Prof and John Stamos just duked it out on Twitter

Photos via Flickr/hyku; Flickr/sachab; CP/Erik Hess
You can't make this stuff up, can you? Minneapolis troublemaker rapper Prof and John Stamos recently had it out on Twitter, apparently. It seems they've had a love/hate relationship for a while now. Really, what other type of relationship can you have with Prof? (Remember his ribald Valentine's Day cards?)

Uncle Jesse from Full House took issue with the cesspool of come-ons and braggadoccio that is the @ProfGampo Twitter feed when the rapper reportedly called him a pedophile a few months back. The Rhymesayers signee told the Star Tribune that he was probably drunk and doesn't remember the tweet, but Thursday he was hit with a barrage from @JohnStamos.

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In defense of schwag weed

Photo by Terrence McNally
This week is huge in the history of weed, with Colorado becoming the first state in the nation to have legal recreational marijuana. All across the Centennial State, fluffy buds twinkling with crystals are being loaded into swirled glass pipes and sparked in celebration. There is no pretense of medicine. People are getting stoned, as they have for years, but now it's legal under state law.

Coloradans and the rest of Marijuana America are smoking some of the best nugs in the history of ever. This is pot that's been lab-tested, groomed, pruned and doled out in a sterile room. This is the kindest bud. This week is a high point for weed. But it's a damn shame no one smokes schwag anymore.
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schwag, weed

Six ways to ruin everyone's lives with karaoke

Image by Tatiana Craine

It's the holidays! Time for you and your dopey friends from high school to reunite and tear up the town. What'll it be this evening? Getting trashed and picking a fight with the bully who became the bouncer at whatever bar that Denny's restaurant turned into?

Or maybe you could do something really wild, like go out and sing some karaoke! Sure, none of you ever have any intention to sing with any sort of rhythm, feeling, nuance, or tone accuracy. Microphone placement? WTF is that? It'll be a blast! For only you guys!

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Project Parrothead: A failed experiment in Jimmy Buffett extremism

Photo by Tony Nelson
Some actual Parrotheads at this week's Jimmy Buffett show.

Beginning the night of December 2, 2013, I embarked upon a foolhardy and ill-fated mission to spend 24 hours straight converting myself into the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan in the Twin Cities metro area.

For the uninitiated, Jimmy Buffett is the undisputed champion of wearing Hawaiian shirts and celebrating drunk, bacchanalian behavior, and his tribe is known as the Parrotheads. For more on his musical exploits, read my review of Tuesday's show at the Xcel. As a pop culture figure, he sits on a throne of golden calamari, and his Margaritaville brand produces clothing, frozen food, and alcoholic beverages.

See Also: Jimmy Buffett at Xcel Energy Center, 12/3/13

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The Red Sea on Craigslist: A tug of war between venues and artists

Via Google Maps

Taking the Twin Cities music scene's temperature can be simple as heading over to Craigslist. Pull up a chair in the "Musicians" section of the "Community" postings and just listen for a while. Most folks are looking for a bandmate (Can You Sing AC/DC?.... Ladies?) or offering up their production or teaching services. Then there's the case of the 22-year-old West Bank bar/restaurant/venue the Red Sea.

A week ago, folks at the Sea put out a call via Craigslist to find some new bands -- "Punk, Indie, Metal, Rock" to play at the Red Sea, and then the community's collective teeth began to gnash. Anonymously, of course.

While there's hard to find a "right" answer within this back-and-forth of threads -- and it appears that many comments have already been deleted -- it does provide a lot of colorful viewpoints about the approach new bands can take to getting heard, and how venues should handle their business. (A big 'ole typographical [sic] through all of what follows.)

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Kenny Chesney totally loves Minneapolis

Zac Brown Band at Target Center, 11/10/12

Zac Brown Band
Target Center, Minneapolis
Saturday, November 10, 2012

See also: Ten reasons Zac Brown Band will never win us over

No seriously. See also: Ten reasons why Zac Brown Band will never win us over. Never! Read that, and then you'll appreciate why writing this review of Zac Brown Band's Saturday night Target Center performance is gonna be kiiiiiiinda tough because, well, their bass player read that list that we posted on Friday. And then kinda sent us an e-mail asking if we'd like a pair of tickets to the show. "The downside," he offered, "is that we might win you over."

Challenge accepted!

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Kenny Chesney is the only musician worthy of Target Field, apparently

Photo by Tony Nelson
Kenny Chesney on his first visit to Target Field in July. Another's on the way...

It is with a cringe that we announce that Kenny Chesney will return to Target Field for a performance next summer. Although the country star was not Gimme Noise's favorite during this summer's stop on his Brothers of the Sun Tour -- also featuring Tim McGraw, Grace Potter and Jake Owen -- that's not the problem here.

For all of the live entertainment that exists in the world, we refuse to believe that Chesney is the only one who can fill a 40,000-capacity stadium in downtown Minneapolis. 

See Also:
Paul McCartney a no-go at Target Field
Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw at Target Field, 7/8/12

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A postmortem defense of Jet

Here's Jet before the crash.
It might not seem like a big deal that much-maligned Australian band Jet announced their "discontinuation as a group" on Tuesday. Most of the people who will read this post had long ago written off Jet as sell-out, half-assed imitators who got lucky once, but we all know deep down that's not true.

You can say what you will about them (and everyone has a passionate opinion about this band one way or the other), but their breakup is more important than it may seem on its surface. Ultimately it may say more about music lovers/critics/bloggers, etc. as a whole than it does about the four men in the band itself.

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Vanilla Ice and Kevin Garnett visit Timberwolves on Friday

A couple blasts from the past will be in town this week as the Minnesota Timberwolves play host to the Boston Celtics (featuring our old "buddy" Kevin Garnett) and '90s pop superstar Vanilla Ice. The rapper will perform at halftime of Friday's contest at Target Center.

Although "Ice Ice Baby" is nearing its 22nd birthday and Vanilla was recently given the backhanded compliment of a number six on SPIN's list of pop's 30 most reviled musicians, this song rings out much better than the Britney Spears, 'N Sync and LMFAO the Timberwolves have had on their headphones of late.

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