The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 6/9-6/15

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Andy Gotts
Elvis Costello -- See Monday

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Monday, June 9

Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello's long, prolific, and brilliant career has been punctuated by a wide array of collaborations reflecting his wildly eclectic musical interests, including -- just to scratch the surface -- Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, Allen Toussaint, Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter, and, of course, last year's Wise Up Ghost album with the Roots. But Costello's latest "surprise guest" (as he put it recently) is himself. Reprising a series of East Coast solo performances last fall, Costello will kick off a solo summer tour in St. Paul. Expected to be primarily acoustic, the show is likely to trace Costello's career from his early punkish days to the current Roots material, hitting all his iconic material along with obscurities. Stripped-down versions of familiar tunes should provide fresh insight, as should Costello's always erudite commentary. -Rick Mason
$45-$95, 7:30 PM

Eagulls with Cheatahs
George Mitchell's deranged, airborne bellows in Leeds punk band Eagulls are strangely catchy. Could there be a world-conquering Oasis influence at work between the vaguely gothic sheets of distortion? His band's knack for gorgeous guitar progressions -- played by Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews -- were apparent all the way back on 2012's gauzy, sun-scorched "Moulting," and continue through "Possessed," the monster they took to Letterman in January. "Come to our show," Mitchell said in an interview earlier this year, "'cause I'm sure you won't need to listen to some proper music." This is Eagulls' first U.S. tour. -Michael Madden
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Priests with Carpet, Whatever Forever, and Brain Tumors
The most politically charged places often breed the boldest reactionaries. Take Washington, D.C., post-punks Priests. The enthusiastic, female-fronted group's lyrics oppose sexism, consumerism, racism, and capitalism in a city that manufactures all the -isms you can think of. As clichéd as those topics may be at this point in punk's trajectory, Priests keep their sound fresh with singer Katie Greer's demanding scream-song vocals and Gideon Jaguar's experimental guitar licks in the vein of fellow, now-defunct D.C. group Black Eyes. Joining them are Carpet, Whatever Forever, and Brain Tumors, fronted by the endearingly masochistic (frequent City Pages contributor) Drew Ailes. If you're lucky, you may be subjected to the spectacle of Ailes cracking his head open with his own microphone. -Emily Eveland
Free, 9 PM

Dog Fashion Disco with Psychostick and The Bunny the Bear.
The Skyway Theatre (in Studio B)
$15, 5 PM

Spanish Gold with Clear Plastic Masks
18+, $12/$14, 7 PM

Tuesday, June 10

Backstreet Boys with Avril Lavigne
$29.50-$150, 7:30 PM

World Party
$35-$40, 7 PM

Reel Big Fish with Survay Says
15+, $20/$22, 7 PM

Ben Ottewell with Buddy
18+, $15, 8 PM

Toki Wright
$5, 10 PM

Wednesday, June 11

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with Stagnant Pools
Of course it's not the same. Down from five to two members after the departure of Robbie Guertin and brothers Tyler and Lee Sargent, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are admirably trucking on nine years after their excellent self-titled debut. The "something" that last year's Little Moments EP left to be desired was fulfilled with the new Only Run, the fourth CYHSY album. It uses space like none of the indie rockers' other records, employing tranquilizing guitar runs, pounding drums via Sean Greenhalgh, and light-beam synths. While hiccupy-voiced frontman Alec Ounsworth sounds closer than ever, the album restores the classy, affable essence of the band. CYHSY is the name that should be on the cover. -Michael Madden
18+, $15, 9 PM


James Cotton
$35-$40, 8 PM

MarchFourth Marching Band
$16/$18, 7 PM

3 Doors Down
$50, 7:30 PM

18+, $15-$30, 7:30 PM

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