The Stress of Her Regard Create a New Buzz on Sport Marriage EP

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Photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash
The Stress of Her Regard | Kitty Cat Klub | Saturday, February 7
If the Stress of Her Regard seem familiar, it's because the three members used to be one half of the former indie-rock band, Idle Hands. The trio have emerged with Sport Marriage, an EP that draws influence from the Jesus & Mary Chain, Johnny Cash, and Jim Jarmusch, and comes out sounding more like smart British rock that cashes in on bright beats and clever construction.

Before their album release at the Kitty Cat Klub on Saturday, Ciaran Daly shares his thoughts on moving on with his new band and why terrible love affairs are great for crafting songs.

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Moon and Pollution Is Your New Favorite Dream-Pop Duo

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Cover design by Kai Benson

Moon and Pollution | Icehouse | Saturday, January 31
"Our album probably wouldn't have come together had it not been for Slug [of Atmosphere]," says Graham O'Brien. "He was playing the Bayfront Festival Park in 2013 and heard our stuff and asked us to open. That gave us a kick in the butt, and we realized we had to come up with some tracks to play live," Graham says.

O'Brien sits at a small table in the back of Common Roots in Uptown. Next to him is Molly Dean, his collaborator on their new project Moon and Pollution. Their album, The Box Borealis, opens the doors to trippy indie rock flooded with lush, dreamy tones.

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Mystery Date Make Cold War Romanticism Catchy on New Noir

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Photo by Katie Remier
Mystery Date | Eagles Club 34 | Saturday, January 17
Imagine opening up your door for a mystery date and you're confronted with the three guys from St. Paul garage rock band Mystery Date. Do you: A) shut the door and spend the night with Netflix, B) take a chance and have a nice dinner, or C) get out on the dance floor to their Clash and Costello-evoking album, New Noir? The answer: C.  

Before their album release show at the Eagles Club 34, Gimme Noise sat down with Johnny Eggerman and Steve Splettstaszer to chat about the Cold War and how they feel "closer to competent" than they ever have.

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Patty and the Buttons Party Like It's 1919

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Photo by Elizabeth Windsperger
Patty and the Buttons | Heights Theater | Saturday, November 29
Patrick "Patty" Harison has a career much like a patchwork quilt. After crafting his musical style in New Orleans for five years, the 29-year-old musician has been making a living as a sideman for many projects including the Cactus Blossoms and Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers, and now finally his solo project Patty and the Buttons.

Their debut record, The Mercury Blues, is steeped in the traditions of jazz, blues, and western swing. The band's new studio album opens the door and settles you inside a speakeasy during the prohibition era.

On a snowy November morning in a St. Paul coffee shop, Harison opens up about his past and explains his love for music from bygone eras.  
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This Interview With Nallo Took a Turn for the Bizarre

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Photo by Andrew Ranallo
Nallo | Hexagon Bar | Friday, November 4
Minneapolis psychedelic garage rock band Nallo have just released their latest album, Breather. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hollow Boys frontman Ali Jafaar at his Ecstattic Studio, the record expands the band's sonic capabilities. It feels just as great as it sounds.

In the style of an anonymous Dateline interview -- no one knows why they did it -- the band answered some of our pressing questions before their album release show at the Hexagon on Friday night.
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Bae Tigre: "I Wrote Most of My Songs with Whiskey in the Basement"

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Polkadot Mayhem
Eye of the Tigre
Minneapolis artist Bae Tigre paired up with rapper Botzy and Wesley Opus to create an album that showcases her lovely voice with a creative backdrop of synths and beats. Memoir of a Happy Drifting Chemical is an ambient pleasure that ebbs and flows as it should.

The self-described introvert and board-certified music therapist answered Gimme Noise's questions on how someone who is so guarded performs in public.

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The May North Return With More Sad Songs That Lift You Up

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Photo by Tanya Jean Bruss Hoarn
The May North: Pickin' ain't easy.
The May North | Turf Club | Saturday, November 8
The world is built on stories and the May North have more than they can contain. They turn them to into songs -- the saddest songs you will ever hear. The quartet brings music from Northern Minnesota and folk and bluegrass figure heavily into their aesthetic. Their new album, By a String, is 100 percent now, and yet it sounds like daring music of the past.

Before their album release at the Turf Club on Saturday, the band spoke with Gimme Noise about their progression since the last album and why they are finally ready to release this set of tunes.
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Sun Gods to Gamma Rays: Taking the Middle Way to A Ghost to Find

Photo By Joe Johnson

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays Record Release Show | Icehouse | Friday, November 7
Following the release of Sun Gods to Gamma Rays' debut EP, The Water, The Wave, in late 2013, it didn't take long for the Minneapolis dream-pop quintet to start thinking about recording a full-length. The results of those creative aspirations can be found on their intoxicating new LP, A Ghost to Find, out today. The band is celebrating with a record release show at Icehouse on Friday night with Votel.

Ahead of their big show, Gimme Noise asked them how live performances shaped their studio sessions, the language barrier they had to overcome to get the rights to their cover art, and the balance between light and darkness that permeates their new material.

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The Lazy Kids Get Weird on New Album, Tunnel Visions

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Photo by Miki Abeler

The Lazy Kids | 7th St Entry | Monday, October 20
The Lazy Kids' rough and ready indie rock songs are intensely satisfying. Their attitude, their lyrics, and their cello (!) bring their new album, Tunnel Visions, straight up to the edge.

Gimme Noise caught up with the band before their album release at the 7th St. Entry on Monday to chat about how the music has evolved since the band met on Craigslist, and saying goodbye to their long-time cellist at the album release show.

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Pushing Chain: "We'll Make the Same Mistake at the Same Time"

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Photo via artist
Pushing Chain | Icehouse | Friday, October 17

Adam Moe and Boyd Blomberg of Minneapolis folk-rock duo Pushing Chain have been playing together for more than 20 years, and have only recently come to terms with the fact that they are stuck with each other. The two friends' songs reverberate with country, jazz, and life up near the Canadian border.

Before their album release at Icehouse on Friday, Adam and Boyd sat down and shared their thoughts on some of their Minneapolis collaborators and why they are better playing together than apart.

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