Turf Club is hiring, re-opening in August

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Photo by Erik Hess
When the Turf Club triumphantly reopens later this year, the place will need a much larger staff to handle St. Paul's favorite hole-in-the-wall music venue's new kitchen. Hiring is now underway.

Closed since June 1 for extensive renovations to its ventilation, roofing, bars, fire suppression system, and the new kitchen, the Turf now has a timetable for return, according to new owner First Avenue. "We'll be open for concerts starting on August 28," says First Avenue general manager Nate Kranz. "Depending on construction schedules and staff training we may be open for food and drinks a few days prior to that."

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As of now, the first show publicly scheduled is the release show for a new Hammerhead EP on August 29.

According to a statement released by the Turf Club/First Avenue:

"The Turf Club is hiring! We're looking for experienced, conscientious, and hard-working candidates to join our tight-knit team. We're re-opening in late August with a full kitchen, daytime hours, and a jam-packed concert schedule. You should be passionate about music, food, local beer and spirits, and the events we host. High-volume experience 100% necessary."

Positions available include:

* Servers
* Bartenders
* Security
* Chef/Kitchen Manager
* Line Cooks
* Prep Cooks

If interested, you should send your resume to jobs@turfclub.net, with your desired position in the subject line of the email.

Even if you're not looking for work, it's exciting to remember that only a few short weeks stand between now and the Turf's return.


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Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren

Such a good place... Why did they close during prime concert time? You'd think winter closing would have made more sense.

Shannon Sutter
Shannon Sutter

Oh man! I love the turf club just as it is. I hope it doesn't suck after all of the changes.


That was a really good photo of it though, because I thought that WAS the newly renovated Turf Club :P . To be fair, I've been there on a lot of dead nights over the last couple years.

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