Flora Cash's Cole Randall gets $4,400 bill for Pompeys Pillar vandalism

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Screengrab via YouTube

The saga of local folk-rockers Flora Cash and a defaced monument in Montana has finally reached its punitive stage. Last October, the group's singer/guitarist Cole Randall carved "Cole + Shpresa <3 10/10/2013" into the sandstone wall of Pompeys Pillar to commemorate his bond with wife and bandmate Shpresa Lleshaj. But the scrapings are a few feet away from the signature of Captain William Clark -- of the explorer team of Lewis & Clark -- who marked the site over 200 years ago.

Randall has agreed to pay $1,000 in fines and $3,400 in restitution for the act of vandalism, the Star Tribune reports.

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Epic nightclub shooting: Police arrest four, seize guns for alleged retaliation

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Mugshots courtesy of Minneapolis Police
L-R: Lamont McGee, Bridget Turntine, Ashimiyu Alowonle, and Veltrez Black
Minneapolis Police's response to the early November shooting at Epic during a Yo Gotti concert continued this week with a raid of a house in North Minneapolis. Four people were arrested and a stockpile of seven guns and "an enormous amount of ammunition" was seized.

According to a report from police, their investigators learned that members of the "violent street gang" 19 Block Dip Set gang were gathering the arsenal of weapons "so they could retaliate against anyone they felt was responsible for the shooting death of their leader, Tyrone Washington, at the Epic nightclub on Nov. 3." Earlier this month, a witness told police about the house.

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Shooting victim at Yo Gotti's Epic show ID'ed as Tyrone Washington Jr.

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Photos courtesy of Yo Gotti's Facebook and Pat O'Brien
Last weekend's Yo Gotti show at Epic will be remembered as a tragic night for many as a 27-year-old was shot and killed at the club. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office released the Brooklyn Park man's name Tuesday.

After gunfire was heard in the club at about 1 a.m. on Sunday, Minneapolis police responded to the scene and blocked off the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street with several dozen squad cars. On Monday, police chief Janeé Harteau said the city needs to take an active role in keeping downtown safe.

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MPLS Police: Events like Yo Gotti attract violent behavior

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Yo Gotti's tour bus parked in Minneapolis this past weekend.
In a press conference on Monday, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau expressed concern about the deadly shooting that occurred at a Yo Gotti concert at Epic over the weekend. More on the incident here.

The Memphis rapper, a.k.a. Mario Mims, has been close to events in the past few years that spun out of control. In 2010, a fight at a club in his hometown turned violent, a Baltimore show unfolded into a riot, and a fan was shot and killed outside a New Mexico show. After this downtown Minneapolis incident, the local authorities are concerned about retaliation.

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Epic, Yo Gotti

Shooting during Yo Gotti concert at Epic leaves one dead

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Photo by Pat O'Brien
The intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street on Saturday night.
Saturday night's Yo Gotti show at Epic in downtown Minneapolis was shut down following gunfire inside the venue. A man was shot and killed early Sunday morning, police say.

At least one shot was reportedly fired during a set by the Memphis rapper's opener, YG. Soon after, between 30 and 40 police cars responded to the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street.

This story is still developing.

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Man impersonating Pink Floyd's David Gilmour arrested at St. Cloud hospital

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David Gilmour's Facebook page; mugshot via St. Cloud Police
At left: David Gilmour; at right: Not David Gilmour
In "Us and Them" off Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour sings, "Who knows which is which and who is who?" And for employees at a St. Cloud hospital, this question became quite pertinent when a Monticello man claiming to be the Floyd singer-guitarist checked in and ran up charges as much as $100,000 in April.

Even in the bustling atmosphere of a large medical facility, it's surprising that 53-year-old Phillip Michael Schaeffer wasn't laughed out of St. Cloud Hospital on April 20 when he arrived, gave the name David Gilmour, and claimed to have no health insurance. It was only after he was treated and released that hospital staff suspected that it would be strange for a 67-year-old English musician who has sold 250 million albums with Pink Floyd would be seeking medical help in central Minnesota.

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