The Real Numbers' Eli Hansen: We didn't get any forms to play at SXSW

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Andre Huckvale

Shortly before the Real Numbers were heading in to record Only Two Can Play, original drummer Matt Allen moved to Memphis. Lesser acts would have called it a day or rescheduled, but the Real Numbers were ready to put their new songs down on wax anyway. They recruited Tony Milek to the band, but he was still learning the songs when they hit A Harder Commune Studio. As such, studio owner Matt Castore (Condominium) pulled double duty, both recording and playing skins on the record as Milek honed his chops at their live shows.

The group, rounded out by singer/guitarist Eli Hansen and bassist Johnny Eggerman, play oldies-inspired rock with a DIY punked-up feel that blends lush melodies, clean tones, and a subtle but evident nervous energy.

Gimme Noise caught up with Hansen in preparation for Friday's release show at the Hexagon to ask about his influences, his guitar, and what the band expects to happen when they hit SXSW later this month. The record is streaming now on their bandcamp page.

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DJ Mike 2600: I'm alternately really excited about music or art & design

Photo by Tommy Ellis
Some artists only have enough creative juices for one medium, but Mike Davis can tap a keg of creativity spilling out into art, music and even the beef jerky industry. By day, Davis sits at his computer creating posters for bands for Burlesque of North America, as well as stickers with classic Andre Young quotes for the annual Dre Day celebration. By night he becomes Mike 2600 and throws down on the decks -- and laptop -- and hosting one of Minneapolis's best and beloved ladies' nights, Triple Double.

Just a few weeks ago, Nashville native Davis won the Red Bull Thr3style DJ Battle Qualifier locally and advanced to the regional final in Chicago on February 21. There, he'll take on the likes of DJ Godfather (Detroit), Buck Rodgers (Indianapolis), DJ Donkis (Cleveland) and others in the four-year-old competition. Gimme Noise recently got internet sheik with Davis to congratulate him, and ask a few questions before he heads out on his busy winter and spring schedule.

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Mike Wiebe on High Tension Wires' first tour and the Denton music scene

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Photo by Gary Copeland

When Mark Ryan formed the Mind Spiders, who hit the Turf Club earlier this year, it wasn't his first experience in pulling together musical all-stars in Denton, Texas. He is also a member of High Tension Wires, who last year released their third LP, Welcome New Machine, on Dirtnap Records. Now the rotating cast has embarked on their first tour. The St. Paul show on Thursday includes a line-up of Ryan (Mind Spiders, Marked Men, the Reds), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), Chris Pulliam (the Reds), Jeff Burke (who played on the High Tension Wires first record), and help from the Birthday Suits' Hideo on third guitar.

In preparation of what is sure to be a wild set at Turf Club, Gimme Noise talked with Mike Wiebe about what's it's like to take High Tension Wires on the road, and how its different than playing with his better-known band.

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Sean Anonymous on Mitt Romney, hypocritical hip-hop and his new EP

Photo by Heather Byington
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Some rappers, especially locally, make cheesy beats on a computer, spit a couple bars at one local show then sit around and wine and bitch because Siddiq or Sims didn't come snatch em up because they totally killed it on that Soundcloud download. Those type of guys suck. 

Sean Anonymous is the opposite. Yes, he makes beats -- but they are not cheesy. Yes, he spits bars at a couple shows, but he's been doing it for years and with many different bands -- wide EYES, Bottom Feeders, and More Than Lights -- and has been experimental with his genres. Plus it's also impressive he sells a good majority of them out. Okay, Siddiq didn't come knocking on his door either, but just yesterday he was on a plane doing beer shooters on his way to perform at a Warped Tour stop across the country. So he's doing all right.
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The Hussy release Weed Seizure at Turf Club tonight

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Photo by Bambi Guthrie
Madison's The Hussy are about to hit St. Paul for a joint release show that celebrates both the two-piece's second LP, Weed Seizure, and a new 7" on Eradicator Records. 

In the past year, the band has dropped two full-lengths and several EPs. Recently, they've traveled the country on a nationwide tour to support the new LP. Weed Seizure originally came out on March 20 and the band is getting set for a second pressing before they head west. In their month-long break between East and West Coast tours, the band is relaxing at home and mixing in a few Midwest shows, with Saturday at the Turf among them. Of added significance, it is also a release show for the new 7".

Gimme Noise reached out to talk with the garage/trash-punk band about the tour, the record, and producing so many records over a short period of time.

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Superhopper's Kermit Carter talks Puppies & Trains and Kermit's Corner

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Puppies and Trains (Photo By Foundry Pub Photo Booth).jpg
Photo By Foundry Pub Photo Booth
Puppies & Trains released their first single in July--a split with Dragons Power Up!--but the band members are far more active than their discography leaves one to believe. Consisting of ex-Superhopper members Kermit Carter and Math Piasecki along with drummer Jimmy Olson, the power-pop trio takes their craft seriously, even if other obligations sometimes get in the way. As Math and Jimmy raise their kids, frontman Carter has been busy with his live podcast Kermit's Corner: a blend of local music talk, humor and, yes, fan fiction.

Gimme Noise got hold of Carter to ask about the band's formation and motivation, along with the origin story of Kermit's Corner. If his story isn't interesting enough, write your own fan fiction about it. I'm sure he'll take submissions.

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Hymie's Vintage Records' owners talk about the move

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Hymie's storefront.jpg
Photo by Dave Hoenack
Minneapolis has seen a lot of record stores rise and fall, with each closing being well documented. Ironically, the survivors are often overlooked in these stories.

Founded in 1988 by Jim "Hymie" Peterson, Hymie's Vintage Records created a vinyl collector's emporium on East Lake. The business has changed hands throughout the years, most recently when Dave and Laura Hoenack took over the register. Along with maintaining City Pages' "Best Place to Buy Vinyl" reputation, the new owners have been busy upgrading the facilities. After flood damage and leakage issues in the old location, the Hoenacks moved their estimated 100,000 records (70 tons) five blocks east and opened a larger, cleaner vinyl browsing experience. After the success of their Record Store Day street fair, they upped the investment, adding a music venue to the store for Sunday afternoon concerts, record release parties, and other music-themed celebrations.

Gimme Noise pried the two away from the turntable to ask a few questions about their enthusiastic approach to owning their neighborhood's only record store.

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BadNrad "Bad Girl EP" release party transports you back to 1984

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Jake Sullivan may be just one man, but he sure knows how to rock us back in time with his neon glasses and hi-tops. BadNRad brings his weirdness, keytar, and unique flavor of rock to the 7th St. Entry tomorrow night to celebrate the release of his first EP, Bad Girl. We caught up with Sullivan to find out more about his unique live show.

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High Places talk about new album, Olympics, and... heights

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Given the propulsive-yet-tropical-yet-ethereal experimental pop in which High Places specialize, one might expect them to be a little standoffish, a bit removed, sort of aloof. To our surprise, the duo of Mary Pearson and Rob Barker turned out to be normal and chatty in a late March interview. In advance of their April 2 show at the Triple Rock Social Club, the bi-coastal act -- one lives in Los Angeles, the other in NYC -- opened up about their name, the Olympics, new album High Places vs. Mankind, and heights generally.

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