Hardcore Crayons Return Triumphant With Zozzled

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Sharolyn Hagen
Minneapolis trio Hardcore Crayons

Hardcore Crayons | Triple Rock Social Club | Friday, November 21
Gimme Noise recently bro'd out with Minneapolis experimental rock trio Hardcore Crayons over some Hamms in the hopes of uncovering the secret to their staying power.

What we found was surprisingly simple: drummer Jake Kirkman, guitarist/vocalist Dan Chizek, and bassist/vocalist Dominic Hanft have built a band on a solid foundation of friendship and their shared laissez-faire, don't-give-a-fuck approach to maneuvering any aspect of being a musician -- other than actually making the music itself.

Rather than burning out on their own ambition, Hardcore Crayons has turned their band into what Jake sees as a "sanctuary." In anticipation of Friday's Zozzled release show at the Triple Rock, here's more from our conversation.

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Prince Hosting Online Listening Party from Paisley Park Tonight


The release of one new Prince album is enough to make major waves throughout the music industry. But when the Purple One decides to release two records on the same day, you know he's going to officially command the headlines. Today, Prince's solo record with producer Joshua Welton, Art Official Age, and his full-band album with 3rdEyeGirl, PLECTRUMELECTRUM, are released. But you know that the musical festivities won't end there.

Prince is hosting a listening party from Paisley Park tonight, which will be live-streamed online beginning at 9:30 p.m. Central Time.

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Claire de Lune Breaks Down Tiny Deaths' Debut EP

Photo By Zoe Prinds-Flash

For nearly two years, Claire de Lune has poured her creative energy into her new musical project with Grant Cutler, Tiny Deaths. Today, their self-titled new EP has finally been released to the music world. To celebrate the grand occasion, we not only have a stream of the captivating album for you to enjoy, we also have an insightful track-by-track breakdown of the EP by Claire herself. She candidly shares the inspiration behind her new songs, how they were transformed in the studio by Cutler's deft production, and how losing a love in your life is similar to the dead of winter.

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What Tyrants are the definition of high-energy rock 'n' roll

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Photo courtesy of the artist
What Tyrants | 7th St. Entry | Tuesday, August 26
One of the more important aspects of being in a band together is trust. It's something that the brothers in What Tyrants have had a lifetime to develop. "Kyle and I have been playing together since second grade," says lead vocalist and guitarist Sean Schultz of his brother Kyle, the band's drummer.

The two are lounging with bass player Garrison Grouse in the basement of his South Minneapolis home, the band's de facto practice space and recording studio during so many all-night sessions. They are taking a break from assembling sleeves for their new 7-inch Hanging Out in Havana, which they will release Tuesday evening at the 7th Street Entry, to talk to Gimme Noise about everything that has led up to this moment.

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Phantom Tails: We're fascinated by violence

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Phantom Tails | Triple Rock Social Club | Friday, August 22
"Rides Battalion has a few different meanings," explains singer and guitarist Orion Treon. He and the other members of deep-space doom-funk quartet Phantom Tails are kicking back around midnight on the porch of Thug Mansion, the rambling south Minneapolis property that each of them has at some point called home, and that currently hides their practice space in its catacombs of a basement. Each cradles a beer in their palm. We are discussing their upcoming full-length release, Rides Battalion.

"The main thing is that the songs come at you one after another," he continues. "It's an army of songs connected that keep coming at you. All of the songs have pretty elaborate changes that really come into one flowing piece. That's the battalion part." There is a militaristic theme to the album as well, and references to violent incidents. "We're fascinated by violence, but who isn't?"

Keyboardist Sergio Hernandez cuts in. "What do you mean we?" He grins jokingly, laughing. Treon and Hernandez are still friends from when they met years ago, back when both lived in Texas. Treon claims to have played music with Hernandez for the past 20 years. Their close friendship is easily noticeable. Hernandez sits on the couch beside Treon and holds a cigarette with one arm draped casually over the back of the couch by his shoulder, almost as if moving to embrace his skinny frame. All four of the men have been a tight-knit group for many years, and their bond shines through in the sounds on Rides Battalion.

