Prince hosts Apollonia for Paisley Park show

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A meme featuring Prince and Apollonia that inspired a new song by the Purple One.

With Purple Rain fever in the air, Prince brought his landmark film's co-star Apollonia Kotero out to Paisley Park for a tour and concert this past weekend.

Kotero was in town to take part in Bobby Z's third annual Benefit 2 Celebrate Life at First Avenue on Saturday. She performed "Take Me With U" during the star-studded benefit featuring Atmosphere's Slug, Sounds of Blackness, and a surprise appearance by Brian Setzer. Later that night, she visited Paisley for the first time, and was serenaded during the early hours of Sunday morning.

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A portion of the eight-song set -- including "Endorphinmachine" and "She's Always in My Hair" -- was posted on YouTube:

Kotero detailed her experience on a now-deleted Facebook post:

4:42 A.M. in Minneapolis , just had a private concert by Prince and 3rdEyeGirl at Paisley Park....Ida on Bass , Donna on Guitar and Hannah on Drums. They play loud and HARD. Heard new music that was dope! He had a cool chair for me on the stage at his side and I sat there transfixed on every note, every move, every vocal. After every song I yelled and clapped my ass off. It was so amazing it made me sweat. These ladies are so talented and beautiful. I was charmed. And heart still skip's a beat. Paisley Park is a fun place. He showed me all my images painted on the walls. "Hey thats me!!!" I said , he just laughed in that cool way he that does. The biggest room will be The Purple Rain room....he will have us painted there, huge murals. "My big head gonna be up there?" He just laughed and laughed.

Photo by Steve Cohen
Here's Apollonia performing at First Avenue on Saturday. More shots here
Earlier in the week, Star Tribune and the Current separately visited Paisley Park to preview new music from both 3rdEyeGirl's Plectrum Electrum and a new Prince album. In the solo album category, there's a song featuring U.K. singer Rita Ora, and the ballad "This Could Be Us" inspired by the #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin meme.

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