Six worst words in music: Top tweets

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It only takes six words to rake Aerosmith over the coals.

Nothing like a good Twitter meme to help pass the time on a Tuesday morning. Inspired by (or perhaps as an alternative to) our post on the six worst music words in the dictionary, imaginative Twitter users led by the always uproarious Wits host John Moe took to the hashtag #sixworstwordsinmusic to offer up their interpretations of what they believe to be the worst six-word combinations in music.

Here's a sampling of some of the humorous #sixworstwordsinmusic offered up on Twitter earlier today.

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20. Gordon Sumner can't catch a break.
18. Play the hits! 17. Give the drummer some?
16. 15. 14.  13. 12. 11. (facepalm)

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