Tegan and Sara at First Avenue, 6/16/14

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Photos by Youa Vang
Tegan and Sara
With My Midnight Heart and the Courtneys
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Monday, June 16, 2014

At the intersection of electro-pop and folk music lives the twin sister duo known as Tegan and Sara. Although their new album, Heartthrob, leans more heavily on the electro-pop side of things, the two began their career together with mainly acoustic folksy songs. Heartthrob was considered a new direction for the Quin sisters when it came out, but in relation to their live show, it all seems to make sense.
The performance, ushered in by opening sets from My Midnight Heart and the Courtneys, both synth-influenced, solidified the knowledge that the sisters have been pop musicians all along. Since the new album has had a year to marinate with their rabid fanbase, the whole album was included in the evening's set, much to the audience's delight if the screams were anything to go by.

Tegan and Sara's devoted crowd certainly didn't need any encouragement, and their participation sometimes rivaled what was coming through the speakers as they opened with "Goodbye, Goodbye" and "I Couldn't Be Your Friend." The super catchy "I'm Not Your Hero" may be one of the lesser known cuts off the new album, but with its uptempo beat, it can get even the stillest fan moving.

Photos by Youa Vang
When asked if they minded if they could play some older songs, the sold-out crowd went insane. When the opening notes to "Back in Your Head" were played, you had to make sure you had your earplugs in.

As amazing as the sisters are at harmonizing and almost becoming one person, they each have their stage quirks and personalities. Sara was the more talkative of the two, regaling the crowd with tales of the first time they played in Minneapolis at the "400 Club," where she forgot the name of the club, but charmingly finished with, "You know what there wasn't 400 of? Smiles." Tegan was the one more apt to come out behind her instrument, sometimes dancing in her awkwardly delightful manner. It was more cute than sexy, and the crowd loved it. 

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