P.O.S.'s Ipecac Neat is 10 years old

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It's been a decade since a young P.O.S., a.k.a. Stefon Alexander, released his debut, Ipecac Neat. It was the first official Doomtree full-length that sparked their ascension from hip-hop outsiders to local legends and nationally recognized artists. The raw and uncompromising album draws equal inspiration from Stef's punk-rock proclivities and the emotive DIY underground rap scene in Minneapolis, creating abrasive and original hip-hop that's intensely personal and political.

Gimme Noise spoke with P.O.S. and album contributor Lazerbeak about the album's origins and impact.

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Interview with Mark Potter, P.O.S.'s kidney donor

Courtesy of Mark Potter
Mark Potter rests after surgery

Last Thursday, Stefon Alexander, otherwise known as P.O.S., received a much-needed kidney transplant from his childhood friend, Mark Potter. Potter said the process started last June, just over seven months after P.O.S. canceled his We Don't Even Live Here tour and announced his need for a new kidney. After months of extensive compatibility testing, it was decided that Potter was an appropriate match.

Both surgeries were successful. Potter, a digital media strategist and photographer, is currently recovering at home and expects to return to work next week. For now, he's moved his bed to the living room and is resting in the company of Game of Thrones. Though P.O.S.'s recovery is expected to take much longer, he appears to be in good shape. According to Lazerbeak, "the kidney is currently functioning the way it's supposed to, and he's feeling better mentally/physically than he was before the surgery."

On Wednesday afternoon, we chatted with Potter about his recovery, his relationship with P.O.S., and the benefits of live organ donation.

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Update: P.O.S. feels like "new dude" after kidney transplant

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Good news from the Doomtree camp: P.O.S. has finally found a kidney donor, and received a transplant last Thursday. In the fall of 2012, the rapper announced he had to cancel his U.S. tour in support of We Don't Even Live Here because of complications related to kidney failure.

The rapper and his bandmates posted an announcement on YouTube last Tuesday afternoon. "I'm going in to get a new kidney... out of my friend," Stef says. "It's used, but it's in fucking great shape. He's gonna take it out, and he's gonna give it to the doctor. The doctor's gonna cut a hole, and, you know? I'm gonna get better soon."

Update: The transplant went well, according to Doomtree's Lazerbeak. More below.

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Doomtree Blowout 9 adds all-ages Triple Rock show

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Photo by Emily Utne

To quote Lazerbeak: "Yes, Doomtree is indeed for the children."

Last week, the Minneapolis rap team of P.O.S., Dessa, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter, 'beak, and Paper Tiger unveiled three shows at First Avenue for Doomtree's ninth December series of Blowout shows. Their elder fans on down to 18 years of age got hooked up, but more was promised for the youngs. Today, a fourth show was added for the all-ages crowd.

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Doomtree post details for Blowout 9

Photo By Erik Hess

The Doomtree Blowout is one of the annual musical highlights of the cold winter months here in Minnesota. The energetic local rap collective have just announced the dates of their 9th annual Blowout, with the crew set to take over First Avenue on three nights in December. And this year, the hardworking Doomtree folks are offering up a three-day pass for the first time.

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Dessa's tour van burglarized in Buffalo

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Dessa's tour in support of her latest solo album, Parts of Speech, took a devastating hit Friday in Buffalo. After their performance at the 9th Ward at Babeville, their tour van Mountain was burglarized. Computers, cameras, merch, and tour earnings were among the items taken.

Because they are a resilient bunch, the tour will go on. But Dessa and co. are asking for help to get back up to full strength. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched, and the funds will go to help defray the losses from the burglary. Update: The $30,000 goal has been reached!

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P.O.S and Astronautalis debut Four Fists collabo "MMMMMHMMMMM"

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Photo by Erik Hess
Astronautalis and P.O.S at SXSW in 2011.
It has long been understood that P.O.S and Astronautalis come together as Four Fists -- and they debuted live back in 2011 in Austin -- but only a select few could actually tell you what their collaboration actually sounded like. (Plus, these dudes have been plenty busy with, like, their own successful solo careers.) Until now. Today, the long-gestating side project took shape with the release of a new song called "MMMMMHMMMMM."

After some cryptic "#6666" tweets started popping up over the weekend on the rappers' accounts, we suspected something was coming soon. The blistering, experimental track will be featured on a 7-inch out in October.

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Sims: Finding out what makes people tick is my favorite thing

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Ben LaFond
Astronautalis and Sims

Taking the stage at First Avenue this Friday will be Twin Cities hip-hop favorites Astronautalis and Sims of Doomtree performing a special collaborative set. Backed by a brand new hand-picked band, the two are set to give even longtime fans a brand new live experience.

Gimme Noise spoke to Sims about finding a kindred spirit in Astronautalis, what makes this show different, and their new track together, "This Is the Place."

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Sims and Astronautalis announce joint First Avenue show, collaboration

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Doomtree announce surprise show tonight for $5... where?

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Via Dessa's Twitter
Looking for some affordable entertainment to kick off the warm weather? Anyone who is already on Doomtree's email list has the answer. The Twin Cities hip-hop crew is assembling for a last-minute show at a location that'll make sense to those following their activities of late. Where might that be, you dare ask? The answer is below the break.

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P.O.S. returns with frenzied "Weird Friends" video

Yeah, those are goats behind him.
News had mostly been quiet out of the P.O.S. camp lately -- when we spoke to him briefly a few weeks ago, he was still waiting on his kidney transplant --  but that changed today with the video debut of "Weird Friends (We Don't Even Live Here)" off the excellent 2012 album We Don't Even Live Here.

Produced by Housemeister, the dark synth stabs and sirens in the track might wake up a few Atari Teenage Riot Fans, and the furious pace of the rhymes are ready to run off the rails. But they never do.

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