The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 4/10-12

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Photo by Thomas Neukum
Caribou -- see Sunday!
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Guster Stays Sincere On Their New Album, Evermotion

Photo by Zoe-Ruth Erwin

Guster | State Theatre | Thursday, April 9
Guster is back, but then again, the Boston band has never really left. The quartet may be tired of hearing how their sound has changed over the last 24 years, but what band doesn't undergo some form of evolution over all that time? Tracks off their new album, Evermotion, move in waves of atmospheric shoegaze and synth elements, but underneath, their indie-pop roots still run deep.

Before their show at the State Theatre on Thursday evening, Gimme Noise caught up with lead singer Ryan Miller to chat about Chris Martin, working in an office, and how one bad record could ruin their career.
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Local Punks Tree Blood Mean Business on Their New Album

Photo by Holly Newlin
Tree Blood | Eagles Club #34 | Friday, April 10

With all that's going on in their lives, it's no surprise that Tree Blood might look a bit tired over breakfast. The members of the noise-punk trio remain chipper despite being sleep deprived, as we gather to talk shop in their Minneapolis practice space. They've been putting the finishing touches on their brand new record, I Am a Disgusting Pig, and business has been good at Dead Media, the Seward-neighborhood record store that the band co-owns together.

From the outset, the group -- guitarists/vocalists Colin Wilkinson and Simon Brooks and drummer Walker Neudorff -- have specialized in cassette tapes from the fringes, stocking the shelves with punk, indie, and DIY releases similar to their own sound, while emphasizing homegrown artists. Lately, the scene's been giving back.

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Fort Wilson Riot Continue to Chase Their Sound Ahead of Icehouse Residency

Photo by Dave Mendolia, cutup by Jesse Draxler

Fort Wilson Riot have been slowly evolving their electro-tinged R&B sound over the last few years. That change in sonic direction has been made easier with the addition of a full five-piece band during their live shows and studio sessions, which allows Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis to expand their rich sonic palette even further.

Ahead of their two-night residency at Icehouse (which begins on April 12 and continues on April 19), we are pleased to premiere "Tryin,'" the first of two new singles the band are releasing in conjunction with those performances. We were also able to talk with Mullis about the sessions that produced these new tracks, and what the band has in store for their Icehouse shows and beyond.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Week: 4/6-9

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Photo by Todd Roeth
Joe Pug -- see Thursday!
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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 4/3-5

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Press photo
Qui -- see Friday!
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Bryce Dessner Is Redefining Classical Music for the Modern Era

Photo by Anne Mie Dreves
The Music of Bryce Dessner | Walker Art Center | Friday and Saturday, April 3-4 

While Bryce Dessner is predominantly known as the guitarist in the National, he is a classically trained musician and scholar, with a Master's degree in music from Yale. In recent years, his compositions have been performed in illustrious locations throughout the world, like Carnegie Hall in New York, the Barbican Concert Hall in London, and the Walt Disney Performance Hall in Los Angeles. During that time, he's worked alongside a host of renowned composers, including Steve Reich, Philip Glass, David Lang, and the Kronos Quartet, while firmly establishing his own distinctive voice in the world of contemporary classical music. 

This weekend, the Walker Art Center and the SPCO's Liquid Music Series are celebrating Dessner's unique musical gifts, as well as the talents of his contemporaries who will be joining him on Friday and Saturday. Ahead of these special shows, Gimme Noise was able to chat with Dessner from his Paris residence, where he shared his inspirations for his current work, how his approach to his classical pieces are similar to his songwriting with the National, and what we can expect from these upcoming performances.

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Diva 93 Is Bringing Awareness and Attitude to the Twin Cities Scene

Photo by Ronnie Droher
Diva 93 | Hexagon Bar | Friday, April 3

Diva 93 is the musical brainchild of Jess Buns, who describes her current endeavor as a "bitchy, lusty, rusty vocal+synth+bad beats project." Since 2012, Diva 93 has put out a wide array of compelling releases that fluidly blends experimental electronic numbers and tone poems. The results are often arresting and challenging, providing (along with Buns other musical outlet, Yoni Yum) a distinctive sonic layer to the modern Twin Cities sound.

In anticipation of Diva 93's PUNISH/ABANDON/REWARD tape release show at the Hexagon this Friday, Gimme Noise caught up with Jess to chat about the show's eclectic line-up, how hyperbolic ​fantasies weave their way into her lyric-writing process, and the ​responsibility that comes with being a​n engaged​ feminist in the local punk scene.

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OK Go Prove That They Are More Than Just Clever Music Videos

Photo by Makoto Kubota
OK Go | First Avenue | Thursday, April 2
It seems as if indie-rock quartet OK Go try to top themselves with every new form of media they come out with -- from doing a full instrumental video with sounds made from over a thousand instruments (and a Chevy), to the ambitious clip for "I Won't Let You Down" that involves numerous umbrellas and precise timing. Is there any concern that the visuals sometimes overshadow the music? Perhaps, but that thought doesn't concern the group too much.

Before their sold out show at First Ave on Thursday night, Gimme Noise caught up with bassist Tim Nordwind to chat about creating art in an independent world and where their next music video could possibly take place.
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Josh Scott's Therapeutic Musical Return with Aero Flynn

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Aero Flynn | 7th St. Entry | Friday, April 3
"I know that I couldn't have made this record three years ago," Josh Scott readily admits.

There's a tranquil sunset coming through windows of Bev's Wine Bar behind the Rochester native, who recently moved to northeast Minneapolis from Chicago. He's best known for his years shaping the rural rock movement in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, over a decade ago.

In the early aughts, Scott and his Amateur Love cohorts -- Brian Moen and brothers Brad and Phil Cook -- crafted the influential full-length It's All Aquatic. Their friend Justin Vernon loved the heady, guitar- and keys-laden indie rock album so much that he formed the Chigliak record label in part to press a reissue. Amateur Love was on the cusp, but Scott retreated from the scene due to a crippling battle with an autoimmune disease and untreated depression.

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