Overheard at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2014: The best quotations

Nate "Igor" Smith
Another Gathering of the Juggalos has come and gone, and with it thousands of face-painted, fun-loving freaks and misfits to and from the event's first year in Thornville, Ohio. While the move from the deep wilderness of Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, to this year's decidedly more inhabited location did make the experience seem less like being on another planet, there was still an overabundance of hilarious and strange things happening at all times.

Here are the best overheard quotations from the the 2014 edition of the Gathering of the Juggalos.

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Nate "Igor" Smith
Mike Busey, in the camouflage vest.
"Do you guys know who I am? I'm an ugly motherfucking piece of shit and I don't give a fuck. And I came here to party."

- Gary Busey's nephew Mike Busey, clad in a vest and armed with big teeth.

"I almost got lured into a gay acid orgy over shots of Fireball."

- A confused soul who had stopped too long to talk to a man who was clearly out of his mind on drugs.

Nate "Igor" Smith
"If that bottle rocket gets near my dick I'm gonna be pissed."

- Large, safety-conscious juggalo wearing pinstriped overalls.

Nate "Igor" Smith
"I hope there's no pee in there."

- Juggalo sprayed by squirt gun.

"Sell you a knife for $30."

- Random skinny kid with baggy red mesh shorts.

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"How many ya'll parents smoke weed? My momma still grows illegal weed in Alabama."

- Yelawolf

"At least you tried! At least you tried!"

- Chanted at female wrestler who had just lost a fight.

"Fuck her right in the pussy!"

- Shouted by everyone, all of the time, constantly. Juggalos have really latched onto that meme.

"Y'all wanna talk about politics, or you wanna see people get smashed in the face?"

- Wrestling announcer to crowd chanting down Obama.

"Our sexy little midget you may have seen on Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling."

- Uttered by the Guy Fieri of juggalos, Mike Busey.

"I'm fucked up! Praise Jesus!"

- Shouted loudly from the woods.

"There's only one one-legged wrestler in the world."

- Announcer at Juggalo Wrestling Q & A.

Nate "Igor" Smith
"Lick the lint out of somebody's belly button."

"Eat somebody's fingernails."

"Bring me a poop dollar. It don't gotta be your poop; there is poop all over these grounds. Go find some."

[After digging a hole in the mud with his heel and pouring beer into it.] "Chug the mud!"

"You don't gotta whip your dick out, just act like you do and then you and a friend walk up on people."

- All stated by a man named Frog, proprietor of "The Wheel." Frog would ask people if they wanted a beer as they passed by. If they said yes, they would be encouraged to spin the wheel, which lists a multitude of hilarious/disgusting potential outcomes. These are just a few of them. We hear even the police got in on the fun.

Nate "Igor" Smith
"If you got in my face, I'd shoot you right here with the gun in my pocket. You wouldn't even see it coming. And then you know what I'd do? I'd drink a beer. And feel no emotion at all."

- A normal-looking 61-year-old man seated in a lawn chair in the parking lot. It was his seventh year at the Gathering, which he drives his son to and then waits in the lot. He has never once stepped foot inside.

Nate "Igor" Smith
"Stop! Stop!!"

- A police officer chasing a speeding golf cart. He didn't stop.

"I wanted to trip the cop. I mean fuck it; I got bail money."

- Juggalo who witnessed the police chase described above.

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Liesl Wiborg
Liesl Wiborg

ENOUGH WITH THE JUGGALOS ALREADY!! Sick of this two days ago!

Rick Meyer
Rick Meyer

Okay, City Pages. Officially ignoring and unfollowing. ENOUGH with this crap.

Chris Zdon
Chris Zdon

Wow! This is just getting funny. I hope that this is a intellectual experiment in what readers reaction will be to serially publishing nonsense and not just what it looks like. Publishing nonsense.

Cory Hatfield
Cory Hatfield

I care. If you don't like it, don't read it. No one is forcing you to. Keep up the good work Gimme Noise!

Erin Burckhard
Erin Burckhard

Oh yes, and while I wrote this they posted about the the fucking uptown hot tub again. We get it. It's a unique hot tub. MOVE ALONG!!!

Erin Burckhard
Erin Burckhard

The event didn't even happen locally, and no one fucking cares! Why must CP insist on click baiting and trolling? Between Aaron Rupar and these stupid hourly posts desperately reaching for any kind of drama and interaction, you make me further appreciate the print version of you more and more. Lately your articles on here have just simply SUCKED! The Doors were awful and Juggalos are better than us? Get the fuck outta here! I can sum up everything the CP Facebook has found newsworthy in the last two weeks: Prince, Juggalos, Local Moms Need Cock, Shootings, Juggalos, Prince, Purple Rain, Local Moms Need Cock, Juggalos, Michelle Bachman, Purple Rain, Shootings, Juggalos... Way to really represent the city...

Jon Hale
Jon Hale

Alyssa Kiefer Lol I've been reading these all day. I'm intrigued by juggalos

Stephen Biondo
Stephen Biondo

Posting more of this shit no one cares about. Congrats.


God, still?! Alt-weeklies are still sending reporters to the Gathering of The Juggalos to cover it ironically? Didn't this become boring, like, four years ago? You could write these articles in Twitter form and save everyone time: "Hey look, a fat topless chick in clown make-up! Drugs! Rednecks! Some D-list celebrity! Faygo!"

Jonathan David
Jonathan David

If only these Juggalos weren't the only subculture gathering now. If only there were something interesting, like Sturgis, or the Pennsic War.

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