Jake Pavek Creates a Grand World on His New Album, Illume

Photo by Mark Kartarik
"This place was used as a car repair shop, then it was a ceramics studio, and they didn't take anything with them when they left," explains Jake Pavek, about his St. Paul practice studio that he shares with his other bands, A Piano in Every Home and Taj Raj. The space is one large room with a wall full of guitars and a grand piano sitting in the middle of it.

Influenced by Yann Tiersen and Philip Glass, Jake creates modern classical piano pieces that deviates from the indie-rock that saturates this town. On the heels of winter, Pavek will be releasing Illume, a collection of tracks built around a breathtaking world, and shares with Gimme Noise his thoughts on the importance of creating a space of your own.

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Candid Kid Open Up On Their New EP

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Photo by Chris Peters

Candid Kid | Turf Club | Wednesday, April 1
The young men in Candid Kid certainly fall in line with their band name. The quartet have assembled at an hour too early for normal rock stars at a table in the back room of Cafe Latte in St. Paul. But the group still is able to joke and speak frankly about their latest EP, Turtleneck. Set in the vein of indie-rockers Vampire Weekend, yet distilled to take out the quirkiness, the album traces the band through bedroom recordings to polished sincere tracks that extends from musicians that are young and hungry.

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Ian Everson Makes a Bold R&B Statement for the Twin Cities

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Photo by Dian Photos

Ian Everson | Amsterdam Bar & Hall | Saturday, March 28
Chicago native Ian Everson has spent the majority of his musical career here in Minnesota. A bit John Legend and bit early Justin Timberlake, the R&B/pop singer finds his voice on his debut solo album No Doubt.

Gimme Noise caught up with Everson before his album release at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall to get his thoughts on the music scene here and Chicago and how his classical music background played into his new music.

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Ghostmouth Don't Like to Rush, They Like to Chill

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Photo courtesy of Ghostmouth
Sometimes it's hard to tune these guys in.

Ghostmouth | 331 Club | Saturday, March 14
On their latest album, Gyarados, Ghostmouth transitioned from punk rock to atmospheric instrumentals. It's drastic, and it's exactly what band leader Sean Chaucer Levine has always strived for in his band. It's an album to get lost in, a meditative reminder that simple isn't scary.

A little older, a little more mature than the last time he spoke to Gimme Noise, Levine shares his thoughts on Howler, the 4onthefloor, Kanye West, and why the band named the new album after a Pokemon character.

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Mary Bue Explores Aggressive Side On Holy Bones

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Photo by Jon Hain
Mary Bue
Mary Bue | Turf Club | Tuesday, March 10

On her new EP, Holy Bones, Duluth artist Mary Bue's emotional explorations are everywhere. She moves from death and materialism to giving voice to a baby cow, and her guitar riffs echo the mid-'90s Pixies and Juliana Hatfield. Amid the racket, some sensitivity flows in.

She shakes up her musical senses by stepping out from behind the keys to take up the guitar on Holy Bones and shares with Gimme Noise her new outlook on life before her album release on Tuesday.

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Jake Manders Dreams in Color on Acoustic Frequency

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Photo courtesy of the artist

Jake Manders | Patrick's Cabaret | Friday, March 6

"I have a lot of recurring dreams about Humboldt[, California]," Jake Manders says as he discusses the inspirations for his new album in the back corner of Spyhouse Coffee in Whittier. Extremely shy, Manders chooses his words carefully as he tried to articulate his thoughts about the record, Acoustic Frequency.

The album lives up to the title. Its immersive acoustic tracks are sometimes filled in with vibrations that encourage the listener to look beyond prosaic words and notes, and to connect to emotions much less tangible. While Jake lists Gregory Alan Isakov as a deep influence, his music runs parallels to Charlie Parr and Ben Weaver in its rawness.

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The Stress of Her Regard Create a New Buzz on Sport Marriage EP

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Photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash
The Stress of Her Regard | Kitty Cat Klub | Saturday, February 7
If the Stress of Her Regard seem familiar, it's because the three members used to be one half of the former indie-rock band, Idle Hands. The trio have emerged with Sport Marriage, an EP that draws influence from the Jesus & Mary Chain, Johnny Cash, and Jim Jarmusch, and comes out sounding more like smart British rock that cashes in on bright beats and clever construction.

Before their album release at the Kitty Cat Klub on Saturday, Ciaran Daly shares his thoughts on moving on with his new band and why terrible love affairs are great for crafting songs.

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Moon and Pollution Is Your New Favorite Dream-Pop Duo

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Cover design by Kai Benson

Moon and Pollution | Icehouse | Saturday, January 31
"Our album probably wouldn't have come together had it not been for Slug [of Atmosphere]," says Graham O'Brien. "He was playing the Bayfront Festival Park in 2013 and heard our stuff and asked us to open. That gave us a kick in the butt, and we realized we had to come up with some tracks to play live," Graham says.

O'Brien sits at a small table in the back of Common Roots in Uptown. Next to him is Molly Dean, his collaborator on their new project Moon and Pollution. Their album, The Box Borealis, opens the doors to trippy indie rock flooded with lush, dreamy tones.

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Mystery Date Make Cold War Romanticism Catchy on New Noir

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Photo by Katie Remier
Mystery Date | Eagles Club 34 | Saturday, January 17
Imagine opening up your door for a mystery date and you're confronted with the three guys from St. Paul garage rock band Mystery Date. Do you: A) shut the door and spend the night with Netflix, B) take a chance and have a nice dinner, or C) get out on the dance floor to their Clash and Costello-evoking album, New Noir? The answer: C.  

Before their album release show at the Eagles Club 34, Gimme Noise sat down with Johnny Eggerman and Steve Splettstaszer to chat about the Cold War and how they feel "closer to competent" than they ever have.

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Patty and the Buttons Party Like It's 1919

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Photo by Elizabeth Windsperger
Patty and the Buttons | Heights Theater | Saturday, November 29
Patrick "Patty" Harison has a career much like a patchwork quilt. After crafting his musical style in New Orleans for five years, the 29-year-old musician has been making a living as a sideman for many projects including the Cactus Blossoms and Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers, and now finally his solo project Patty and the Buttons.

Their debut record, The Mercury Blues, is steeped in the traditions of jazz, blues, and western swing. The band's new studio album opens the door and settles you inside a speakeasy during the prohibition era.

On a snowy November morning in a St. Paul coffee shop, Harison opens up about his past and explains his love for music from bygone eras.  
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