Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Tickle Torture

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

Tickle Torture is getting national attention with a stylish new video from his forthcoming EP. We've also got a bumper crop of new vids from Dessa, Fog, Stereo Confession, Psymun, the Miami Dolphins, And We Danced, and XXXPRSNXXX, a New Orleans group produced by Brett Bullion and featuring Dark Dark Dark's Marshall LaCount. We've also got live performance clips from Reina del Cid (covering The Band!), and footage of Crimes' final performance. Enjoy!

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Tickle Torture - "Would I Love You"

The ribald dance-pop dynamo, Tickle Torture, is set to release a new EP called Spectrophilia, on September 9 on the burgeoning local label, Blood of the Young Records. The first single and video drawn from that vibrant new collection is "Would I Love You," a slinky, disco-tinged floor filler that certainly contains sonic elements of the funkier side of Purple One (an influence boldly augmented by Elliott Kozel posing in front of the hazy lights a purple tinted car). The stylishly seductive video finds Tickle Torture once again partnering up with Josh Hegard, the creative mind who was also behind his smoking "Forgotten" clip. Tickle Torture is on the verge of blowing up big time in 2014, and if "Would I Love You" is any indication, Kozel is going to get the whole country grinding to his sultry new jams.

Dessa - "Fighting Fish"

In the midst of a flurry of recent activity from the Doomtree camp -- a new track from their forthcoming full crew album, ".38 Airweight," a coffee table book featuring an inside look at the rap collective, as well as the joyous announcement of P.O.S.' first solo set since his kidney transplant -- Dessa has just dropped a gritty but elegant new video for "Fighting Fish," one of the many bangers from her recent album, Parts of Speech. The clip was directed by the talented local filmmakers/jack-of-all-trades Isaac Gale and David Jensen, along with the director of photography Ryan Kron Thompson and editor JoLynn Garnes. The creative team captures a raw, direct side of Dessa, whose intense look remains the focus of the entire clip. With excitement building towards what Doomtree does next, it's gratifying to take an appreciative look back and see just how stellar Dessa's recent work truly was.

Fog - "Turning Into You"

Andrew Broder's experimental project, Fog, has sadly been dormant since 2008, as the enormously talented local musician concentrated his creative efforts on other successful musical outlets. But Broder has reemerged with plans for a new Fog album due sometime in fall of 2015. For now, he has taken to Kickstarter to help fund the production and recording costs for the new record, and he needs contributions from every Fog fan in the area. Seriously, this album HAS to happen. In order to generate more interest in his Kickstarter campaign, Broder has been releasing some cool teaser tracks -- including this exquisite cover of Beach House's "Wishes" -- as well as this backyard video for a tender new Fog work in progress called, "Turning Into You." It is glorious, and has elements of the refined brilliance of Dirty Projectors. Broder's Kickstarter campaign is still short of its goal with 12 days left to contribute, so please, give if you can and let's make this long-awaited new Fog album a reality.

Stereo Confession - "Hang Ten"

The young garage rock crew Stereo Confession are back with another catchy new single, "Hang Ten," which is set to feature on their debut record which is set to be released this October. The charmingly lo-fi video captures the band skateboarding around some familiar sights in the cit, before they pile into a truck and appropriately hit the beach -- you kind of have to in a track called "Hang Ten," yeah? But not before they hit up Party City for some necessary accoutrements. Stereo Confession are a total blast live, and for those of you in the LaCrosse area, you can catch them playing in support of Neon's last ever show (boooo!!!) at the Cavalier Club tomorrow night, August 1. The group are recording their debut with Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio, and based on the punk pop strength of their first two singles, we are in store for something special from this blossoming young band.

Reina del Cid - "Ophelia (The Band cover)"

This sublime installment of the weekly Sunday Mornings with Reina video series is one of the best yet, and that is not just because I was a tuba player through junior high. The trio, led by Reina and Toni Lindgren, gloriously tackle the Band's "Ophelia," augmented by the golden brassy tuba sounds of Grace. It's a wonderfully original take on the track, and the warm intimacy of the setup only adds to the aching spirit of the song. Reina del Cid have recently headed out to Pachyderm Studios to record a brand new record, and based on the number of new songs that Reina has been sharing with us lately, as well as the subtle influence of the well-chosen covers she has picked to play, we are in for a treat when this new collection finally comes out. But until then, dig in to not only this stellar cover of "Ophelia," but also the wealth of other Sunday Mornings With Reina videos recorded over the past couple of months, for there are plenty of gems in there.

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