Conor Oberst at First Avenue 6/1/14

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The crowd grew increasingly passive throughout the night, with people gravitating towards stairwells and any available chairs. A number of people near the side of the stage fell asleep, either out of exhaustion, drunkenness, or a combination of the two. It wasn't a boring show, but it was dominantly slow and sleepy -- like a live lullaby session for grownups.

Photo by Mark N. Kartarik

Oberst achieved a balance of old and new tunes, playing standards like "We Are Nowhere and It's Now" and "Old Soul Song," in addition to songs off Upside Down Mountain. Before playing a love song off the new album, he announced, "I put out a record, I guess, last week. This is a love song. I'd like to apologize for that." The self-deprecation is what keeps us coming back, Oberst.

The crowd was finally roused at the encore, which Oberst kicked off with "Cape Canaveral," perhaps because he'd taken off his vest and was clearly ready for business. A few of the previously immobile audience members began dancing. People sang along. The pit was awake... sort of. Whatever the case, it was relieving to end the night on a livelier note.

"Conor's a five unless you're a gay fuckin' emo boy."

Rumors about Oberst chilling at the Seville before the show.

"God, I wanna send a Snapchat."

The crowd: A placid sea of white

Notebook dump: It's generally a bad sign when more than one person falls asleep at your show. On a positive note, a man standing outside First Ave. held a lit stick of incense in his mouth, which was pretty sweet.

Time Forgot
Zigzagging Toward the Light
We Are Nowhere and It's Now
Enola Gay
Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)
Hit the Switch
Danny Callahan
Bowl of Oranges
Ladder Song
If The Brakeman Turns My Way
Hundreds of Ways
Haile Selassie
Desert Island Questionnaire
I Got the Reason #2

Cape Canaveral 
Another Travelin' Song
Roosevelt Room

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