Watch Bill Murray cover Bob Dylan's "Shelter From the Storm"

Photo by Mark N. Kartarik

Actor, St. Paul Saints part-owner, and cover artist Bill Murray gave Bob Dylan's "Shelter From the Storm" a shot in his latest film.

As we reported recently, Murray met Dylan after the bard's performance at Midway Stadium in 1997, and the movie star returned to the ballpark for its final regular season game this past August. For St. Vincent, he dons a similar pair of camo shorts to the ones he wore at Midway Stadium to portray a military veteran. He treats the material and a nearby potted plant with about as much precision as Dylan tends to do when unpacking his material in concert.

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Jeremy Messersmith plays "Bubblin'" on Letterman

Jeremy Messersmith in the middle of getting the Letterman bump

Wearing a "The Pirate Bay" T-shirt under a black jacket, Jeremy Messersmith played to his biggest audience yet on Wednesday's Late Show With David Letterman.

The Minneapolis musician chose his "biggest, strangest" song "Bubblin'" from his latest album, Heart Murmurs, for the appearance. His touring band and a string quartet intermingled sumptuously on the arrangement reminiscent of Aimee Mann's collaborations with producer Jon Brion. If there were any nerves present for this career-changing moment -- even bigger than a signature doughnut -- they didn't show up on camera.

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Atmosphere's Slug with a whole bunch of slugs [Photos]

Photo by Erik Hess/Darren Johnson

A few days ago, Gimme Noise started hearing about Slug Solos, a viral Tumblr dedicated to pairing some of the world's best guitarists and the world's best slugs. According to its young Glaswegian creator, the site's mission is simple: "Some guitarists' solo faces look like they've just realised they're holding giant slug creatures." After enjoying everyone from Este Haim to James Hetfield to Prince absolutely shredding on slugs, it occurred to us that there was a glaring local omission.

Even without a guitar, Atmosphere rapper Slug's animated onstage persona is a perfect fit. Thanks to some Photoshop magic by Tatiana Craine and shots from many of the huge Atmosphere shows City Pages has documented over the years, we present the photogenic Sean Daley with several new onstage sidekicks.

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10 amazing musical performances from The Jon Stewart Show

Screengrab via YouTube

Back before he was the host of The Daily Show -- back even before Josh Hartnett chopped off his fingers and stabbed him in the eye in The Faculty -- Jon Stewart was the host of his own eponymous show. It aired for almost two years, first in a half-hour version on MTV, and then an hour-long version in syndication.

Stewart told USA Today his eponymous program was "just an odd show with really cool music."

Indeed, the show had plenty of fantastic musical guests during its 1993 to 1995 run. Thanks to the magic of AV nerds recording the show, transferring it digitally and uploading to the internet, there are a ton of them on YouTube! Here are 10 of the best.

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Lorde's "Team" remade as soccer anthem

Screengrab from "(Soccer) Team."
The hype of Lorde's "Royals" has died down, but a Minnesota-bred comedian is still making us laugh with the music. After skewering "Royals" and Hopkins High in January, Molly Dworsky is back with a soccer-themed parody of "Team" just in time for World Cup fever.

"I heard from a third party that [Lorde] heard and liked the last one," Dworsky tells City Pages. This time, she plays up her Lorde-like looks in the dark scenes similar to the original song's video, and follows a storyline unfolding on the playing field.

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Y.N. Rich Kids' "The Business" keeps winning streak alive

Stills from "The Business" video
The young Minneapolis rappers involved with Y.N. Rich Kids have amassed a Hollywood-worthy story of after-school creativity mixing with serious business. After "Hot Cheetos & Takis" got national attention two years ago, videos released since then -- we'll count related Beats & Rhymes groups Da Rich Kidzz, the KIDS, and the NSJ Crew as well -- prove there is a wellspring of hip-hop talent emerging from our area.

Recently, "The Business" became the latest viral smash from the crew. The video features the new, malleable face of 7-year-old Aimaje (see above) stealing pretty much every scene he's in.

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400 Bar debuts sign at Mall of America

The hallowed 400 Bar has returned! As a sign, at least.

As reported in February, the 400 Bar will be part of a 25,000-square-foot complex featuring a concert venue, the Midwest Music Museum, and a restaurant at the Mall of America. With the opening of the museum this week, a familiar landmark is reborn in a new location.

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400 Bar

Tim Heidecker's "leaked" Super Bowl halftime show song anthology

Tim Heidecker
Tim Heidecker's take on a Pepsi-sponsored Bob Dylan

Ten years ago, comedy innovators Tim Heidecker and Eric Weirheim first broke national with their adult swim show Tom Goes to the Mayor. Ever since, they've delighted us in several mediums and formats, but we have developed a special fondness for Tim Heidecker's "leaked" Super Bowl songs.

For the past four years, the eve of the Super Bowl has seen Heidecker (who successfully trolled the industry as the "new editor" of Rolling Stone a few years back) release the (alleged) "new song" that will be performed by that year's halftime act. As both a critique of commercialism and a celebration of the downright catchy, what better way to prepare for a weekend of pigskin tossing than looking back at Tim Heidecker's Super Bowl halftime classics.

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Watch boxer Caleb Truax's training routine set to Big Cats beats

A still from Rob Perez's video for City Pages
Osseo-based boxer Caleb Truax is currently 18th-ranked middleweight in the world, and resides on this week's City Pages cover. The story, written by the golden gloves of CP's Jesse Marx, details the struggles any Midwestern boxer faces to gain legitimacy in the sport outside the region.

One can't help but respect Truax a lot more while watching his exhaustive training regimen at Lyke's ACR Boxing Gym in Coon Rapids. Filmed and produced by Rob Perez, the clip captures this fighter's intensity, focus, and dexterity. Those three things also apply to a guy who knows how to punch an MPC, hip-hop producer Big Cats. His "Pyramid Makers" off last year's Lesser Lights EP makes for the perfect accompaniment here.

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Lorde's "Royals" gets a Hopkins High School makeover

Screengrabs via YouTube

The conversation about Lorde's prodigious run with "Royals" continues. While the Grammy-nominated kiwi has inspired Ann Powers, Tavi Gevinson, and countless others to start spirited conversations about what it means to be a teenager today, it has also left plenty of us just feeling decrepit. One such soul is MN-bred Molly Dworsky, who uses the song's familiar melody for cracking some jokes about the fossilization commencing immediately after we exit high school.

Based west of Minneapolis, the Royals found at Hopkins High get to be in on this joke, which is currently going viral. With her hair frizzed up, Dworsky becomes "Borde" in this parody clip featuring some fellow grads reliving their letter jacket days. (Who doesn't miss the days of JTT?) Put on your reading glasses, turn up your hearing aid, and have a few laughs at your own expense.

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