Lee Fields: "I'm a soul man because I've got my soul intact"

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Lee Fields | Cedar Cultural Center | Thursday, September 17
Born in North Carolina, soul singer Lee Fields has held a sustained career that's been on a long steady ascent. An incredible talent, the 63-year-old has maintained a vintage soul sound with his band, the Expressions. Truth and Soul Records put out another fantastic Fields album in 2014 called Emma Jean, a tribute to his late mother. Once again produced by Truth and Soul co-founder Leon Michaels, the record features Black Key Dan Auerbach, who lends some vocals and guitar and also wrote a song, "Paralyzed."

Since he started singing and released his first single in 1969, Fields embodies a similar style to the late James Brown and a steadfast faith in the divine. Gimme Noise spoke to Fields on the phone last week from his home in Plainville, New Jersey. Gearing up for another tour that includes a kick-off tomorrow night at the Cedar, he was able to talk what moves him spiritually and musically, and the voice behind the new songs on Emma Jean.

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Old Familiar Chime Gathers Giants of Experimental Solo Guitar

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Jesse Sheppard
Glenn Jones will perform at Old Familiar Chime
Old Familiar Chime | Turf Club | Friday, September 19

It seemed like the time was right to do something," says Old Familiar Chime festival organizer Chris Berry. "There are so many people out there and another resurgence going on now." Five years after the death of the mercurial Jack Rose, the man who helped lead a revival of the hypnotic, experimental branch of folk fingerpicking in the early 2000s, a host of players both old and young continue flying the flag first waved by John Fahey.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts of the Week: 9/15-9/18

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Tobacco -- see Tue.

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Inside the Persian Leaps' Divine Noise

Photo By Drew Johnson Photography

The Persian Leaps | 331 Club | Friday, September 12
Building on their catchy 2013 debut EP, Praise Elephants, the Persian Leaps return with another collection of radio-ready tunes, Drive Drive Delay. The trio experienced some lineup changes in the interim, but that didn't derail their hook-laden, noise-pop sound. The new EP is filled with five taut, guitar-fueled songs with vocalist/guitarist Drew Forsberg delivering gritty riffs and melodic verses.

Ahead of their record release show tonight at the 331 Club -- where the Persian Leaps will play with the Person and the People and Queen of France -- Gimme Noise caught up with Forsberg, and he shared his thoughts about what went into the new EP, where he derives many of his influences, how he's fine with the full-length format dying out, and what the future holds for his talented trio.

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Holly Muñoz: For a long time, I hid behind my band

Photo by Marie Cameron
Holly Muñoz | Cedar Cultural Center | Friday, September 12
Maps and Lists are what most people take when they go on a road trip, but it is also what Holly Muñoz is bringing in song form when she comes to Minneapolis. She will debut songs off her first solo project, a collection of indie rock songs that resemble Suzanne Vega with a tinge of old school Tegan & Sara. Produced by John Vanderslice, Maps and Lists is a collection of tracks that are positively drowning in hindsight, reflection, and musings which bleed seductively into lyrics that are lost in time, but still affect the heart. Lyrics have a way of doing that.

Before her show -- which will also be her album release show -- at the Cedar Cultural Center, Gimme Noise caught up with the singer to find out about her connection to Dave Eggers and Anders Nilson and what took her out of Minnesota.
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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 9/12-9/14

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SZA -- See Saturday.

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Reina del Cid & the Cidizens wrap up Amsterdam residency

Photo by Desiree Forget
Reina del Cid & the Cidizens | Amsterdam Bar & Hall | Monday, September 8
What a difference a year and nine months can make. In that time, Reina del Cid and her band the Cidizens took over the Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul on Monday nights and earned themselves a career. Tonight, the band will end their residency, which has taken their musical journey from bluegrass indie rock to evolve and integrate new experiments by trying new things with their sound.

Gimme Noise caught up with lead singer Reina before the band hits the stage for the last Monday night to find out what she has learned after playing 88+ shows during their residency.
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The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 9/8-9/11

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Shawn Brackbill
Bear in Heaven -- See Wednesday

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The best Twin Cities concerts this weekend: 9/5-9/7

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Wes Frazer
Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires -- See Sat.

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The Southern Theater Sessions: A dream DIY experience

Photo by Nora O'Brien

Batteryboy frontman Cobey Rouse has been a busy man as of late. In addition to getting his kids ready for the start of the school year, Rouse organized the second installment of the Southern Theater Sessions, a two-night concert that begins this evening at Minneapolis's Southern Theater. In addition to two separate Batteryboy performances, the Sessions shows will also feature the first ever performance of Adam Levy's solo material, a sure-to-be special performance from the Murder of Crows (featuring Low's Alan Sparhawk), as well as stripped-down sets from notoriously loud rockers Fury Things and Alpha Consumer. All set in the spare, intimate surroundings of Seven Corners' venerable Southern Theater.

These shows represent a rare, musician-only event, with no corporate sponsors/bookers/promoters assisting with organizing the gigs in any way -- only Rouse and his musical cohorts. Gimme Noise spoke to Rouse about the rewards and challenges of putting together shows like this, what initially inspired him to organize these Southern Theater shows, and what he has planned for his band's performances over the next two nights.

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