Umm, Turns Out Sisqó Lives in Maple Grove

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Northwest Community Television
Sisqó at his Maple Grove home
Baby move your butt, butt, butt ... to Maple Grove, Minn.?

It's the sort of remix this random muddle we call the universe would dial up, and it's the reality for "Thong Song" hitmaker Sisqó. The turn-of-the-century pop star was recently profiled about his unlikely existence in Maple Grove by Northwest Community Television. The segment provides golden quotes from the real-life Mark Andrews such as, "There's not a lot of distractions, just basically like a real calm, quiet neighborhood where families are just living and exercising and riding bikes - no thongs out here!" Check out the clip here:

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Surfer Blood Robbed, Donations for Sick Guitarist Stolen

Surfer Blood
In terms of unadulterated shittiness, getting your van robbed certainly ranks. When that van also contained donations for your cancer-stricken guitarist? Even worse.

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Rap on a Stick? Soundset Headed to State Fairgrounds in 2016

Scott Heins
Atmosphere at Soundset 2015
We've heard of Grandmaster Flash ... but Grandstand Master Flash?

It started in the Metrodome parking lot in 2008, moved to Canterbury Park in Shakopee the following year, and now Soundset will call the Minnesota State Fairgrounds home in 2016. The announcement arrived Tuesday, just a day removed from the eighth annual run of the massive, Rhymesayers Entertainment-organized hip-hop festival.

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Concert News: Beach House, Waka Flocka Flame

Categories: Just Announced

Erik Hess
Beach House at First Avenue in 2012
Spirit-crushing monotony of work washing over you with Memorial Day weekend behind us? Fret not, liker of live music: The summer concert calendar continues to fill up, with recent announcements from Beach House, Waka Flocka Flame, Zappa Plays Zappa and Yelawolf.

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Song of the Summer 2015: What's It Gonna Be?

Categories: Pop Culture

Taylor Swift in the "Bad Blood" video
As Memorial Day weekend draws near, you'll need a bumpin' soundtrack for your backyard barbecue, beach hangout, or somber remembrance of those lost at war. Problem is, the field of contenders for Song of the Summer 2015 is just taking shape (speaking of reflection: local writer Sarah Harper studied last year's crop, settling on Charli XCX's "Boom Clap").

So who will claim the SoS prize this year? The folks at Billboard recently launched an exploratory poll, which we'll use as the basis for our analysis into determining the season's hottest jam. There are plenty of familiar/asymmetrical faces (Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Britney Spears), some hot-shot producers (David Guetta, Skrillex, Diplo), and even a couple of newcomers (Fetty Wap, Tove Lo). Without further ado, let's break down some potential breakout hits.

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5 Must-Hear Eyedea Tributes

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YouTube Screen Capture
Eyedea and Blueprint from Blueprint's New Video

This year marks a half-decade since the world lost cherished Minnesotan and underground hip-hop icon Michael "Eyedea" Larsen. Whether you were a fan of his experimental recorded work, his razor-sharp battle rhymes, or his jaw-dropping innovative freestyles, Eyedea excelled in every way one could measure an MC.

His passing left a void in rap circles that will probably never be filled, and with each year providing more distance from his unexpected passing, more artists who knew Eyedea are finally feeling comfortable enough to process their grief and memorialize him in song. Given that two of the most touching, from Murs and Blueprint, were released in the past month, we've assembled some of the most touching Eyedea tributes.

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Welcome to the Future: Get the Lowdown on Our New Facebook Commenting System

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Impassion Afghanistan
Today is the dawn of a new era for City Pages. We're switching to Facebook commenting.

You're on Facebook all the time already. Why log into a new system so you can comment on City Pages articles that inspire, provoke, and let you know what's happening around the Twin Cities?

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Reina del Cid Turn Dark on New Album

Categories: Album Release

Reina del Cid

"I used to write a lot of love songs, because I used to play the uke, and that's what comes out of the ukelele," Reina of Minneapolis band Reina del Cid shares about the band's new album, The Cooling. "At a certain point, I had this realization that I just had to open the door to a darker side."

On The Cooling, the quartet dig deeper than they ever have in sound and emotion, a depth the band seems to have woven into their being in the three years they've been working on the album.

Gimme Noise caught up with lead singer Reina del Cid and guitarist Toni Lindgren before the band's album release at the Cedar Cultural Center on Thursday night.

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Review: New Kids on the Block Host Emotionally Resonant Bachelorette Party at Xcel

Categories: Concert Review

Tony Nelson
New Kids on the Block May 20 at Xcel Energy Center
A cynic could argue Wednesday's '90s pop Cerberus at Xcel Energy Center - Nelly, TLC, New Kids on the Block - was nothing more than a hollow Spotify playlist, three faded megastars joining forces for a Clinton-era karaoke party before their fanbases gravitate toward casinos. There might be grains of truth to that, but they're irrelevant.

Make what you will of the artistic merit of each act (only TLC shines in that area), and yeah, there's little in the way of career vitality. The only thing that truly mattered last night was the audience response. A packed house of mostly shrieking females weren't coming from a dishonest place and, from the looks of it, neither were the entertainers, each of whom yielded fan-forward sets designed for maximum nostalgic resonance. And goddamn, did they deliver - especially New Kids on the Block. If truth in art is the ideal, the emotional tidal wave that surged through the X made for an undeniable masterpiece.

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5 Fantastic Late Show Hip-Hop Moments

Categories: Rap/Hip-Hop

YouTube screen capture
David Letterman and Jay-Z

The '80s saw the concurrent rise of two highly influential movements that would shape entertainment for the next 30 years, AND they came from the same place. Yes, the New York hotbed of creativity launched both hip-hop culture and David Letterman's brand of innovative comedy, both changing the way media is presented and how society communicates forever. The handful of times these two juggernauts intersected, it was absolute television magic.

While the final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman aired last night, bringing Letterman's broadcasting tenure to an end, we at Gimme Noise have decided to continue the conversation with our five fantastic Late Show hip-hop moments. These five made us just as happy as when Lizzo made her national television debut on the show last October.

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