Five Essential Insane Clown Posse "Hallowicked" Halloween Songs

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Insane Clown Posse, Halloween Enthusiasts

Insane Clown Posse | Myth | Saturday, October 25
It's the Halloween season once again. The streets are lit with carved pumpkins, department stores are stockpiled with candy, and the Insane Clown Posse are coming to town. Performing Saturday, October 25, with Da Mafia 6ix at Myth, ICP mark the 20th anniversary of their first Hallowicked celebration. For the unaware, Hallowicked is the annual Halloween show that the duo perform in Detroit, which is always accompanied by a special exclusive Halloween song. The Posse are marking this milestone by releasing a two-disc set containing all 20 years of their tracks.

For those looking to sample the tricks and/or treats, or just looking to add a few more selections of spooky sounds to their Halloween playlist, we've assembled the five essential Hallowicked songs.

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Holiday Traditions from Dan Wilson, Mason Jennings, and more

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Dan Wilson, Mason Jennings, Justin Pierre, Kevin Bowe
December is quickly coming to a close and local musicians are helping us give a new definition to the term, "Jingle Bell Rock." No matter if they celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or just the spirit of the season, many area artists shared their holiday traditions with me. For some, long-standing traditions come into play, for others, it's a chance to reflect on the past year and celebrate the new one.

Dozens of local musicians took the time to speak to Gimme Noise about what they are looking forward to this holiday season, including the songs that they are most grateful for.

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Chan Poling on the New Standards Holiday Show: I have the best job in the world

Photo by Travis Anderson
John Munson, Steve Roehm, Chan Poling
The New Standards have taken storytelling to a, well, new standard. The trio will be hosting their annual holiday show, now in its seventh year, at the State Theatre this weekend and bring the holidays a little early to the Cities. Holiday songs will be given a New Standards flavor, and the show will bring a huge cast of 30 people, including special guests that bring along dancing and joy. You can expect laughter, tears, and wonderful stories told through songs in an ode to the Minnesota winter.

Before their shows at the State, Chan Poling of the New Standards spoke with Gimme Noise about what went into the show production and what Christmas tunes didn't make the cut.

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Alison Scott: A Soulful Christmas is the biggest thing I've taken on

Photo by George Roedler
One of the hardest working musicians in town has decided to take over Christmas this year. Alison Scott has been planning all year for this month of seven shows that take her and her band (Kevin Bowe, Steve Price, Peter Anderson) all over the state and invite integrate the community into her concerts. The evenings will lean heavily on holiday songs and warm the heart of anyone lucky enough to be in attendance.

Alison took the time to talk to Gimme Noise about what's she's been up to since the birth of her baby girl and how she's integrated motherhood into her career, along with the many details she has taken on in planning for her holiday tour.

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20 female musician Halloween costumes... besides Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus. VMAs. 2013. It was the performance that launched a thousand thinkpieces on just about everything from the appropriation of culture and slut-shaming to wondering why Robin Thicke was getting off relatively easily. This Halloween, you can take the easy way out and throw on a flesh-colored bikini, sport a teddy bear backpack, and some itty-bitty buns on your crown, but seriously?

The Bangerz-era Hannah Montana look is going to be a dime a dozen, and unless you're this amazing pooch, you're probably not going to win any costume contests. All artists have their hangups, but if you're looking for a little more musical and sartorial sophistication for your Halloween costume than Ms. Cyrus... or for style tips in general, here are 20 talented ladies that are probably better bets for your rep and your sanity.

See also: Halloween costume ideas, 2012: Music icons

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Mayor R.T. Rybak proclaims Friday Har Mar Superstar Day

Erik Hess
In conjunction with Har Mar Superstar's headlining show at First Avenue this Friday, Mayor R.T. Rybak has announced that September 20, 2013 will hereby be known as Har Mar Superstar Day.

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13 songs to get you through Friday the 13th [PLAYLIST]

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Friday the 13th is one of those days that brings to mind any number of things, from luck (or lack thereof) and superstition to a certain masked fella. Whatever you think of Friday the 13th, there's no escaping it, so we put together a playlist of our 13 favorite songs for you.

Things have been pretty good here at Gimme Noise today, so we're still waiting for a black cat to make its way into the office. Until then, we'll be playing these choice tunes for this, ahem, very superstitious day.

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New Year's music is far better than Christmas music

Happy New Year from First Aid Kit!
Back in 1788, poet Robert Burns wrote an anthem that's still more ubiquitous than Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It" at New Year's. The lines to the kazoo-friendly "Auld Lang Syne" have summed up the "drinking to forget" philosophy ever since.

What came in ensuing years is more complex. Now, we not only have to forget the shitty year that we just experienced, but also an even shittier collection of wall-to-wall saccharine Christmas music. So, the end of one year and the beginning of another has its perks. It's a brief window of time when countless serious songwriters put down their sidecars, nog, and newborn babies, and pick up a pen.

New Year's is loaded with the stuff songwriters ache for -- reflection, redemption, introspection, apologies, resolutions, and, naturally, mournful chord progressions. Sapped of the wild commercial potential of a season just finished, these are songs mostly tucked into albums released throughout the year that are about things bigger than just a gift-giving season. (Although Prince and U2 turned these sentiments into massive hits.) They hint at the concentrated power of a 48-hour period -- concentrated even further into a couple of minutes.

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Twin Cities musicians on Christmas music at its best and worst

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Photo by Erik Hess; Photoshop by City Pages
Each December, you can bet your bough of holly that if a retail space has a PA system, it will pause its cheaply licensed Muzak in favor of Christmas' more expensive, but consumer-enabling, catalogue. Radio stations will cease regular programming for weeks, often witnessing an increase in listenership. Most cuss at its ubiquity. Yet, few wholly denounce it; namely because it's more of a tradition than it is a genre. 

Since tradition tends to hinge on one's own perspective, Gimme Noise went the George Bailey route this holiday season by exploring the vexing Holiday songbook through some fresh lenses. A handful of Twin Cities' musicians -- Polica, Big Cats, Wiping Out Thousands (above), and the Chalice -- and took the time to discuss both the adored and abhorred holiday staples. The lack of absolute condemnation from any of our participants may be disappointing to some. But if there's anything this loose survey seems to suggest, it's that no one's too cool for Christmas.

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Lazerbeak, the Chalice, Motion City Soundtrack and lots more MN musicians give thanks

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Gimme Noise Thanksgiving Resized.jpg
Alan Sparkhawk, Lazerbeak, Kevin Bowe, Chris Koza, Sophia Eris, Justin Pierre
Regina Spektor put it best when she said, "Love what you have, and you'll have more love." Thanksgiving is a day reserved for finding what you are thankful for and immersing yourself in friends and family.

Dozens and dozens of local musicians took the time to speak to Gimme Noise about what they are appreciative of this holiday season, including the songs that they are most grateful for.

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