Warehouse Eyes: I'm going to do this completely viscerally

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Warehouse Eyes collaborators Christopher Williams and Jennie Lahlum have been dating for quite some time. In fact they're now engaged, but up until two years ago, they'd never considered making music together. Christopher half jokes "It took me about a year after we started dating to convince Jennie I was a good songwriter."

With the help of Colin Sheffield on guitar, Jay McGlone on drums and Kevin Scott on bass Warehouse Eyes' new EP Carvings paints a vast and haunting scoundscape. Christopher and Jennie were able to sit down with Gimme Noise to discuss their EP before their release show Friday at Turf Club.

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Buildings: We black out at shows; that's when it's really good

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Courtesy of the Artist

Buildings wants you to know that it doesn't matter. They prefer not to over-think things, and would encourage you to do the same.

The band is making a departure from their previous sound with It Doesn't Matter, being debuted at tonight's EP release show at Icehouse. "We didn't talk about it," drummer Travis Kuhlman says of their newfound, more straightforward approach. "We just did it. We got sick of doing the old shit that we did."

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Fire in the Northern Firs: See you in hell!

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Fire in the Northern Firs, with special photoshopped guests

Fire in the Northern Firs are a thoroughly entertaining bunch (as you will see from the photos they submitted for this article). Birthed of a jam session, they have maintained this initial "off the cuff" attitude in creating an eclectic mix of shoegaze and ethereal yet forceful psychedelic-tinged rock. Their obvious and easy chemistry with one another lends itself well to the music. "It just sort of writes itself," says drummer Scott Weller.

This Sunday at the Turf Club, FITNF will herald their third release, the three-track See You in Hell EP. They will be joined by other bands on Ecstattic Studio's roster and have a single on the Ecstattic Studio compilation cassette, which will be released the same night. Gimme Noise met with the band for drinks at the Hexagon to discuss their new songs and get to know to know each other a bit better in a shouting match over the rowdy trivia game going on.

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Piñata Records: Folks drinking and swearing and brainstorming

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Photo by Dave Hoenack

They might have chosen the name Piñata Records, but the four members of Southside Desire who founded the label have hardly stuffed it with the unexpected. With two releases last year, and a third out this weekend, Piñata has put perceptions of the "throwback" act on its ear by giving it a distinctive punkish edge. Southside Desire's LP, Songs to Love and Die To, gave a "spirit of '77" jolt to retro soul, and the Narco States EP that followed it took the same approach to reviving vintage garage rock.

Gimme Noise met Marvel Devitt, Trevor E, Gloria Iacono, and Damien Tank at Memory Lanes to talk about the label's direction and its new release, a split single featuring two songs each from Southside Desire and Black Diet.

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Soul Asylum announce EP series featuring their favorite covers

Photo by Steve Cohen
Following one of the busiest years they've had in a while, Soul Asylum are starting to make some noise in 2013. Last year marked the entry of Delayed Reaction, their first new studio album in six years, but it also signaled the departure of founding guitarist Dan Murphy. Now, with frontman Dave Pirner carrying the torch, the band will debut a new EP titled No Fun Intended later this July.

For fans who have seen the band live in recent years -- or been listening closely to 89.3 the Current recently -- these songs will be familiar. It's a selection of covers featuring some SA favorites, including Joy Division, the Suicide Commandos, and MC5 for the first round -- just in time for the guys' appearance at Target Field for the Skyline Music Festival with Big Head Todd, Matthew Sweet, and the Gear Daddies.

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Panther Ray is the Twin Cities' new psychedelic rock hope

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Photo by Jamie Moncur
With so many bands in the Twin Cities recording great psychedelic rock, it's hard to keep track of them all. One that may have been lost in the purple haze is Panther Ray, who quietly released their first EP, Parallel Motions, last spring. The disc combines classic psych sounds with '80s jangle and modern shoegazin' rock, all held together by nuanced studio craftwork. On Daily Season, their new EP out this week, Panther Ray has captured some rich guitar shredding that sounds like a lost recording of Arthur Lee and just the right amount of trombone.

Gimme Noise just had to introduce you to these guys, so we chased down their mystery machine to ask them a few questions about the new disc.

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Big Quarters on Somos no Joke EP, out Friday

Photo by Thomas Dunning

Since releasing their third disc last year, Big Quarters have taken their message to new levels, opening for Atmosphere on the "Welcome to Minnesota" tour and maintained their monthly showcase for aspiring producers, the Last of the Record Buyers.

Brothers Brandon "Allday" and "Medium" Zach Bagaason have been as passionate about mentoring young artists as they have been about promoting their own work. Their new EP, Somos no Joke, captures the duo as full of pride and passion as ever. They'll celebrate its release on Friday at the Icehouse. Gimme Noise met the brothers in their south Minneapolis neighborhood to talk about the past year.

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Gospel Gossip's Sarah Nienaber on side projects, growing pains, and "Atlantic Blue"

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It seems hard to believe, but as Gospel Gossip release their new, three-song 7-inch, "Atlantic Blue," Saturday, it will be the first bona-fide recording they've put out in nearly three full years. With the exception of an online-only single that was released last fall, the dreamy, reverb-soaked trio haven't released any new music since the promising Drift EP -- released all the way back in November, 2009.

But it's not for a lack of trying. Even as band members Sarah Nienaber and Ollie Moltaji stayed busy with other projects, in the form of Is/Is and Pony Trash, Gospel Gossip have been at work in the studio. They simply haven't been happy enough, until now, with the results. That sort of frustration is the kind of thing to break a band's spirits, but in "Atlantic Blue," there's reason for optimism: picking up where Drift left off, it feels like the band have never been away.

Ahead of Saturday's release show at the Turf Club, Gimme Noise called up singer and guitarist, Nienaber, while she was on break from a double-shift at work. She elaborated on where the band have been all this while, and where they plan to go from here.

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Walker Fields' Brad Senne and Chris Tierney on reinvigorating the blues

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Listening to last year's Walker Fields disc, Gettin' By, you're bound to wonder why they were asked to play this weekend's Border Battle Beer Fest in Somerset on a bill that includes heavy favorite Bloodnstuff. If each have common roots in the blues, Gettin' By is worlds away from the electric English blues and '70s metal that inspire that other guitar/drums duo.

But the just-released EP Double Down captures the current Walker Fields -- a heavy blues collaboration between singer-songwriter Brad Senne and drummer Chris Tierney. Gimme Noise spoke to them both in depth.

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EMOT on Trees & Claws and DIY cassettes

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EMOT sounds like wordplay with a secret meaning, but it really is just a talented group of musicians from St. Paul getting ready to release the secret Trees & Claws EP on cassette.

On their new release, lead singer, Matt Leavitt's vocals really shine through. It's a particularly cozy dream in which you find yourself wandering in a foggy, vast landscape. In short: brilliant.

Gimme Noise sat down with Dan Chroma and Matt Leavitt to talk about the EP release before the show at Hell's Kitchen.

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