The 5 Most Overplayed Songs at EDM Festivals

Photo by Timothy Norris
Festivalgoers, we feel for you. You've spent quality time to get your glow sticks, furry boots, and concert goodies ready, but the DJs aren't always working as hard as you are. Expect to hear, well, lots of songs you've heard before. In fact, whether it's Electric Daisy Carnival, Hard, Coachella, or countless other big EDM festivals, we're getting a bit tired of these moments of musical déjà vu.

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Bassgasm 10 full lineup & schedule revealed

Courtesy of the Artist

Are you ready for Bassgasm 10 and the Wall of Bass? I mean, really ready? Just in case you weren't convinced that today's impending takeover of First Avenue doesn't have something unique to offer everyone, Gimme Noise spoke with Bassgasm founder 'DJ ESP' Woody McBride and Russia's own deep house representative Izhevski about the deep mix vibe that Izhevski will bring to the Entry.

Also, so you have a chance to map out your journey through eight hours of face-melting bass brought to you from around the globe, we will share the official lineup for each room of First Avenue.

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Mike 2600's 8-bit True Detective theme goes viral


So if your HBO Go didn't crash Sunday night and you weren't watching Cosmos, then you obviously watched the season finale of the hit series True Detective, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Not only has this groundbreaking series kept McConaughey on a actors roll and brought Woody back to a non-Hunger Games spotlight - although I am a huge Haymitch fan - but it was also quite rewarding for one of our own artists in town.

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Paper Diamond: We wrote "Wylin" in the back of a bus

Courtesy of the artist
Paper Diamond

Alexander Botwin, better known by the name Paper Diamond, has been touring almost non-stop for the past decade, bringing his eclectic exhibit of multigenre sounds to stages across the globe. This Saturday Paper Diamond will drop his bass-heavy beats onto the dance floor of Mill City Nights, giving us a much needed hot and steamy respite from the frigid outdoors. He will be joined by fellow EDM hard hitters LOUDPVCK and Branchez.

Botwin describes the concept behind Paper Diamond as that of a piece of origami. "No matter what the shape is -- whether its simple or more complex -- its art," he says.

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EDM showcase Electrovember to nurture local dance music's next generation

Photo by Kate Engelmann Photography
Check out Minneapolis DJ duo Fembot at Electrovember.
The Pourhouse will be home to what is essentially a small-scale electronic festival this Wednesday, as Electrovember brings an all-local EDM showcase with over 20 acts to three distinct stages. Igloo Studios and NiteOwl have joined forces with a number of artists, collaborators and designers to put together an ambitious event that serves as a crash course for the growing EDM scene in Minneapolis.

"There's so much talent around town, and that's what we're trying to do here: To expose that talent and to bring some light to those DJs who are so passionate about this kind of music," says organizer Lidia Chesnokova. "I don't think there's anything anyone has done around town that has included so many acts in one place at one time, all local, all here to support each other." In addition to some impressive-sounding light and laser displays, video DJing, and specially constructed backdrop pieces, the DJs will be displaying their talent and their community at the same time.

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Vote No dance party benefit coming to the Bolt

SYSTEM promoter Mike Gervais is throwing a Vote No! benefit at The Bolt
This Friday local promoter Mike Gervais hosts a Vote No! House Invasion party featuring some of the city's finest house DJs at the Bolt Underground. (Full disclosure: One of them is my fiancé.) The event attempts to bridge the gap between the long disconnected EDM scene and the gay club circuit on their own turf, and offers a great place to align in solidarity for the cause of freedom to marry regardless of sexual identity.

This club on Washington Avenue was known solely as a gay bar up until recently, when the house and techno scene took up roost in the appropriately dungeon-esque basement. At the helm of every second and fourth Friday, Gervais re-birthed his his SYSTEM night at the Bolt when First Avenue took it off the schedule at the Record Room. 

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Location: Classified techno fest to hit Hinckley

Luis Flores
Something about raves and camping has always fit together. The best rave camp-outs in the country took place not more than a few hours from Minneapolis back in the late '90s, and now, in the spirit of those "Furthur" parties (which were a total clusterf*ck that took partying to a new level), a new triad of promoters are taking techno outdoors for a weekend again.

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Top ten awkward Electric Daisy Carnival dance move GIFs

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 8.36.22 AM.png
Chris Victorio
By Christopher Victorio and Ben Westhoff

EDC Vegas Pulls Plug on Music Due to High Winds
EDC 2012: Calvin Harris Plays CDs of Himself Singing
EDC 2012: Coachella or Electric Daisy Carnival: Which One is Better?

We love you, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. In fact, here are five reasons why you rule the roost. But my oh my you dance funky. We're not saying we're any better; truth is, we're utterly captivated by you and your awkward ways. Were God to create a third left foot, we know you would utilize it. Here, then, are the top ten awkward EDC Las Vegas dance move GIFs.

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EDC Vegas Pulls Plug on Music Due to High Winds

Christopher Victorio
EDC ravers
[Update at 2:48 a.m]:

EDC is over for the night. Organizers are waiting for crowds to thin out before making an official announcement. More details and older updates at the bottom.

Electric Daisy Carnval in Las Vegas tonight was shut down temporarily as a result of high winds buffeting tall sound stages. A representative of the Los Angeles-based promoter said the music shut-down was temporary and that winds were being monitored to determine when fans could return to the stage areas. Patrons were told ...

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EDC 2012: Calvin Harris Plays CDs of Himself Singing

calvin harris facebook.JPG
Calivn Harris.
Dance music is fighting for its soul. The charts are filled with tracks (Rihanna, Flo Rida) that borrow from the ecstatic trance and pulsing grooves of electronic dance music. The last time pop was so infatuated with the dance floor was 1979, the year disco died.

This time around fans are more savvy about what's real and what's just radio. But the flood of new fans and industry cash has pushed the scene to a new level of soul searching. There's so much demand for EDM that pop stars are now DJing. Consider ...

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