Surfer Blood Robbed, Donations for Sick Guitarist Stolen

Surfer Blood
In terms of unadulterated shittiness, getting your van robbed certainly ranks. When that van also contained donations for your cancer-stricken guitarist? Even worse.

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The 4onthefloor go 'All In' to Typify Minnesota Rock 'n' Roll

Sara Montour
The 4ontheFloor
One speed -- full speed. One way -- all the way.

This is the working philosophy behind the latest album from the 4onthefloor, possibly Minneapolis's last­-standing rock band. It's been six years since frontman Gabriel Douglas and his kick drum­-thumping foursome roared their way into the Minneapolis music scene, winning the title of's best new band in 2011. Since then, it's been a maelstrom of touring and recording -- 443 shows and five albums, the fifth of which, All In (out May 26), was designed to capture the blue­-collar rapture of happy hour in their home state.

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A Guide to Soundset 2015's Lesser-Known Acts

The top of Soundset's lineup is superb, but who's down at the bottom?

Atmosphere. J Cole. Ice Cube. Ludacris. To anyone with any sense, these names immediately pop off the page of the Soundset 2015 lineup, but the list does not stop after the marquee names.

Down where the font gets little resides a host of talented emcees, rap collectives, and DJs who make up the meat of the festival. They might not have the curb appeal of major-label radio stars like Big Sean or the local appeal of hometown heroes like Sean Anonymous, but these lesser-known roster slots are how you'll be filling your Sunday before the headliners take the stage.

Rather than have you waste your time wandering from stage to stage in hopes of stumbling upon a good time, Gimme Noise has decided to do the legwork for you. Here's the lowdown on Soundset's less-familiar faces.

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Torres: 'I Wanted it to Sound Like the Voice of God'

Shawk Brackbill
Torres | 7th Street Entry | Wednesday, May 20

It's a rock 'n' roll tradition to be flippant about death. But on her sophomore effort under her Torres moniker, Mackenzie Scott fashions the subject into a revered opponent. On this month's Sprinter, the Brooklyn-via Nashville-via-Georgia singer-songwriter takes the thick-veined guitars of '90s rock and slingshots that period's typically navel-gazing worldview toward the heavens. Scott's questions are big, and there's deliberately little in the way of resolutions.

And that's OK, because Scott and the musicians at work on Sprinter made a record that's a lot more fun to hangout with than it sounds. Contributors such as Rob Ellis and Ian Olliver of PJ Harvey fame and Portishead's Adrian Utley have a history of working in the shadows of iconic female voices, and they've built a jungle gym for Scott's elastic vocal range. Catching up with Gimme Noise by phone before her show Wednesday at the Entry, Scott was equally dynamic in conversation.

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Camp Dark Turn Travel Pains into a Work of Art on Moody New Album

Photo design by Paige Guggemos
Camp Dark | Icehouse | Friday, May 15

Adam Svec wrote the soundtrack to his latest project, Camp Dark, in the break from his Minnesota life while he was living in South Carolina. Svec's expansive and exploratory musical path runs parallel to that of his friend and Camp Dark collaborator Graham O'Brien.

The two have been working on projects together for some time now, including on Camp Dark's debut album, Nightmare in a Day. Their creative partnership began when Svec contributed to O'Brien's first solo record, and continued into Coloring Time, an improvisational group that includes many musical friends.

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Your Guide to the Best Music During Art-A-Whirl Weekend

Photo by Alexa Jones
Retribution Gospel Choir will be playing at 331 Club.

Can you believe Art-A-Whirl has already been around for 20 years? As the Northeast arts festival grows, the surrounding community and venues have jumped at the opportunity to show off their own goods during the art-centric weekend, from music to beer and everything in between. The festival is strictly centered on visual arts and crafts made by NEMAA artists, but there are plenty of other unofficial events this weekend including live music, block parties, and more.

The sprawling schedule of events is a lot to take in over the course of the weekend. So we're providing a handy guide to the music taking place during Art-A-Whirl weekend. Check out the general information, musical lineups, and schedules below, and have some fun in Nordeast this weekend.

Art-A-Whirl 2015 takes place Friday May 15-Sunday May 17.

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Freedy Johnston Fixes Up a New Album

Photo by Dina Regine
Freedy Johnston | Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant | Tuesday, May 12

In America, we have a terrible tendency to take homegrown musical treasures and bury them in our own backyard. Especially the songwriter who stays at home working on the tunes, instead of posing for photo ops or marrying a movie star.

Freedy Johnston is a good example of the guy who's got a singular songwriting gift and is always working hard to perfect it. Since his breakthrough disc, 1994's This Perfect World, and its hit single, "Bad Reputation," Johnston's been in the darkroom, developing one gorgeous, unsettling musical picture after another.

Johnston is back with his first new record in five years, Neon Repairman, another stunning collection brimming with both indelible melodies and wonderfully seedy characters. Johnston will be performing them tonight at the Dakota Jazz Club, and ahead of the show, we spoke to one of our finest living songwriters about his new record, how it got made, and why he's so often drawn to the noir side of life.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Week: 5/11-14

Categories: Concert Preview

Press photo
San Fermin -- see Tuesday!
Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 5/8-10

Categories: Concert Preview

Press photo
Young Fathers -- see Saturday!
Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar.

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Music & Movies at Loring Park 2015 Lineup Announced

photo courtesy of The Walker Art Center

The Walker has announced the lineup for this summer's Music & Movies series. The film selections play off of the theme of the museum's International Pop exhibition, with the movies focusing on comic book heroes and stories of action and adventure taking center stage. The popular movie screenings take place in Loring Park, preceded by a set of live music from local musicians.

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