Linkin Park at Minnesota State Fair, 8/26/14

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Photo by Adam DeGross

Linkin Park
with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI
Minnesota State Fair Grandstand, St. Paul
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It seems as if each night at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand has a certain theme, and Tuesday night's was angst-ridden arena rock. As the sun set on a beautiful night, the midway lights turned on, and the scent of manure and fried foods wafted through the air, fans filed in to the Grandstand like ants over a Popsicle on the ground.

Thirty Seconds to Mars mainly focused songs from their newest, self-released record Love. Lust. Faith. Dreams -- something not often done by big bands, even in this day and age where more and more acts independently release music. The band's frontman (and actor) Jared Leto did come out with a bit of dramatics at times. He wore a crown and priestly robes and gave off a Jesus vibe, but managed to charm the crowd with his near-flawless vocals. Despite the drama, he works it in his favor on their newest single, the anthemic rock track "Do or Die."

As long as you are famous, good-looking, and have a mic, people will laugh at anything you say. From his view onstage, Jared taunted and teased a couple on the Sky Ride that hung in the air for what seemed like forever. Into his mic, Leto called out to them to give four swift kicks if they were alright, causing the audience to roar in laughter.

All eyes were on Leto for Thirty Second to Mars's set, making it seem that poor Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic were just background players, never getting their moment to shine. (To be fair, Jared did just win an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club.) Still, he made his central presence worth it during pieces like "Kings and Queens," when he left the stage with no regard for his own safety to climb through the crowd, clutching hands with fans. On his way back to the stage, he knocked over a guy, and stops to help him up. And he showed it again when he pulled dozens of kids from the pit, inviting them onstage to be with him and to sing. It's acts like these that keep it from appearing like the "Jared Leto Show" -- even if he did eventually take off his shirt at the end of the set to do a few acoustic numbers.

Photo by Adam DeGross
Mass marketing in rock music usually can open up your audience to many commercial opportunities, but it label you as sell outs, as Linkin Park most likely has experienced. In a complete reversal to Thirty Seconds' loose set, the sextet ran like a well-oiled machine. I guess when you've been together so long, you know exactly how each other will move on stage.

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Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

1265 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN

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Alex Argo
Alex Argo

In my teens i was a fan of AFI (im 30 now) and was excited to actually get to see them.... There set wasn't all that impressive...not much of a fan of the newer material, and Davey Havok kept doing this strange inflection where he'd pitch his voice up quickly at the end of a vocal line. that might have worked once or twice but multiple times in every song was overboard and annoying... Sloppy musicianship at times but nice nostalgia factor n cool harmonizing backups 30 seconds to mars.... I think they sounded like a praise n worship band... Even tho I don't like the music, their live show was good, the crowd was totally involved and musically/vocally they sounded on point. Linkin Park blew me away... Probably the coolest show I've seen alongside NIN.


Actual Set List:

Guilty All The Same

Given Up

With You

One Step Closer

Blackout intro




Castle of Glass

Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent

Robot Boy

Joe Hahn Solo


Waiting For The End

Final Masquerade

Skin To Bone/Remember The Name (Fort Minor)/Lying From You

Somewhere I Belong

In The End



Burn It Down

Lost In The Echo

New Divide

Until It’s Gone

What I’ve Done

Bleed It Out

Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse

That show was awesome! But I don't remember ever hearing Crawling like it says in the encore set list. :( Unless they're referring to the weird recording of it that played after the show during the fireworks

Kellie Fournier
Kellie Fournier

Amazing show! It was a rare night to see two of my favorite bands together!

Amanda Caroon
Amanda Caroon

Linkin Park blew my mind! I was honestly not anticipating their stage performance to be as GREAT as it was--AWESOME show!!!

Mary Wielinski
Mary Wielinski

"The full report" that doesn't even mention AFI.....


AFI hasn't been the same since Davey had that vocal/throat surgery back in the early/mid 2000s. This was shortly after Sing The Sorrow was released. His vocal abilities (screaming and raspiness) changed rather abruptly. I think this is why they turned in a more Depeche Mode, 80s pop inspired direction.

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