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Father John Misty is just one of the musical acts taking part in the fall season of Wits

MPR's hugely successful music and sketch-comedy show, Wits, has held the attention of Twin Cities fans for years now. But instead of staying put in the familiar confines of St. Paul's cozy Fitzgerald Theater, Wits is now expanding its reach for the just-announced fall season.

In addition to hitting the road for a show in Portland, Oregon, Wits has also branched out to include performances at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis as well as the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University. Here's the fall lineup of comedians, artists, and musicians.


Wednesday, September 10:
Wits featuring Jim Gaffigan, Reggie Watts and Thao Nguyen at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR

Sunday, Sept 28:
Wits at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis featuring Colin Hanks and Father John Misty

Friday, October 3:
College of Saint Benedict/ Saint John's University Fine Arts Programming presents Wits featuring Maria Bamford and Jeremy Messersmith (Tickets are on sale now)

Friday, October 24:
The Great Wits/Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover featuring special comedy guest "Weird Al" Yankovic, Paul F. Tompkins, and Paget Brewster with music guest Rhett Miller of the Old 97's

Saturday, November 8:
Wits featuring Neil Gaiman and My Brightest Diamond

Friday, November 14:
Wits featuring Hari Kondabolu with OK Go

Friday, November 21:
Wits featuring Keegan-Michael Key with Bhi Bhiman

General public ticket sales start on Tuesday, September 9. $29/$45. More ticket info at witsradio.org.

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Please, please make sure the stage monitors are turned on.  It seems like the performers are always singing waaaaay off key.

Sara Nutter
Sara Nutter

Well hell. Some of my favorite people. Still don't think Wits is funny/entertaining though.

Ashley Besser
Ashley Besser

Karl Besser.... Kellan is going to freak... "Weird Alson"!


Damn, the wrist I strained from reaching so quickly to turn the dial whenever this program comes on had finally healed over the offseason.


@jessemortenxon It says a lot about my adoration of the douchebag Father John Misty that I am willing to endure Colin Hanks for him :D


@hobbies_include you should just use ticket money on a good bottle, put the record on, close yr eyes, and find a beard to stroke

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