Katy Perry at Target Center, 8/22/14

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Mike Madison

Katy Perry
Target Center, Minneapolis
Friday, August 22, 2014

Katy Perry's hair blew in the wind. Her extravagant ball gown billowed, revealing royal blue leggings -- reminiscent of what a modern Marie Antoinette would wear if she were throwing a fireworks-themed fete. Fireworks lit up the pyramid-shaped screen behind Perry... and more importantly, real ones went off onstage as the pop star belted out her special-snowflake/self-empowerment ballad ("Firework," duh) during her last encore. It was incredible.

These fireworks were some of the coolest closers to a concert we've seen, but there were plenty of other spectacles to behold for the two hours Perry graced the stage. Perry brought her A-game to Minneapolis at the Target Center, with a healthy mix of throwbacks and new material to keep a sold-out crowd of 15,000 KatyCats singing along.

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From the first moments she was onstage, Perry made a point of connecting with her fans, pointing and looking out into the audience at choice moments while she opened the concert with "Roar." And boy did she roar.

Let's take a moment right off the bat to recognize that Perry has hopped on the racially charged, twerk-a-thon bandwagon just like Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and even Taylor Swift. "I Kissed a Girl" has always been a problematic song -- perpetuating the idea of two women kissing as a fleeting, naughty act. Lyrics like "I don't even know your name, it doesn't matter," were met with new meaning onstage as a group of faceless mummies (save for some oversized red lips) strutted out in platforms with boobs and booty aplenty.

In addition to the neon Mohawk-donning warriors from the opening set, these mummies added an unfortunate atmosphere to the show as the backup dancers worked their buxom bodies against each other only a couple songs after some blink-and-you'd-miss-it twerking during "Dark Horse." Are pop stars willfully ignoring the outcry against cultural appropriation? Do they not understand that while the spectacle of the show is a sight to behold, it's representations like these that can really take a fan out of the moment no matter how catchy the song or wowing the stage setup. "Does she not know how bad that looks?" said the fan seated next to us as the mummies flaunted their assets before "kissing" each other.

Mike Madison

Perry began the Egyptian-themed portion of the evening with "Dark Horse" channeling her VMA-award winning video with a two-toned Cleopatra bob. She rose from the floor atop a literal dark horse that she whipped into submission. 3-D Geocities-style graphics zoomed by on the prism-shaped screen behind Perry during "E.T." and "Legendary Lovers" before pyrotechnics (and two guys flying in the air with fire-shooting guitars) closed out that part of the night during "I Kissed a Girl."

If KatyCats know anything about their idol, it is that the show must go on. The 2012 Perry-opaganda film documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me showed the pop star during one of the most difficult tours of her life -- dealing with a tough touring schedule, long days... and her divorce. Fans got a peek a the inner workings of Perry's California Gurls Tour and what led up to that technicolor dream onstage just as her life was crumbling beneath her. If you saw the movie, you couldn't help but think back to the documentary and her backstage pain when she began the quieter part of the show.

Perry broke things down in the middle of the evening with a three-song acoustic set that proved to be some of the most emotionally touching parts of the evening. She rose out of the stage looking part fairy godmother, part Lothlorien elf queen with a penchant for butterflies and pastel rainbow locks.

At the front of the stage, flanked by her backup singers (sunflowers), Perry launched into "By the Grace of God," telling the audience she wrote it when things weren't "all bubblegum and rainbow hair." And indeed, it's a depressing, heartbreaking song that wouldn't seem to have a place in the set for the thousands-strong crowd that just watched a bunch of dancers in catsuits "Vogue" a la Madonna.

Mike Madison

One by one, cell phones lit up in the crowd, bobbing back and forth like LED fireflies while Perry poured out her soul in her sparkling butterfly gown and hooded cloak. Afterward, Perry took a while to banter with the crowd about Minnesota -- noting the last time she was here was during her California Gurls Tour three years ago. "We don't have seasons like y'all," she said about her home state of California. "We've seen snow on the internet." Then she called out Skateville, where she and opener Kacey Musgraves spent the night before, celebrating the latter's 26th birthday. "It is one of the most nostalgic mom and pop skating rinks... it's kind of like a time warp and I appreciate that."

Perry then segued into the next part of the concert (it had already been a couple minutes already) and talked about what was growing in her garden back home. Someone shouted "WEED" and she played it off: "I don't grow that! This is not that concert! Plus... it makes me paranoid and you don't wanna see my eyes get any bigger..." She took out a magic watering can and up from below stage rose a piping-hot (and now glitter-covered) Davanni's pepperoni pizza.

She told the crowd she was now gluten-free and "What is gluten, anyway?" and decided to give the pie away to some folks dressed up like human-sized pizzas. They leaped onstage and immediately had their phones out and recording. "Can we like... have a moment?" Perry asked and they reluctantly put their phones away when she noted that there would be a bunch of videos of the event anyways... but slowly one of those phones crept back out. She finally -- and somewhat reluctantly -- took a selfie with them before sending them on their way before the next song.

"This is for all the pizzas that got away." That was a lot of buildup for a very thin segue into "The One that Got Away," followed up by a lot of audience love ("I wanna stay together forever!") ahead of "Unconditionally."

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