Atmosphere's Slug with a whole bunch of slugs [Photos]

Photo by Erik Hess/Darren Johnson

A few days ago, Gimme Noise started hearing about Slug Solos, a viral Tumblr dedicated to pairing some of the world's best guitarists and the world's best slugs. According to its young Glaswegian creator, the site's mission is simple: "Some guitarists' solo faces look like they've just realised they're holding giant slug creatures." After enjoying everyone from Este Haim to James Hetfield to Prince absolutely shredding on slugs, it occurred to us that there was a glaring local omission.

Even without a guitar, Atmosphere rapper Slug's animated onstage persona is a perfect fit. Thanks to some Photoshop magic by Tatiana Craine and shots from many of the huge Atmosphere shows City Pages has documented over the years, we present the photogenic Sean Daley with several new onstage sidekicks.

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Photo by Tony Nelson/rhonddawildlifediary

Earlier this year, Atmosphere headlined the First Avenue mainroom for their latest installment of the Welcome to Minnesota tour. In this scenario, ridiculously oversized slugs are welcome too.

Photo by Mike Madison/megankhines

This summer, Atmosphere and Imagine Dragons played at the U of M's TCF Stadium for the 2014 MLB All-Star concert. Here, updated with Slug squared.

Photo by Mike Madison/Guillaume Brocker

Another shot from TCF Stadium with a slug copying Slug's self-applied horns.

Next: A special guest who is not a slug.

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