Trampled By Turtles to host Festival Palomino at Canterbury Park

Photo By Erik Hess

Duluth bluegrass quintet Trampled By Turtles are set for their most ambitious musical venture yet. After releasing a live album commemorating last year's 10th anniversary shows, their next step was a music festival of their own.

The inaugural Festival Palomino at Canterbury Park  is on Saturday, September 20. TBT will headline the festival, along with a wide array of local and national acts hand selected by the band themselves.

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Cultivate Minneapolis festival 2014 music lineup

Photo By Erik Hess
Grouplove is one of the bands set to perform at Chipotle's Cultivate Minneapolis festival

Burrito chain Chipotle is bringing their Cultivate Food, Ideas, and Music Festival to Loring Park this summer.

After starting in Chicago in 2011, the Chipotle Cultivate Festival is now in its fourth year, and in addition to the Minneapolis stop on Saturday, August 23, festivities are also being held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on June 7, and at Lake Carolyn in Dallas-Ft. Worth on October 18.

While the festival is ultimately designed to change the way people think about and approach fast food, while also strengthening their connection with sustainability, the free festival is also bringing in five live music acts to perform at the festival, in addition to a host of celebrity and local chefs who will be on hand.

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Korda Records on their Kompilation 2 featuring the Owls, the Hang Ups, & more

Photo By Erik Hess

Korda Records has already made quite the impression on the Twin Cities. The burgeoning cooperative record label was founded in Minneapolis in late 2012 by longtime friends and musical collaborators Allison LaBonne, David Schelzel, Brian Tighe, and Jim Ruiz, who have all managed to put out new releases from their respective groups Typsy Panthre, Jim Ruiz Set, the Ocean Blue, and the Starfolk -- as well as two compilations and a re-issue of the Hang-Ups self-titled record -- over the course of just one productive year.

Korda will host another showcase to mark the release of Korda Kompilation 2 this Saturday night at the Cedar Cultural Center. The concert also boasts the first live performance by the Owls in two years. Gimme Noise chatted with LaBonne, Schelzel, and Tighe about the challenges and joys that comes with running your own record label, what they have in store for their fans at the showcase, and their plans for Korda in the future.

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BNLX's Ed Ackerson: We all like to combine melody with fairly terrifying noises

Photo By Nick Wosika

As both a musician and producer, Ed Ackerson has helped shape the sound of the Twin Cities for decades now. Over the past few years, in addition to manning the boards at his venerable Flowers Studio, Ackerson and his cohorts in BNLX -- wife Ashley and drummer David Jarnstrom -- have released a series of custom made EPs and finally an eventual full-length, which they celebrated with a rousing two-day bash last year. This year, the band has assembled all of the songs on their seven out-of-print EPs and a few new tracks for another LP, Produit Collecté (Collected Product), and have once again planned a grand two-day musical party, BNLXFest II, at Cause this Friday and Saturday.

Gimme Noise caught up with Ackerson to ask him about the new LP, what commonality unites all of the bands on the BNLX Fest bill, and how rewarding it was to produce much of the just-released Songs for Slim benefit album, Rockin Here Tonight.

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Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis: The Spice Girls and Radiohead aren't evaluated the same way

Courtesy of PitchPerfect PR

In perhaps a strange twist of fate, Girl Talk's meteoric rise in popularity within the dance music scene has coincided with the crumbling of many modern radio stations throughout the country. As digital channels and licensed music streaming services rose to replace the outdated formats of the past, Girl Talk has seemed to take the best of all ends of the radio dial and the genres they once represented and combine them seamlessly into his festive, endlessly catchy mashups and mixes, as his audiences (and his nonstop party of a live show) grew and grew.

Girl Talk's mastermind Gregg Gillis is now set to put on one of his biggest area shows yet at this weekend's Summer Set Music Festival, as he headlines the festivities on Saturday night along with a wildly diverse and spirited lineup that truly represents the scattershot and entirely open-minded music tastes of the modern music fan. Gimme Noise was able to chat with Gillis from his Pittsburgh home about the type of music he listened to growing up, how his creative process has changed as his audiences have grown, how he finds and connects with new music, and what he has in store for his fans at Summer Set on Saturday night.

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Summer Set announces full 2013 schedule

Photo By Erik Hess
Girl Talk is one of the headliners of Summer Set 2013

Summer Set 2013 is aiming to give music fans throughout the Midwest something to match their tastes -- as well as hopefully expand upon them -- throughout the festival's three days at the Somerset Amphitheater. And now, festival attendees can plan out their entire weekend of music with Summer Set's just announced concert schedule.

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Dakota Street Festival 2013 announces music lineup & schedule

Photo By Erik Hess
Toki Wright will be one of the performers at this year's Dakota Street Festival

After hosting plenty of memorable shows within their distinguished Jazz Club and Restaurant throughout the rest of the year, the Dakota is now set to bring their spirited support of live music outdoors in the streets of downtown Minneapolis, for their 3rd annual Dakota Street Festival on Saturday, July 27. The free, all day music festival will take place along Nicollet Mall between 10th and 12th street, and will feature four separate music stages, musical instrument demos for kids and adults alike, fire dancers, stilt walkers, and plenty of local beverage and food vendors to keep you satiated throughout the day.

The Dakota Street Fest is a distinctive way for the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant, now in its 28th year of operation, to strengthen their connection with downtown Minneapolis -- where it has been residing now for the past 10 years -- as well as thank their many patrons and supporters over the years.

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Amphetamine Reptile's Bash 13 lineup: Mudhoney, the Melvins, and more

Buzzo AmRep Bash 13.jpg
Photo By Steve Cohen

What Grumpy's lacks in the quantity of shows they put on, they more than make up for in quality and sheer volume, as each unforgettable performance you see at the craggy downtown bar typically leaves your ears ringing for days.

With the announcement that Grumpy's will be hosting the upcoming Amphetamine Reptile Bash 13, that raucous trend will continue. Heavy-hitters Die Kreuzen, the Melvins, Negative Approach, and the grand local return of Mudhoney will certainly shake the ground and rattle the walls on Saturday, July 20, as the legendary label AmRep once again throws a party to celebrate some of the legendary bands that have helped make the record label and the modern music scene what it is today.

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Memory Lanes Block Party unveils 2013 lineup


During these frigid early days of spring, it's still quite a challenge for Minnesota music fans to envision outdoor festival season. But nonetheless, announcements are starting to trickle out, letting us all dream of not having to bundle up to go and see a show, while reminding us that warmer days are on the horizon.

One of the most enjoyable free music festivals of the warmer months is the annual Memory Lanes Block Party, which is set to take place once again over Memorial Day Weekend on May 25 and 26. The 5th Annual Block Party has been reduced to a two-day festival for 2013, and it features a strong local lineup of bands to suit all types of music tastes, with Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles and Sean Anonymous leading the way this year.

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BNLX share new song, "1929," finalize BNLXFest lineup, launch LP pre-order

BNLXFEST Promo Pic.jpg
Photo By Erik Hess

To continue to build anticipation for their forthcoming full-length debut, and to get people even more psyched for the excellent BNLXFest at Cause on November 16-17, BNLX have just released another stellar new track from their upcoming self-titled album.

"1929" is a soaring, moody but melodic number which equates the shaky financial footing of the U.S. leading up to the big stock market crash of '29 with the current state of affairs in this country. Definitely some heady socio-political stuff to work into a 3-minute pop song, especially one with as crushing a chorus of "1929," but the veteran Minneapolis trio does it perfectly.

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