Punks Petition to Kick Riff Raff and Kosha Dillz Off Warped Tour

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Photo by Erik Hess
Will Riff Raff be welcome on Warped Tour 2015?

Warped Tour has propped up emergent music acts, primarily in shades of punk, as well as fringe activism and outsider art all over the map since 1994. As America's largest traveling music festival enters its third decade, fans and critics alike have strong opinions as to what is or isn't "punk" about the festival.

This year's lineup includes previous Warped alumni like Neck Deep and Handguns, but two names aren't sitting right with a group of punks. Those names: Riff Raff and Kosha Dillz. Why? Because those are the names of two rappers.

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TurboTax is Banned, But Tay Zonday's Tax Raps Remain Legal

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Via Facebook
Tay Zonday: Rainer of Chocolate, Eater of Ketchup, Saver of Hummies

All is not well in the world of TurboTax, a.k.a. the subject of two Tay "Chocolate Rain" Zonday songs.

It was announced late Thursday that Minnesota was the first to ban the acceptance of tax returns via the popular software due to "possible fraudulent activity."

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Stan fans: The top 10 music stalker-fan groups ranked worst to best

"Stan" describes a particular kind of obsessed fan. It comes from the Eminem song, as well as being a combination of "stalker" and "fan."

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Recently, a friend on Twitter pointed out the Wikipedia page for Stan fans, which includes a list of "Popular 'Stan' groups." Here are the Top 10, ranked from worst to best.More »

Let It Be: Iconic Replacements album cover recreated by painters working on historic house

Now this is a cool story well-timed for the upcoming Replacements reunion at Riot Fest in Toronto this coming weekend.

Tigerox, a local painting and restoration company, was recently hired to do some work on 2215 Bryant Ave S. -- the house made famous on the cover of the Replacements' Let It Be album. And they couldn't resist recreating the iconic shot.

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"Grandma drummer" mystery solved after she sees herself in the paper

The "Mystery Grandma," later revealed as Mary Hvizda, twirls her drumsticks in the original video.
The pink-shirted, bespectacled, grey beehive-sporting woman pictured above doesn't, at first glance, seem like the kind of musician who would sit down at a drum kit and blow everyone in earshot away.

But when she walked into the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse last week, that's just what she did. In two short clips, stunned shop employees documented her drumming prowess, complete with a joyful twirl of her drumsticks. After leaving their jaws on the floor, the anonymous drummer and her pink shirt walked back out of the shop.

On Thursday night, the store posted one of the videos to YouTube, and over the weekend, it racked up nearly two and a half million views. Her new fans dubbed her "mystery grandma," and everyone wondered -- who was she?

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Why Death Grips sold drama instead of a copy of NO LOVE DEEP WEB

Photo by Jonny Magowan
The Music Industry is a weekly column that dissects local and national music-business headlines with the help of local industry professionals and music fanatics.

This month, dark lords of alt-hip-hop Death Grips emerged from the shadows to thrill believers by leaking their latest album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, online. The album's cover features a very NSFW shot of male genitalia  with the title scrawled on it in Sharpie, and inside, the record follows a sweaty band of punks from Sacramento as they commandeer the rap format and wipe the floor with their more commercial counterparts in the process.

Supposedly, their label Epic Records wasn't in on the decision, and they retaliated by pulling the band's website. Now, I'm a marketer by trade, and I can smell strategy a mile away. So, when casually interested bloggers and journos wondered timidly whether the Death Grips leak may have been a setup, I had to laugh.

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Vastly improved Livefyre commenting system is here!

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Remember when Bob Dylan went electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival? Gimme Noise wasn't born yet, but the intrigue of that event carries to this day. A ripple of arguably equal or greater importance is upon us today: All City Pages blogs have upgraded from Disqus to Livefyre for reader comments.

This new system is louder, faster, and more interactive, and there's nothing an axe-toting Pete Seeger can do about it -- except leave his reasoned thoughts and throw in a whole bunch of social network tags. Read more about Livefyre below.

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Bachmann demands apology from NBC for Fallon diss, calls them the 'entertainment elite'

Thumbnail image for bachmannquestlove.jpg
What started as an LOL for music fans in Questlove's social network has turned into a roaring political migraine for NBC, as Michele Bachmann has gotten word of the "diss" the Roots delivered in the form of her walk-on music on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night.

Never one to let a controversial moment pass her by, Bachmann is inexplicably aligning herself with First Lady Michelle Obama and railing against what she calls the "entertainment elite" in response to being serenading with the opening strains of Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" on Monday night's show.

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The Kitten Covers meme is really hitting its stride

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On the heels of the Album Tacos fad comes our favorite internet meme of late, the Kitten Covers, which probably doesn't need much explanation beyond KITTENS! ON THE INTERNET, OF ALL PLACES!

Unlike the taco meme, the operators of the Kitten Covers Tumblr manage to photoshop their subjects into the album artwork almost seamlessly, making it look like they've been there all the while and upping the adorable factor of classic album covers by about 110%.

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Phantogram's First Avenue show filmed by Vice

Photo by Erik Hess
Phantogram at First Avenue last month
Vice magazine's online video channel Noisey has been deploying journalists throughout the country to capture live footage of their favorite acts, and their newest video will be very familiar for local concertgoers: It's a feature on Phantogram's stop in town, and it features First Avenue and downtown Minneapolis almost as heavily as it does the rising dream-pop duo.

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