Nooky Jones Breathe New Life into Twin Cities Neo-Soul

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Photo by Tim McGuire
Nooky Jones & PaviElle | Icehouse | Saturday, April 25

It's a little after 9 p.m. and we're crashing a Nooky Jones rehearsal in one of the practice rooms at McNally Smith in St. Paul. The crew of six is grooving through one of their tunes "Hello." Vocalist Cameron Kinghorn sways lightly on his feet towards the mic, his voice airy and floaty. The first word to come to mind to describe his vocals is "easy" -- like a dreamy burst of nostalgia.

There are interludes where each of the musicians is given his own time to flex and shine with improvisational solos, then all ease back into the base melody. They have an agreeable chemistry and all share a similar look of bliss while they're playing. The soulful group is rehearsing for their upcoming show with PaviElle at Icehouse on Saturday night, and we dropped in to catch up with the band before their big homecoming gig following a brief Midwestern tour.

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Sufjan Stevens Gets Epic and Emotional at Northrop

Photo By Tony Nelson
Sufjan Stevens
With Little Scream
Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis
April 22, 2015

Occasionally, you go to a show and get completely blindsided by what unfolds in front of you. You expect a decent show with a few flourishes and quirks, maybe, but in the end what you've experienced can really only be described as epic--in the very accurate and not overused sense of that word.

Wednesday night at Northrop Auditorium, Sufjan Stevens and his band put on show so powerful that the fortunate fans in attendance will be talking about it for quite some time to come.

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Carnage Gets Up Close and Merciful

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Sean Smuda

Carnage | Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant | Friday, April 24

This Friday, Twin Cities hip-hop legend Carnage continues his tradition of groundbreaking live endeavors with his second Up Close and Merciful show at The Dakota. The room provides a more personal setting for his music, and Carnage will be joined on-stage by his band for a wholly different experience than his performances at more traditional hip-hop venues. We spoke to Carnage, whose new EP The Ultimatum will be available for the first time at the show, about what goes into his live performances, as well as the his unforgettable guest appearance on Eyedea and Abilities' "Star Destroyer."

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Top 10 Must-See Minnesota Music Videos This Week

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We start things off on Local Frames this week with a new video from A.M. Stryker. We've also got new clips from ACTN, Bain, Coastal Cabins, and a cool collaborative dual-video effort from Ruben and General B and the Wiz. We've also got live performance videos from Mystery Date, Sam Cassidy, BNLX, and Nicholas David. Enjoy!

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Mid West Music Fest 2015: Like One Big Family Reunion, Only Louder

Photo via artist
Communist Daughter
Grab a friend, pack up your car, and head down to Winona this weekend to stay up late, drink too many beers, and listen to music spilling out of every venue at Mid West Music Fest. The festivities begin this Thursday for the hard-core folks, but there will still be plenty of fun left over for Friday and Saturday. Check out the schedule here.

Many of the artists that will be performing share their thoughts on why this festival is so special.

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Limp Bizkit Are Better Than Whatever Crap You're Listening to Right Now

Photo By Erik Hess
What I'm about to say, I say with no trace of irony: Limp Bizkit are pretty awesome. In fact, so far as I can tell, they were the last good thing alt-rock radio had to offer.

Let's talk about their musical merits. I know that Fred Durst got a little whiny there sometime around Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. No doubt. But while Fat Freddy D's raps aren't the greatest, his screams have always been on point. Durst vocalizes the guttural rage of the disaffected suburbanite. You laugh at such things, because you're from a nice suburb, not some decaying post-industrial shithole, and so is everyone you met while studying psychology at Vassar.

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BNLXFest III Brings Together the Best and Brightest from the Twin Cities Rock Scene

Photo by Jennifer Jurgens
BNLX's clan is growing, as is their music festival
BNLXFest III | The Turf Club and 7th St. Entry | Friday, April 24, and Saturday, April 25

When Cause Spirts and Soundbar closed last summer, BNLXFest lost a home. The annual weekend showcase of local music created by BNLX ringleader Ed Ackerson was born there, but thankfully didn't die there. This month's BNLXFest, the third official installment, has found a new home at both the Turf Club and the 7th St. Entry.

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Five Bands to See at This Year's Warped Tour

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Photo by Joanna Fox
Warped Tour 2014

Nothing says summer better than some skate shoes, a chain wallet, and a trip to the Warped Tour.

Now in its 20th year, the annual Vans-branded music festival is back on Sunday, July 26. Returning to Canterbury Park Festival Field for a Sunday afternoon packed with (by our count) 92 artists, the annual outdoor multi-stage concert and extreme sports showcase this year features August Burns Red, Man Overboard, Koo Koo Kangaroo, the Wonder Years, Silberstein, Senses Fail, Memphis May Fire, and many more. The festival long associated with punk now includes a wide swath of other musical styles, including metal, indie, hip-hop, acoustic, and pop.

While the long list of bands might be a bit daunting, we have singled out five acts to pay attention to at this year's Twin Cities stop.

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Smashing Pumpkins Announce Acoustic Tour, Minneapolis in June

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Photo By Erik Hess
Billy Corgan is set to bring the current iteration of the Smashing Pumpkins on a short acoustic tour this summer. Dubbed The Smashing Pumpkins: In Plainsong - An Acoustic-Electro Evening, the tour will feature Corgan and the band on an eight-date run of intimate shows, playing to much smaller rooms than is typical for the '90s alternative legends. It will be the first official acoustic tour in the Smashing Pumpkins' illustrious history.

The brief Plainsong tour is set to finish up in Minneapolis on June 25.

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Pale Spectre Let Their Music Do Most of the Talking

Courtesy of the Artist
Aaron Hammerly, vocalist of Pale Spectre

Pale Spectre| 7th St. Entry | Saturday, April 25
It's a sunny Sunday afternoon at Bob's Java Hut, and the roar of traffic on Lyndale combines with those of motorcycles pulling up to the spot. We're having an afternoon coffee with several members of Pale Spectre, a fairly new local band preparing to make its big debut at BNLXFest III this Saturday evening at the Entry.

Twenty-one-year-old vocalist Aaron Hammerly fidgets somewhat nervously, the wind tousling his blonde hair. Pale Spectre is his first band, and he's had to get over his stage fright fast at their first show.

"That was at Honey last October," Hammerly recounts. They didn't have much material yet and only played four songs. "The first time I actually sang was in front of these people," he says.

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