The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 3/3-3/9

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Arcade Fire -- See Saturday

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Stanley Clarke: When you talk to actual musicians, you get the truth

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Like "Stairway to Heaven" for most guitar players, Stanley Clarke's funked up jazz-fusion smash "School Days" possesses a similar esteem for those who pick up the bass. The title track to his groundbreaking 1976 record invoked a trend for the combination of funky jazz and rock through the late '70s and into the '80s. Inciting cringes from the more purist musical skeptics and "bass face" for the lovers of the form, fusion further popularized what had become of jazz, and brought the music from the clubs into the arenas.

While it's become somewhat the norm for veteran acts to perform their classic records in their entirety, it's as good a time as any to imagine a landmark jazz record by a pioneer of the craft. Clarke and his band will be tackling School Days this year and as they make a tour stop in the Twin Cities at the Cedar Cultural Center this Thursday.

Calling from his home in Malibu, Clarke talked about the upcoming tour, School Days and "Jazz Fusion" music in general.

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Get Cryphy tap Big Freedia and Spank Rock for 6th anniversary

Via Instagram
Big Freedia and Spank Rock

Time to really get stoked about the Get Cryphy 6th Anniversary celebration on Friday, March 7.

Get Cryphy's past Mainroom shows have been chock full of brief hype sets from a slew of local rappers interspersed with the crunk and hyphy madness, and it's always been a way to truly bring the house energy to its fullest. This year, the four-piece DJ crew have reached out to Baltimore's Spank Rock and New Orleans' Big Freedia to throw in special appearances.

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The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 2/24-3/2

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Photo by by Annabel Mehran
Body/Head -- See Thursday.
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VAYNS: The universe aligned us together

Photo by Cody Otte
Experimental hip hop and R&B is coursing through VAYNS. The project combines the talents of two genre-busting locals, Botzy (Culture Cry Wolf) and vocalist/producer MunQs. Each song off their self-titled EP -- which features guest spots from Ashley DuBose and Sophia Eris -- was created in the moment, and their progress has been just as spontaneous. Saturday's performance at the Best Love is Free is their first, and could be their last.

Gimme Noise caught up with Botzy and MunQs (real names Adam Botsford and Corey Lawson, respectively) before their show at First Avenue to see what drew them together to create the project and to discuss the Best Love is Free.

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28-Hour party people: Drone Not Drones staging a day-long live event

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Photo courtesy of Sub Pop

Duluth rock experimenters Low performed a drone-fueled version of "Do You Know How to Waltz?" at Rock the Garden last year, and simultaneously sparked a new discussion about peace-minded thinking within music. The divisive 28-minute rendition was unusual, but get a load of what Drone Not Drones founder Luke Heiken and company have planned for 28 straight hours of live drone at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday and Saturday.

Low, Paul Metzger, Zak Sally, Martin Dosh, and dozens more will take part to raise awareness for Heiken's nonviolent cause as well as money for Doctors Without Borders. The show will be one continuous drone, with a succession of artists adding to the minimalist, sustained tone-clusters while others wrap up.

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VATS: If I stay in one place too long, I get restless

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Sarah Rose
Ronnie Lee is almost always playing music, but you might not always notice he's there. It's not that he's easy to miss. With shaggy black hair, arms covered in tattoos, and an ever-present cap perched on his head, Lee couldn't be mistaken for anything other than a musician. But he's also quiet and soft-spoken, and -- in spite of often being active in several different bands at once -- more concerned with playing his music than taking the spotlight.

VATS is the one exception. A drummer and guitarist for bands like Toxic Shrews, Cereal Wizard, and Is/Is (who were featured on the cover of City Pages last fall), Lee plays all the instruments for this long-time solo recording project. (Well, on record anyway.) That fact shines through in the droning, claustrophobic nature of the songs, which wind wiry riffs around distant-sounding beats and vocals that bleed off into the ether.

This Saturday, Lee will be debuting a new VATS cassette, Iridescent Intent (out via MJMJ Records), with a show at the Hexagon. He won't be alone this time, with fellow members of Toxic Shrews and opener Todd Luffa joining him onstage. Gimme Noise even has an exclusive peek at the new single, "Jogger," after the break.
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Charlie Parr: With this job, there's no way to retire


Folk music has a long, storied past in Minnesota. Locally, the music dates back to the days of Bob Dylan and Koerner, Ray, and Glover, as well as folk instrumentalists like Leo Kottke, Steve Tibbetts and Paul Metzger. Among the current crop of roots-style pickers, Charlie Parr has sailed above as a performer for over a decade now.

With a very rich approach to his resonator guitar and banjo he fashions a hypnotic blues based sound that gives age to his voice and playing. But Parr has conjured up a subtle shift in his playing as represented on his new record Hollandale. Using less of a song form and the space to improvise on melodies and rhythms, with the aid and encouragement from good friend Alan Sparhawk of Low, Charlie breaks new ground for himself and the modern day folk music scene. Released again on Duluth's Chaperone Records, Parr will be celebrating Saturday at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Amid all the activity Gimme Noise got Charlie on the phone. On a break in his pickup truck we chatted about Hollandale, music and the very healthy roots music scene.

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Panic! at the Disco: I read the comments on my YouTube account

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Photo by Alex R. Kirzhner
Brendon Urie is only 26, but the lead singer of pop-punk band Panic! at the Disco has lived many lives in those years. Turns out that 2013 was a banner year: Urie got married, released his fourth studio album with his band that contained many of his personal stories, had some beef with Fiona Apple, performed for Billy Joel, and worked through some addiction issues with a bandmate. Phew. That could make anyone go crazy, but Brendon has taken it all in stride, and it seems as if 2014 is going to be just as busy.

Before the band's sold out show at the Skyway Theatre on Tuesday night, Gimme Noise caught up with Brendon to talk about how much flack he gets from social media commentors and the tales that went into the new album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

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The Teddy Holidays: Radiohead are a beacon of creativity

Photo via artist
Bands get touchy when you tell them that they remind you of another band. Not so for Minneapolis band The Teddy Holidays. The group has their own catalog of original songs, which are incredibly wonderful and catchy in their own right, but are known for expansive takes on the material of other bands -- not just one or two songs, but actual albums in their entirety. This time around, the quartet covers Radiohead's In Rainbows, their ode to a band that has played a big part in their lives.

Before their show at Icehouse on Sunday, Gimme Noise spoke with J.T. and Brendan Viele about covering such a legendary band.
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