Marquee nightclub cancels plan to relaunch as Hush731

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Nick Patton/North Bass Media
A Friday night at Marquee

Located under Union restaurant, downtown Minneapolis nightclub Marquee is undergoing a rebranding and remodeling effort only 18 months after opening its doors. As of Tuesday, the club was set to be redubbed Hush731.

But the new branding drew heat on social media over its similarity to HUSH, a group of businesses and dance events headed by local techno artist Zak Khutoretsky, better known as internationally renowned DJ DVS1. For now, in a twist you don't see too often, the underground seems to have won this round.

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Cibo Matto at the Turf Club, 3/4/14

Categories: Gimme Noise
Photo by Erik Hess

Cibo Matto and Buffalo Daughter
Turf Club, St. Paul
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It may have been an especially cold night in St. Paul, but a '90s revival was full steam. Surprisingly full on a chilly Tuesday, the Turf Club played host to darlings of the era Cibo Matto. While their music never really went mainstream, the duo has gained a large and loyal cult following through the years -- all of whom were present for the highly anticipated sold-out show.

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Sarah White: No one needs to see me swinging on a wrecking ball

Photo courtesy of the artist
We've all averted our eyes from the modern blur and peered into the heavens above us to find wishes in the uncomplicated beauty of the sky. Who knew that something so bountiful as the sky would bring back one of the Twin Cities' own shooting stars, Sarah White.

In 2007, Sarah White left for Brooklyn at the height of her band Black Blondie's popularity. It was a gut feeling and heartfelt instinct of change. Five years later, she's back, starting all over again with a new band, and trying to find her way in a scene that has changed much in her absence.
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Best Coast at First Avenue, 7/31/13

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Photo by Joanna Fox

Best Coast
with Prissy Clerks
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno of Best Coast brought their well-rehearsed, sun-soaked sound to First Avenue last night, providing a fitting soundtrack to an unseasonably mild late-July evening. For those of us who dread the late season brew of heat and humidity, the end of July reminds us that August is lamentably just around the corner, and with its arrival, the dog days.

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My first First Avenue show: Yeasayer and Strange Names

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

If you saw my post last week, you'll know that I had never been to a show at First Avenue -- despite already hitting many of the other clubs around town. Knowing how essential this is to any serious Twin Cities music fan, I knew I had to go and make it soon after divulging my secret. On Saturday, I went to see Yeasayer in the iconic mainroom, and I can't believe I waited so long.

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I have never been to a concert at First Avenue

I have a confession to make. I have never been to First Avenue. Yes, I understand this is an absurd statement coming from an early twenty-something who has lived in the Twin Cities for practically her entire life, but I'm not going to get into the plethora of excuses for it. This venue is essentially the heart and soul of the Minnesota music scene and I'm just as confused as you are that I have yet to experience a show there.

Unlike Emily White, who notably never owned any music to begin with, I'm trying to rectify this situation -- and quickly.

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The Uncluded: We cry a little, shake our asses a little -- it's nice


Folk rock singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson and rapper/producer Aesop Rock have crafted numerous musical works and have fused their musical strength to form the Uncluded. The duo recently released their debut, Hokey Fright on Rhymesayers. They will be taking over The Cedar Cultural Center Stage with Hamell on Trial on Sunday, June 30.

Gimme Noise spoke with the dynamic duo after their show in Houston to find out how their obsession with words and common understanding of loss brought the Uncluded together.

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Wavves at 7th Street Entry, 3/29/13

Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

With FIDLAR and Cheatahs
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
Friday, March 29, 2013

Wavves, fronted by singer/guitarist Nathan Williams and bassist Stephen Pope, rolled into Minneapolis on Friday as part of a national, small-venue tour to promote their new album Afraid of Heights. Touring with Mom+Pop label mates FIDLAR, the evening promised to be a raucous exercise in Southern California punk/surf rock catharsis, complete with repeated references to getting drunk, stoned and generally fucked up.

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The Ruby Suns' Ryan McPhun: "In Real Life" is a parody of the parody

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Photo by Frode & Marcus
Forget everything you think you know about New Zealand's the Ruby Suns -- if that was much in the first place. Since 2004, Ryan McPhun has steered the Suns through a series of danceable and densely instrumented releases, but after a breakup with a bandmate a few years back, he was ready to reinvent. After some QT in Norway, and hooking up with producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Grizzly Bear), the result is Christopher, the Ruby Suns' fourth release -- and possibly best -- out on Sub Pop Records.  

Gimme Noise caught up with McPhun before Friday's show at the Entry to figure out who this Christopher fella is, and to discover what it was like to meet Robyn.  

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The art of love songs and breakup songs for Valentine's Day

Categories: Gimme Noise
This past Christmas, Gimme Noise asked a handful of local musicians to help us make sense of a holiday where the accompanying songbook seemed to be guided by all things commercial. Valentines Day has those talking points a bit reversed.

There's no magical tradition built around Valentine's Day. Many young-at-heart couples will likely spend the next February 14 with someone else or alone. Singles may wallow around to a Magnetic Fields record or go out and try for a lay, but both the depressives and libertines would still likely root against a repeat for the following year. So while the day itself may feel forced or manufactured, the day's soundtrack can be personal or intimate even if you're home alone drinking and eating for two. 

Since today's iPod playlist may be filled with songs either swooning or spurned, Gimme Noise checked in with Pony Trash frontman Neil Weir and The Current's David Campbell to touch upon the finer art of both heartache and adoration.

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