Daft Punk is actually Minnesota's favorite band

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Sorry local Metric fans, but Daft Punk is actually what Minnesota listens to the most right now.

As noted in a post earlier this week, the stat-crunching minds at Echo Nest broke out a list that was interpreted by many folks to be a map of each state's favorite bands. It was not, and it never claimed to be.

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Daft Punk

Metric is the most distinctively popular band in Minnesota

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Metric's Emily Haines at Rock the Garden 2013
Have you listened to Metric on Spotify today? No?! Whether you're a fan or not, some fresh research shows another side of music listenership in the U.S.

According to a new map created by a fella at the Echo Nest -- the "music intelligence platform" company that provides data for VEVO, MTV, and tons of major record labels -- the Canadian indie rockers represent the most uniquely popular act in Minnesota.  More »

David Byrne's Playing the Building installation coming to Aria

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Photo by Reed Fischer
Playing the Building's keyboard during its New York installation in 2008.
David Byrne's majestic installation Playing the Building comes to the Twin Cities in November. Following up his tour launch with St. Vincent in mid-September, it seems the ex-Talking Heads frontman is really taking a liking to Minnesota of late.

This 17,000 square foot installation is one of the most impressive things Byrne has ever concocted in his creative career. An organ situated in the middle of a massive room inside Warehouse District art destination Aria (formerly Theatre de la Jeune Lune) has the power to control an intricate system of pipes, beams and pillars situated in the walls to create a metallic symphony. Unlike pretty much anything else cool, there are no "Do Not Touch" warnings anywhere in this situation.

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David Byrne & St. Vincent at State Theatre, 9/15/12
David Byrne & St. Vincent at the State Theatre

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Mark Mallman preps for Marathon 4, a week-long NYC to LA song

Photo by Erik Hess
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Mark Mallman Marathon 3 live blog, day 4

Rumblings of Mark Mallman's seven-day, cross-country song project, Marathon Four (or #MMM4), are slowly growing louder. Ahead of the September 15-22 trip from New York to Los Angeles, Gimme Noise spent a sunny afternoon with Mallman and his crew, Stuart DeVaan and Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, at DeVaan's Hotbed Studios to talk about where the project comes from, what lies ahead, and the hardware powering this technically and musically ambitious pursuit.

After completing Marathon 3, a 78-hour single-song performance at the Turf Club in 2010, Mark Mallman was ready for new challenges. With Marathon, the core idea was to "do something so long that the brain forgets the world," he says and M3, by many accounts, was a resounding success on many levels.

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Has Radiohead been dissected to death yet? OK Computer is 15

OK Computer is even older than Willow Smith.

Fifteen years ago on Saturday, Radiohead released a follow-up to The Bends -- which two years earlier had essentially cemented them as the new leaders of Brit Pop. Called OK Computer, the album almost single-handedly destroyed the Brit styling as we knew it. (The Spice Girls helped too.) The Bends was a leap forward from their 1992 debut, Pablo Honey, which successfully fused Brit Pop and grunge at times, and was at turns outright boring. But there was a marathon's-worth of steps between The Bends and OK Computer.  Does all of this rhetoric sound familiar?

Even if you have -- however improbably -- never listened to even one note of their music, you know Radiohead exists. Even if you despise them, their influence over the past nearly two decades is undeniable. But that question remains: Have they been talked about, picked apart, viewed under a microscope so frequently that it's hardly worth doing any longer? If you're still reading this, the answer is likely "no."

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U of M Marching Band dances to Michael Jackson's Thriller

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As part of their half-time routine this year, the University of Minnesota Marching Band pays tribute to the Jackson family, ending with the entire band dropping their instruments to the ground and dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

This video shows the band at rehearsal. I must say, there's nothing quite like watching a bunch of band kids do the "Thriller" dance in unison:

Click below for the full video of their half-time performance, filmed at last weekend's Gophers game.

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