Benjamin Booker: "I Was a Pretty Dorky Kid"

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Benjamin Booker | Turf Club | Monday, September 29
Singer and guitarist Benjamin Booker's signature "Tent City Rivival" sound is what hipsters play to their children instead of lullabies. Booker's gravelly voice evokes a chipper Tom Waits with the timeless vocal simplicity of Bruce Springsteen (had The Boss been raised on the Bayou, not Long Branch). So you could imagine our surprise when a soft-spoken voice greeted us from New Orleans, prior to our phone interview.

Tampa, Florida, native Booker fell in love with New Orleans while working for Americorps' Hands On New Orleans program. The demo he recorded there on a shoestring budget, intended only for friends, landed in the right hands on the internet. Now Booker is opening for Jack White prior to even releasing a proper studio album.

Before Booker's Monday show at Turf Club, we spoke with the soulful 25-year-old about his red-hot career and the Plan B he'll never have to follow.

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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Week: 9/29-10/2

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Lily Allen -- See Wed.

Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar.

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Lykke Li: Every Door That's Closed Opens Another Door

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Photo By Josh Olins

Lykke Li | First Avenue | Sunday, September 28
Throughout three visceral albums and the course of six years, Stockholm singer Lykke Li has consistently revealed intimate parts of herself through her songs. Since her 2008 debut, Youth Novels, she's used her music to display undiluted details tracking her own (very personal) victories, failures, actualizations and frustrations. Although her confessional interpretation of pop music has gained her an international following, at the root of it all, Lykke Li's music is first and foremost a tool for herself.

This spring's heartbreaking new album, I Never Learn, utterly bared her most pained soul. But through the anguished beauty of the songs, Lykke Li has found both perspective and the means to keep moving. Ahead of her stop in Minneapolis on Sunday with fellow Stockholm artist Mapei, Gimme Noise chatted with Lykke Li about life after heartbreak and the freedom of letting go.

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Grumpy's Takes It Back to 1991 in Lollapalooza Cover Fest

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Lollygagloser | Grumpy's Downtown | Saturday, September 27
Forget the summer of '69. The summer of '91, also known as the Year Punk Broke, defined a generation. Nirvana hit big, but that summer also saw the debut of Lollapalooza -- at the time, an annual traveling music festival and freak show brilliantly summarized in the Simpsons' later "Homerpalooza" episode.

For those who miss the greasy hair and untucked flannels, Saturday is your day. Grumpy's Bar downtown is throwing a Lollygagloser party, with six cover bands recreating the original Lolla lineup and playing songs from Jane's Addiction, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Butthole Surfers, Body Count, and Rollins Band. Those sets will come from a number of local musicians under the monikers of the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence (hey, it's another Simpsons reference), Kiss or Kill, Nine Inch Ailes, San Dimas, In Defence, and Disasteratti.

Taking place in the Grumpy's parking lot, the event will offer beer, grilled brats, and the promise of 80 degrees in September. Why hold it now? "The end of September seemed like a better idea than Halloween," says organizer Rainer Fronz. "Wasn't there a blizzard or something on Halloween?"

To get some more insight into the time warp event, Gimme Noise had a chat with Dari Kaveh of Disasteratti/Rollins Band, who have been hard at work learning Rollins's work. The main thing they've learned thus far, it seems, is that "Low Self Opinion" doesn't hold up very well.

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Nightosaur: We Don't Even Care If We're Metal Anymore

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Photo by Brad Schwab

Nightosaur | 331 Club | Friday, September 26
If the anatomy of the metal chart of music is true, then Minneapolis trio Nightosaur would be a mix of all the sub-genres. Their new album, Set Fire to the Mountain, captures their sound in a new groove from the very start; it's rowdy, taught, dark, and gets under your skin. Some bands bash their songs against the rocks through over-complication; Nightosaur are simplistic in that they merely want to write good music.

Before their album release on Friday night, Gimme Noise sat down with John Henry and Andy Webber to figure out how metal fits into the indie-rock scene that is so prevalent in the Cities and how they've adapted their sound on the new album.
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The Best Twin Cities Concerts This Weekend: 9/26-9/28

Lizzo & Caroline Smith - see Fri.-Sat.

Be sure to check out our constantly updated concert calendar.

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Ask Grieves: My Relationship or My Personal Dreams?

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Photo by Griff J

Grieves is a Seattle-based rapper signed to local hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. He recently released his fourth album, Winter & the Wolves, and will perform two shows at First Avenue October 10-11. You can ask him anything by emailing him here.

Dear Grieves,

I have been seeing this great guy for two years. We are both in university at the moment, but I'll be finished in four months, whereas he still has another semester to go. He's completing a very difficult program, and wants me to stay relatively close to him when I'm done. The problem is that ever since high school, I have wanted to take some time off and spend some time racing sled dogs. This seems like the perfect time to do it, but it would mean that we'll be spending upwards of eight months apart with limited means of communication. I am afraid that if I put it off any longer it will just become a wistful dream as various other responsibilities take hold. I don't mind the long distance too much (we're used to it), but my partner is adamant. The idea of moving to a huge city center and giving up this plan to maintain a relationship really scares me. Any advice?

Sled-Life Crisis

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Why Jack White Is the Most Important Rock Star of the 21st Century

Courtesy of Jack White/Third Man Records

There's a great scene from Shine a Light, Martin Scorsese's documentary about the Rolling Stones' 2006 performance at New York's Beacon Theatre, in which Jack White joins the band to sing and play guitar on "Loving Cup," a bluesy track off 1972's Exile on Main St.

Midway through the song, White shares a mic with frontman Mick Jagger and, for a brief second, seems to get caught up in the moment, playing music with one of the most influential groups of the 20th century -- he can't hide his this-can't-be-happening smile.

When the song ends, however, it's Jagger who appears to be in awe of the Detroit-bred musician. And that's when it hits you: Jack White may be the most important rock star of the 21st century.

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Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

Categories: Local Frames

Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

A rollicking live clip from Jack Klatt kicks off Local Frames this week. We've also got new videos from Ced Linus, The Mighty River, Sarah Morris, Botzy, and Vision the Kid & Tru. We're also featuring live performance videos from CĂ©losia, What Tyrants, Haley Bonar, and a playful clip from Lizzo and Caroline Smith promoting their upcoming two night stand at First Avenue. Enjoy!

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Nick & Knight at Mill City Nights, 9/24/2014

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Photo by Youa Vang
Nick Carter and Jordan Knight
Mill City Nights, Minneapolis
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nick & Knight, not to be confused with Nick at Nite, sounds like a campy, throw-back evening that most people would roll their eyes at. The group consists of two former boy band members, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, that had huge success a decade apart -- give or take a few years. Yet, Wednesday night in Minneapolis was more about two guys wanting to redefine who they are rather than wanting to relive their glory days.

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