Flora Cash's Cole Randall confesses, apologizes for defacing Pompeys Pillar


A quick listen to Plymouth-based Flora Cash's sepia-toned folk makes them seem like passionate souls. Unfortunately, that passion led to an ill-informed decision on singer/guitarist Cole Randall's part. According to the lengthy confession and apology he posted in letter form Monday, his choice to etch "Cole + Shpresa <3 10/10/2013" near explorer William Clark's name on the historic sandstone of Pompeys Pillar in Montana was motivated by "love and fear of loss."

On October 10, the pair were caught on the national monument's grounds. The carving that Randall's wife and bandmate Shpresa Lleshaj had advised against was later discovered by investigators. Randall says he regrets the decision to go against her wishes and is ready to face the consequences. The text of his letter is below.

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?uestlove: Michele Bachmann gag nearly got us kicked off Fallon

Photo by Steve Cohen
?uestlove performing at Bobby Z's Benefit 2 Celebrate Life in March
The Roots drummer and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon music guy Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson opens up about some of his darkest days as a performer in his new book, Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove. One of which was a little stunt involving Michele Bachmann in 2011 that you might remember.

Basically, ?uestlove and the Roots played Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" as the controversial Minnesota congresswoman walked onstage. This quickly went from an in-joke that felt "smug to the point of smugness" to almost getting the boot from NBC.

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Har Mar Superstar isn't joining the Replacements

Photo by Erik Hess
When Spin reported the bombshell news this afternoon that our very own Har Mar Superstar was set to become the newest member of the Replacements, it raised a few eyebrows here at Gimme Noise. Perhaps this was some new ploy by Westerberg and company to spice things up with some pants-off dance-offs? Maybe it was the 'Mats' long-awaited reincarnation as a hyper-lascivious '80s R&B band? ("Gary's got a boner" never sounded so dirty, friends.) Or maybe it was just some weird flu dream?

Well, as it turned out, the correct answer was "none of the above." Not long after Spin's Jessica Hopper reported on the "scoop," it was revealed that the whole situation was just an elaborate joke.

And the universe breathed a sigh of relief.

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New Kids on the Block displaying Package Tour dates -- Minneapolis in July


What do you do to promote a tour of aging boy bands while still trying to titillate a fan base that has grown older right along with the past-their-prime groups? In the case of the upcoming New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men joint jaunt through the U.S., you call it "The Package Tour," of course. Very funny, guys. But this sort of tease could be plenty to get maturing, swooning fans to bust out their pocketbooks for a glimpse of Jordan Knight in some close-fitting pants.

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Vanilla Ice and Kevin Garnett visit Timberwolves on Friday

A couple blasts from the past will be in town this week as the Minnesota Timberwolves play host to the Boston Celtics (featuring our old "buddy" Kevin Garnett) and '90s pop superstar Vanilla Ice. The rapper will perform at halftime of Friday's contest at Target Center.

Although "Ice Ice Baby" is nearing its 22nd birthday and Vanilla was recently given the backhanded compliment of a number six on SPIN's list of pop's 30 most reviled musicians, this song rings out much better than the Britney Spears, 'N Sync and LMFAO the Timberwolves have had on their headphones of late.

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Bachmann demands apology from NBC for Fallon diss, calls them the 'entertainment elite'

Thumbnail image for bachmannquestlove.jpg
What started as an LOL for music fans in Questlove's social network has turned into a roaring political migraine for NBC, as Michele Bachmann has gotten word of the "diss" the Roots delivered in the form of her walk-on music on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night.

Never one to let a controversial moment pass her by, Bachmann is inexplicably aligning herself with First Lady Michelle Obama and railing against what she calls the "entertainment elite" in response to being serenading with the opening strains of Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" on Monday night's show.

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Kanye West crashes Occupy Wall Street, says nothing, still makes headlines

Kanye West has never been one to let a big, zeitgeist-y moment pass without seizing and babbling narcisistically through it. So it comes as something of a shock that at the Occupy Wall Street protests the other day, he let hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons do all of his talking for him, which in rap terms is sort of like President Obama showing up there and letting Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton serve as his mouthpiece.

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Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

Despite the head-scratching nature of the new venture, you've gotta admit there's something sort of endearing about the idea of Motörhead frontman Lemmy curling up for a cozy night in with a bottle of his band's new branded Australian Shiraz, a good book and maybe a few logs blazing away in the fireplace.

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Michele Bachmann's new favorite band: 'White People'

At this point, there's little that Michele Bachmann can say to rattle us. After all, this is the woman who -- just this weekend! -- claimed that God sent Hurricane Irene to help rein in big government spending and get her into the White House. But we couldn't help but let out a little snort at the sight of this video, in which Bachmann professes her love for the Steve Miller-inspired, somehow-not-even-super-terrible Christian rock band White People, whom the presidential hopeful endorsed during this month's Spirit Midwest Christian Music Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.

"Who likes White People?" Bachmann asked the crowd enthusiastically, which was met with cheers from a bunch of the white people in attendance.

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Elite Gymnastics: 'There isn't a scene in Minneapolis'

Ok, I'm convinced that Pitchfork is out to destroy Minnesotan artists' relationships with their hometowns. At least, that would seem to be the case given the recent hubbub over John Maus's record store-damning interview -- which Maus later retracted and said was misinterpreted and misleadingly edited -- and today's interview with Elite Gymnastics, which portrays the electro duo as... well, you be the judge. I think I'm done expounding on Pitchfork interviews with local artists for the summer.

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