Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

Hollow Boys get things started this week, with the second video from their stellar new album, Believe in Nothing. We've also got new clips from Jenny Dalton, Travel Mug, Atmosphere, Lovely Dark, Jourdan Myers, and Christopher David Hanson Band. We're also featuring rousing live performance clips from France Camp and Vacation Dad, along with a stylish promotional video for the upcoming season of SPCO's Liquid Music. Enjoy!

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Hollow Boys - "Spellbreaker"

Hollow Boys are back with a simple but endearing video for "Spellbreaker," the second single drawn from their darkly brilliant new album, Believe in Nothing. The grainy video finds a young boy getting down to the ominous sounds of the track, all while a frightening figure lurks behind him. But the threat is only temporary, as the spirit of the song consumes everyone in the small room. Hollow Boys are set to take their new songs on the road, hitting up the East Coast on a tour that starts tonight at Township in Chicago, and features plenty of dark, intimate clubs out East including the Cake Shop in NYC on August 21. The rest of the country (as well as everyone in the Twin Cities) should rightfully fall for these new songs, as Hollow Boys have put out what I believe to be the best record of their brief career, as well as one of the clear standout releases -- locally or otherwise -- of 2014.

Atmosphere - "Southsiders"

Atmosphere have been steadily churning out videos featuring tracks from their new album, Southsiders, for a while now, steadily promoting the record as well as various directors and locations in town. Now comes a summery clip for the title track, which was shot entirely on the South Side of Minneapolis, and features kids from the area as well as some recognizable Southsiders from the music scene. Director Andrew Melby captures the loose spirit of the song, while also convincing Slug to wear a "Coolest Dad Ever" T-shirt while he gets drenched by the neighborhood kids' super soakers. If you didn't snatch up tickets for Atmosphere's sold-out North of Hell tour stop at First Avenue on August 22, don't fret, because the crew just announced a bunch of additional tour dates, including a welcome home from the road show at First Ave on November 23. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 11 CT.

Lovely Dark - "Dark Heart of the Wood"

The concept behind this new video from Lovely Dark is unique and noteworthy, as the clip was written, directed, and produced entirely by students aged 10-17. The young filmmakers were taking part in IFP and Northern Outpost's week long summer class called, "The Art of the Music Video," and the strikingly original work that they came up with shows just how much they all learned in their studies. As for Lovely Dark themselves, despite a member change the local folk-rock band is set to debut some new songs this fall.

~*~REVOLVER~*~ (official vid) from Travel Mug on Vimeo.

Travel Mug - "Revolver"

The supremely catchy local garage rock band Travel Mug offer up a lively video for "Revolver," one of the standout tracks on their recent Castle Danger EP. The production company 612im had recently used a song from Travel Mug for one of their spots, and to return the favor, they filmed a video for the group. The clip features Maya Powell and Ian Hammerlinck skateboarding and driving around town in little green classic MG, interspersed with clips of the group rocking out -- with Graham Barton on drums. The video, directed by Paul Irmiter, has a rather upbeat, summery vibe to it that perfectly suits the rowdy spirit of the song. The group is in the process of recording new material, which they will hopefully share with us sometime soon.

Jourdan Myers - "Wanderlust"

Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jourdan Myers is set to release her second album, Ruin Me With Love, in September, and this brand new video is for the record's lovely first single, "Wanderlust." Myers has a golden voice that is quite beguiling, and it floats above the hypnotic, piano-laden arrangement of the track. The stylish, ghostly video was directed, shot, and edited by Will Keeler, while the song itself was recorded by Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio here in Minneapolis. Myers has a CD release show planned at the Aster Cafe on Tuesday, September 9, where she will be joined by Ben Rosenbush (who contributes cello and vocals to the record) and the Brighton. Based on the intoxicating strength of this single, we should all be hearing plenty more from Jourdan Myers throughout the rest of this year and beyond.

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