The 10 Best New Year's Eve Concerts in Minneapolis

Photo by Tony Nelson
It's so gonna be a new year. Get pumped!
New Year's Eve is a time to count blessings, be merry, and let down the collective hair (or fake fur) one last time before embarking upon a new calendar year. For many, this process is aided by the benevolent sounds of live music.

From Poliça and Marijuana Deathsquads at the Turf Club, Dessa at International Market Square, Four Fists at the Triple Rock, to Tickle Torture at the Entry, the Twin Cities music scene is proudly represented throughout the clubs in town. Here is a list of the best concert options in the Twin Cities on New Year's Eve to help you see off 2014 in style.

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Mark Ritsema Goes Glam and Gets Freaky With New Project Suzie

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Photo by Jeff Walner
Mark Ritsema's new window of opportunity is Suzie.

Suzie | 7th St Entry | Saturday, December 27
It says something about you as an artist when an internet fetish community embraces your music. It says something more when you're able to take it in stride.

For Suzie, the psychedelic brainchild of Night Moves and Mouthful of Bees co-founder Mark Ritsema, that fetish would be furry fandom. You know, dressing up and role-playing as anthropomorphized creatures. Apparently, the dreamy, clubby rock track "Fantasy," from Suzie's debut album, Born Single, is a big enough hit on a furry fan forum that one user made a rather elaborate illustration to pair with it.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts of the Week: 12/22-28

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Courtesy of Big Hassle Media
The Bad Plus -- see Thursday through Sunday!
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In Defense of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Prog Rock

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Photo by Mark Weiss
Top this, Bing Crosby.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra | Xcel Energy Center | Tuesday, December 30
Though Trans-Siberian Orchestra frequently enjoys positive reviews from the national media, public opinion has waned on the New Jersey-based stadium rockers. We hear that this overambitious, towering merriment is hackneyed, the ticket prices are astronomical, and each year, as their ever-expanding canon of operatic Christmas carols tours the country, TSO become more difficult to defend.

Recently, TSO were panned by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, LA Weekly, and Houston Press, among others. This Kozelekian takedown on The New Gay related their sound to "Satan's performance in 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' crossed with a special holiday sale at Target where three underprivileged orphans are trampled to death and not discovered until the following morning."

I know critics are gonna keep saying TSO sucks. I know their schlocky holiday epics are tired maelstroms that are made for dudes with Cool Uncle Syndrome. The operative criticism against TSO is that it's overwrought. The lights, the power chords -- it's all too much for a nice, humble holiday. But I prefer my chestnuts roasted over pyrotechnics.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 12/19-21

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Photo by Albert Watson
Haerts -- see Saturday!
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Trust Us, Cannabis Corpse Sing About Weed

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Awesome night with #CannabisCorpse !

A photo posted by Chris Vega (@notchrisvega) on

Cannabis Corpse | Triple Rock Social Club | Tuesday, December 16
Cannabis Corpse started out as highdea: "What if we took the songs of death metal icons Cannibal Corpse and made them about marijuana?" But the band might as well have been born in a marketing meeting. The Venn diagram of death metal fans and weed smokers has a heckuva lot of overlap, and hundreds of stoned metalheads follow the Richmond-based trio's every move.

Cannabis Corpse is the brainchild of twin brothers Philip "LandPhil" Hall and Josh "Hallhammer" Hall. LandPhil's banter between songs shows they don't take themselves too seriously.
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The Best Twin Cities Concerts of the Week: 12/15-18

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Photo courtesy of the band
Soul Asylum -- see Wednesday and Thursday!

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Mina Moore Sets Her Artistry Into a New, Soulful Groove

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Photo courtesy of Mina Moore
The outspoken and creative Mina Moore is ready to showcase her new project.

Mina Moore | 7th St Entry | Tuesday, December 16
Yasmina "Mina" Moore-Foster is already a familiar name for plenty of City Pages readers. Last year, we ran a story about her collaboration with BBGUN's Al Church called Dear Data, which included experimentation hitting all over the genre map. Also, there was a tumultuous situation in September involving a fact-check mistake on our part, which sparked a healthy dialogue about black women in music.

Now, Moore is taking a crack at fronting her own band for the first time under her own name, and has released the single "Amanhã" from the as-yet untitled project. Gimme Noise spoke to Moore for the first time since our back-and-forth in September, and discussed the direction of her new material, her time touring with Caroline Smith, and the difficulty of writing a love song.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 12/12-14

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Photo by Megan Thompson
Astronautalis (with Mark Mallman) -- See Friday!

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Sonny Knight & the Lakers to Record Live Album at the Dakota

Photo By Mark N. Kartarik

There's no question that Sonny Knight & the Lakers have had a great 2014. From gracing City Pages' cover to landing a spot on our Picked to Click poll, Knight and his relentlessly funky big band have electrified the local scene of late.

They are set to record a live album over the course of their four upcoming performances at the Dakota on December 18 and 19. The results will go straight to two-track tape and be released on double LP via Secret Stash Records.

Gimme Noise spoke to the Lakers' drummer (and Secret Stash Records founder) Eric Foss about how the recording process is going to work, the dance party planned for the final set, and which songs will be on the live LP.

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