Totally Gross National Party at Icehouse, 8/23/14

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Photo By Mark N Kartarik
Warey at the Totally Gross National Party

Totally Gross National Party
with Allan Kingdom, Leisure Birds, Tender Meat, Stolyette, Pony Bwoy, Fog, Votel, Alpha Consumer, Roniia, Warey, Aero Flynn, Marijuana Deathsquads, Taggert & Rosewood, and Def Kith
Icehouse, Minneapolis
Saturday, August 23, 2014

On Saturday at Icehouse, the innovative Totally Gross National Product crew again proved that they throw one hell of a party. The day was filled with 10 hours of eclectic, inventive music provided by 14 divergent bands with creative ties to TGNP, including debuts of some brand-new musical collaborations. The sets were intentionally kept short, which forced the groups to fill their performances with their best work.

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Photo By Mark N Kartarik
Marijuana Deathsquads

With a playful bubble machine filling the air and free mimosas for the early arriving guests, the experimental noisemakers Marijuana Deathsquads kicked off the party with a crew that was ten deep. Their slow-burning half-hour set featured a slew of four drummers, including Ben Ivascu, Freddy Votel, and JT Bates. Their relentless percussion consistently pushed the tempo forward. Led by the visionary commands of Ryan Olson and the frenzied, futuristic vocals of Isaac Gale, MDS ripped through free jazz, electro-rock, and even disco during their breakneck opening set.

Photo By Mark N Kartarik
Aero Flynn

The TGNParty's side-by-side stage setup allowed for smooth transitions between sets. After the bubbles settled, Josh Scott's new band Aero Flynn delivered a heady, jam-filled set that was perfect for the humid, overcast afternoon. The former Amateur Love singer-songwriter assembled a cracking band for this performance, including both Jake and Jeremy Hanson, Bon Iver's Mike Noyce, and Adam Hurlburt, who all added vibrant textures to the slowly expanding songs. There were subtle elements of both Radiohead and the National layered within their numbers, all of which exquisitely suited the occasion and kept the fest churning on.

Photo By Mark N Kartarik

Poliça's Channy Leaneagh got some of her former Roma Di Luna bandmates back together in a new band called Warey, and this simmering set was only their second performance ever. The quartet's understated arrangements allowed Leaneagh's pure, unprocessed vocals to soar over the crowd, as most of the songs took on a hushed elegance that gradually built to a stylish, fitful release. The set was filled with a series of graceful new songs that the group has been working on over the past three years since the break-up of their former band, with all of them guided by Channy's mellifluous voice that even coaxed the sun out for a brief moment or two.

Photo By Mark N Kartarik

The intoxicating electronic-fueled trio Roniia brought haunting, Mezzanine-like tracks as the heat of the day began to burn off. The group is composed of Mark McGee (who was already playing his second of three sets during the day), Fletcher Barnhill, and vocalist Nona Marie Invie. Their luxurious, textured mix -- featuring trip-hop beats of McGee and Fletcher's refined keyboard strains -- took a while to build, crafting a tension that was gradually released by Nona's soothing vocals.

Photo By Mark N Kartarik
Alpha Consumer

Leave it to the guys in Alpha Consumer to snap everyone out of a collective daze and get the crowd up and dancing. Jeremy Ylvisaker, Mike Lewis, and JT Bates took to the stage and immediately launched into some filthy, Band of Gypsys-type jams that found all three members exploring the creative edges of their sound. They eventually settled in on some fun, straightforward rockers like "Brain Doctor" and "The Eat," before busting out a droney, fuzzed-out cover of the Runaways' "Cherry Bomb." They returned to the free-form sonic excursions via a long, hot jam to end the set with a bang.

Photo By Mark N Kartarik

Votel kept the spark lit while delivering their brilliant debut album from front to back. Maggie Morrison's golden vocals rose above the pulsating, hypnotic din, with the songs coalescing stylishly as dusk slowly settled over the city. What followed was the highly anticipated Fog, Andrew Broder's experimental project making their first live appearance in nearly six years. Broder was joined for the occasion by his Cloak Ox bandmates Jeremy Ylvisaker and Martin Dosh, along with keyboardist deVon Gray. Their all-too-brief set featured four new songs that will all appear on Fog's forthcoming album, which was just crowdfunded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Photos By Mark N Kartarik

Broder mixed cuts from turntables in front of him into his songs' fragile but moving arrangements, with Gray's melodious keys ringing out atop the spare electronic flourishes from Ylvisaker and Dosh. The hushed melodies were quite haunting, while Broder's plaintive vocals added a mournful edge to the music. "See you some other time," Broder said as the set came to an end. Hopefully it's not another six years, because this was truly good for the soul.

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