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New Reb is reggae touching Hawaii and Minneapolis

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New Reb

New Reb| Triple Rock Social Club| Friday, August 15
For Drew Misik, the artist behind New Reb, the choice to pursue a particular path in music was easy. "I was asking myself, if I could make any music that I wanted to make, what would I make?" he recalls. He found himself identifying most with reggae. "I had always listened to a lot of Bob Marley, and identified with his message and what he was saying. I realized that that was the kind of music that I wanted to make: reggae music."

Misik is sitting with Gimme Noise at Muddy Waters, over coffee. He is currently preparing for the Minneapolis release party of his new album, this Friday at the Triple Rock. After enjoying the rest of the year here with his wife and son in Minneapolis, Misik will head with them back to Hawaii, where New Reb also has a loyal fan base and where he spends the other half of his time. "Now we're being played on Hawaiian Radio," Misik says. New Reb's new album features a song with a member of Natural Vibrations, and another with a member of Seedless, both popular bands in Hawaii.

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Blood and Sun: Life is a dangerous thing

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Blood and Sun

Our lives are comprised of many different currents, pushing in different directions and eventually weaving together to create the threads that bind our individual experiences together. With his new project Blood and Sun, musician and painter Luke Tromiczak brings this idea to life by creating a collaborative musical endeavor that he is able to bring with himself into all of the spaces he occupies, a product of many contributors and environments that is symbolic of his personal philosophies.

Tomorrow evening, Blood and Sun will celebrate the release of their debut album, White Storms Fall, with a performance at CO Exhibitions accompanying the opening of an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the Holdfast Collective. The exhibition, Holdfast III: Effigy & Exile, is the third installment of the Minneapolis-based art collective, also led in part by Tromiczak. Gimme Noise met with Tromiczak in the weeks leading up to the show to talk about the new album and to gain some insight into its unique lyrical content.

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Mayda: You want to control things around you, but you can't

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Mayda isn't like any other performer in Minneapolis. You can't categorize her music, or fit her in with any particular scene. This is something that she is both proud of and uncomfortable with. Her new album, Busy Signals, will be celebrated with a release show at the Turf Club this Saturday. She wrote the album during her recent tour through Korea and Europe, and recorded the material immediately upon returning to Minneapolis. The work is a whirlwind -- much like the commotion in her mind, caused by recent life-changing events which served to feed her incessant desire to somehow express these internal thoughts outwardly through sound.

Gimme Noise had the chance to sit down with Mayda to chat about the album and her travels over tea and coffee at Muddy Waters. As the sounds of Fugazi and Sonic Youth drown out the surrounding chatter, she gets real about the woman behind the work.

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Kids Like Us: Life gets weird

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Courtesy of the Artist

Rappers Eli Fhima and Sam Wayne were friends many years before they created Kids Like Us, adding classmate Lizzie Fontaine as their third member and vocalist. In fourth grade, they were the sound technicians for their elementary school play. In eighth grade, Wayne's family moved to Florida so his father, who suffers from MS, could be in more comfortable climate. At the time, the two were interested in punk rock. Then, after discovering Rhymesayers, Fhima's love of hip-hop was born.

"We were chillin' in Florida for a week, and I introduced Sam to the art of freestyle," Fhima says. "He was really dope at it." After leaving Florida to return to Minneapolis, Fhima and Wayne began writing rap verses over the phone. "That was the summer when I didn't go out once. We would just stay up all night on the phone, talking and writing with each other," says Wayne.

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Orchyd: Either we'd start a really cool band, or I'd get tortured to death

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When bassist Charlie Milkey auditioned for Orchyd, he wasn't entirely sure what he was getting himself into. Percussionist Geoff Carl brought him into a basement. "That was kind of funny," Milkey says. "The first day meeting these guys, I go into their house and their house is kind of dark, and they're like, now we're going to go into the basement. I thought, we're either going to start a really cool band, or I'm going to get tortured to death."

The notion of descending into the dark underbelly of the home of Orchyd's founders, Geoff Carl and his wife, vocalist Shanna Carl, is particularly frightening when considering that the two name "broken things and bad dreams" as their primary influences. As for the invitation though, "Fortunately, it was for a band and not for death," says Milkey. The three were eventually joined by guitarist Tom Zempel, and thus Orchyd was fully realized.

This Saturday at the Kitty Cat Klub, Orchyd will celebrate the release of their full length, Mechanical Angels. Gimme Noise met with the group to talk about the album and delve into the philosophy and process behind their music and unique live performance elements.

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