Jack White's Letter to Music Journalists Is Amazing

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Photo by Erik Hess; Lollapalooza 2012 slideshow here.
Jack White: "I can't even make Kool-Aid let alone cook any real food enough to have a 'recipe.'"

Holy guacamole! For both Jack White acolytes and those among us who gave up not long after De Stijl-era White Stripes, this is an entertaining read. The musician, producer, and Third Man label/studio owner (and Detroit Tigers fan who tends to not grin when some stranger sticks a camera in his face) just dropped a passionate, breathless essay about media etiquette.

The letter circulated Sunday has as many typos in it as a Fifty Shades of Grey thread on Reddit, and White is known for his "promotional inclinations." Still, his words are avocado pits jammed up the nostrils of careless media outlets that ran (and ran and ran) with rumors about White's leaked tour rider. Many didn't check the facts of a story about a recipe that was never more than de-veined and chopped gossip in the first place.

Here is the letter in full:

dear journalists and other people looking for drama or a diva,

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Live music and dating: Embrace your partner's tastes

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Photo by Erik Hess
Not a photo of the author

Being in a relationship is as much a cultural journey as it is an emotional, intellectual, or sexual one. Mostly because you have to "do" things with your significant other, and when you live in a city, a lot of the time "doing" means going to the movies or catching a gig.

Because let's face it: If you don't do actual "stuff" together you're probably nothing more than two aimless, high-functioning alcoholics that only stand apart from the other masses of horny drunks who populate bars on any given night because you know who you're going home with after that sixth whiskey shot.

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Let It Be: Iconic Replacements album cover recreated by painters working on historic house

Now this is a cool story well-timed for the upcoming Replacements reunion at Riot Fest in Toronto this coming weekend.

Tigerox, a local painting and restoration company, was recently hired to do some work on 2215 Bryant Ave S. -- the house made famous on the cover of the Replacements' Let It Be album. And they couldn't resist recreating the iconic shot.

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Love Is the Law concert celebrating marriage equality announced

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Love is the law.

Well, it will be officially on Tuesday. Following Governor Dayton's signing of the Freedom to Marry Bill Tuesday afternoon, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will host a concert at Ecolab Plaza featuring the Suburbs, P.O.S., and several other local musicians celebrating the new legislation.

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Ten GIFs of Ultra ravers shaking, twerking, and bouncing

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All photos by Jacob Katel
Welcome to Twerklandia.
We all know that there are lots of ways to become immortalized at a massive outdoor music gathering like Ultra Music Festival.

One way to live forever is to revel like there's no tomorrow, no yesterday, and no five minutes from now. Here's ten twerking, Harlem Shake-ing ravers at Ultra 2013 in animated GIF! 

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Top 10 awesome concerts of August

Die Antwoord 3a.jpg
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August was sweltering, but we found the best way to beat the heat with concerts that were even hotter than it was outside. In some cases they were outside -- so just think about the thermometer-busting power. Anyhow, catch our picks for the 10 best concerts this month after the jump.

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Cedar Cultural Center named best world music venue

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Minneapolis music scene named second-best in the U.S.
Top 20 best Minnesota musicians: The complete list
50 cool facts about the Minnesota music scene

Kudos are in order for the Cedar Cultural Center, as the readers of About.com have crowned the venue the Best World Music Venue for 2012. Depending on how you look at it, this is a slightly more prestigious honor than finishing second in Livability.com's poll for the best music scene in the country. 
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EMP Pop Conference 2012 hosting Gimme Noise -- not Stephen Colbert

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Obviously disgruntled.
Stephen Colbert's sardonic commentary on Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report provides an excuse to promote an upcoming weekend music event that will be lower on dry rub barbecue and performances by Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, and higher on idiosyncratic music criticism. Yes, the 2012 EMP Pop Conference hits New York March 22-25.

Although Colbert's paper, "Self-Love in an Elevator: Apollonian Images of Hedonism, Eroticism and the Mechanized Urban Lanscape of Post-Comeback Aerosmith," will not be part of the weekend's discussions, both myself and the Current's Andrea Swensson will appear on a panel "Roundtable: All Internet Is Local? The Meaning Of 'Local Music Coverage' In The Pageview Era" to perhaps discuss Howler's Gatesmithgate.

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Mitt Romney's dubstep anthem has arrived

"Willard Mitt Romney Song": for Florida's many glowstick-waving voters.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a new song dedicated to him with a message he probably won't approve. "Willard Mitt Romney Song" by Minneapolis electro-hop act the Sicko Pervs arrived over the weekend -- just as the former Massachusetts governor heads into a heated Republican primary election this week in Florida. This is a markedly better soundbite-chop than Dubnasty's "Newt Gingrich Sucks the Iowa Caucus Remix," but it seems that this political-sparring dubstep subgenre inspires some of the most uninspiring song-titling around.

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Five songs to request at tonight's Thurston Moore show

Photo by David Shankbone
Despite what Wikipedia would have you believe, the Thurston Moore solo catalog is fucking immense, and most of it is full-on noise apocalyptic, limited-edition cassette-only recordings of an iconoclast manchild, his mis-tuned guitars, and his atrophied amplifiers wilding the fuck out. I've been in attendance at a handful of Sonic Youth concerts over the years, but never one of Moore's by-his-lonesome love-ins, so I have no clue what those of you planning to queue up for tonight's show at the Varsity Theater are in for.

An educated guess: he'll lean heavy on the sensitive, avuncular abominable-scree tunes from his two Matador LPs, maybe throw in a selection from Psychic Hearts, tease with some ear-splitting improve or the introduction to "Sugar Kane" or something, because even though he's starting to sound his age, Moore's still an asshole at heart.

Regardless of what Mr. Kim Gordon has up his sleeve, Gimme Noise encourages you to beg, bribe, and otherwise con him into performing the following five songs.

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