk up song, "Draft Day," by Drake. I mean, c'mon, if Drake drops your name in the first verse of any song, you know damn well that you're going to use that to enhance your brand as well as your celebrity.

After trading down to the 9th pick, the Vikings selected UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr, who didn't have any walk up music selected because the relatively surprising pick wasn't even invited to attend the draft.

But the Purple weren't done just yet. They traded up to select Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater with the final pick in the first round. And Teddy didn't disappoint, taking the stage to the refined, piano-laden beats of R. Kelly's boastful anthem, "The World's Greatest."

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