We are living in the golden age of band T-Shirts

Before social media, band shirts used to be a way to easily identify other members of your tribe. People wore their love on their sleeves, quite literally. When I was a young lass, I was certainly intrigued by any gentleman wearing a Dinosaur Jr. T-shirt. (As it turns out, a lot of dudes who like Dinosaur Jr. are emotionally damaged beyond repair.)

There were T-shirt ordering magazines (remember Rockabilia?), but for the most part you had to go to the show's merch table. A shirt didn't just mean that you liked the band, it meant that you showed up for the band. In those days, it was wear the XL or nothin', so we walked around like dopes with giant sheet-like T-shirts draping from our collarbones down to our knees. Nowadays, I'm far too picky for such shenanigans. I'd feel dumpy in an XL sized men's shirt and I don't want to give some stranger dude a high-five because we both like Echo & the Bunnymen.

Band T-shirts have gotten so much more interesting in recent years and there have been trends that I can totally get behind.

Like all members of my generation, I'm a sucker for things that are clever and when I saw the Beach Boys / Black Flag one (above) I had to buy it, even though I'm still not sure how to wear it.

It's two bands in one, see?

I'm a big fan of the Black Flag logo. Probably a bigger fan of the logo than the band, even. It's so great. It's simple and unmistakable and representative and everything that a good logo should be and, man, there are a lot of Black Flag parody T-shirts and other items out there for sale. A small sampling from our friend Google:

Another of the all-time great band logos came to us from the Ramones. Designed by graphic artist Arturo Vega (long time art director for the Ramones), it is a rip of the U.S. Presidential seal and it has since been aped, itself, in various hilarious fashions.


My favorite trend in music merchandise is this one particular style where a shirt appears to be advertising one entertainer, but is actually showing another. My winner in this category is the Nirvana / Rihanna shirt. It's so delicious. Even setting aside my special interest in both Nirvana's music and Rihanna's life, this one still gets me. It's that subtle little detail in the mark below the eye. Well done.


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