The best Black Keys fan art on Etsy

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The Black Keys have returned with Turn Blue, which dropped this week, and are heading out on tour. In addition to the single titled "Fever," collector fever is in the air. We're in love with 'The Boys With The Broken Halos', a limited edition print by TRAVISBRAUN on etsy (above), and a whole of of other homemade swag currently up for grabs.

To mark this momentous week, we've curated a collection of the best Black Keys fan art on Etsy.

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HeroDesignStudio on etsy
One-of-a-kind, hand-silkscreened Black Keys test print by HeroDesignStudio. Better act fast; according to the seller, their original Black Keys print sold out in minutes and has been sold out since 2010.
GroundUpPress on etsy
Signed and numbered, limited edition print by GroundUpPress. The best part about the internet (besides free porn) is instant access to photos from that 2008 show at the Wiltern.

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