Cause goes sports bar: 10 best comments

BTW, this is NOT the signage that the Iron Door will be using for the old Cause space.

Yesterday, Cause Spirits & Soundbar's fate was revealed. In September, it'll be outfitted with more TVs and craft beers and fewer walls and local music vending machines as it becomes a sports bar called the Iron Door.

This news did not go by without stirring up some commentary from our readers. Over 180 folks left messages ranging in tone from "There goes the neighborhood," to "Shut up, hipsters," to "OMG I h8 sports bars." Here are our 10 favorite comments regarding Cause's sporty future.

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Cause Spirits & Soundbar is becoming a sports bar

10. As we get started, a wink to the folks who thought the "SPORTS" logo designed for the post was actually the logo that the Iron Door is using.





9. This guy is probably kidding. Either way, RIP Uptown Bar


8. Sure, the neighborhood has changed, but this addition would be truly scary.


7. The sarcasm. The sarcasm.


6. Here's a question for the ages:


Location Info

Cause Spirits & Soundbar - CLOSED

3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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