Imagine Dragons at TCF Stadium, 7/12/14

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Photo by Mike Madison
Imagine Dragons with Atmosphere
Saturday, July 12, 2014
TCF Stadium, Minneapolis

When you take a band that's been to the Cities four times -- the first just down the road from TCF Stadium at the Varsity in March 2013 -- and has consecutively sold out each venue they've visited, it must mean that their live show is spectacular, right? Not always.

For those lucky enough to score a spot at the free show set up as part of MLB All-Star Week, there was a perfect backdrop with a summer evening ushered in by a cool breeze. The night was carefree, and the band had just flown in that morning from a show in Scotland. It was fortunate that TCF Stadium has recently allowed beer sales, for the liquor loosened up the 27,000 fans enough to get out of their seats.

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Since the show was free, fans who weren't as familiar with the band's catalog spent a lot of their time during pieces like the opener "Fallen" and "Tiptoe" drunkenly chatting away. It wasn't until the fourth song in that the crowd -- and the band -- found itself falling into their groove. As soon as the syncopated rhythm to "It's Time" hit, conversation was put aside to cheer and sing along. "It's Time" was written as a battle cry, especially with its line "The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell" that most likely mirrors the time Imagine Dragons have had to put in before they even had a break.

Photos by Mike Madison

That gratitude was often noted on lead singer Dan Reynolds's face when the camera closed in to reveal his goofy grin, as if to say, "I can't believe that I am here singing in front of thousands of people." The band doesn't write love songs, more like pieces that have an epic quality to them that encompass life and the amazement that comes through each day, bringing about their addition to the new Transformers movie with the aptly named "Battle Cry." A welcome change to their epic tunes came with their cover of U2's love song "With or Without You." Reynolds was able to stretch his vocals on the track, displaying his talent with his arms outstretched to the crowd.

The rest of the night fell into lulls and peaks as the evening wore on -- with more lulls than peaks when their tracks "On Top of the World" and "Who We Are" failed to elicit energy from the audience. "Radioactive" as the last song of the evening was exactly what was needed to bring the night out of its funk. The band began the piece with their signature drum sequence, trading percussion among the members before segueing into the felt-to-your-core-heart-pounding piece.

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TCF Bank Stadium

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Amanda Lorenz
Amanda Lorenz

Ashley Evenson I think it was because there were so many college kids there only into atmosphere. They are all crazy ID was amazing! From what I could see everyone enjoyed it all. I'm sure not everyone knows all of ID songs like the fans do. I call bs on this!

Nicholas S. Goers
Nicholas S. Goers

I'm must have been at the wrong Imagine Dragons concert because the show I saw was amazingly awesome the ENTIRE TIME!

ajlalk3 topcommenter

That first picture perfectly captures the type of people who go to an Imagine Dragons concert. They are more interested in getting a selfie they can put on Facebook and Instagram than they are actually listening to music.

Ashley Evenson
Ashley Evenson

Amanda Lorenz... Can you believe people didn't really like it. I thought it was amazing!

Dustin Skaalerud
Dustin Skaalerud

No, this critic hit it right on. Free is free, not complaining, but bland is bland. Calling it like we saw it. This is Atmosphere turf, they had the catalog and energy to headline. Much better performance than Imagine Dragons.

Ashley Besser
Ashley Besser

My problem was the lack of seating... As stated it was a FREE concert so why the heck was so much seating blocked off?? You should be able to sit where you can't see if you choose too. Maybe I'm old but that was nothing but irritating to hear a mediocre band.

Brenda Slavik
Brenda Slavik

I was surprised on how many people I know actually paid to go to that concert! It's one of my ten yrs olds fav. bands. I find them annoying. However, to each their own.

Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter

I am a diehard atmosphere fan, (been to far too many of their concerts to mention) and this one was a little disappointing. Imagine Dragons, a band I have not taken any stock in, absolutely blew me away. A case of too high expectations for one and too low for another? Maybe. But I have to respectably disagree with this post!

Andy Gillund
Andy Gillund

Imagine Dragons was garbage. Atmosphere stole the show.

Annette Holt Kaderlik
Annette Holt Kaderlik

I thought it was a great concert....We loved all of it! Critical people need to stay at home!

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